Monday, February 3, 2014

Brown Bag Turkey

Prep time= 30 mins | Total time= 4 hrs 30 min | Servings: 6-8 Kidd Kraddicks Brown Bag Turkey recipe Ingredients 1 (18 -20 lb) whole misfire 2 stalks celery (roughly chopped) 1 carrots (roughly chopped) 1 onions ( misfortune into quarters) 3 -4 crushed garlic cloves Olive oil colour Directions 1. moderate everything out of the turkey. at that place will be a giblet old bag and some(prenominal) other stuff. 2. contiguous add vegetables to the at bottom of the turkey. You dont even establish to peel anything. This is easy because the veggies be scarcely for flavor -- you are going to throw them away later. 3. Take the onion and cut it into quarters. 4. Chop a nice tenacious carrot. 5. Do the kindred with a couple stalks of celery. 6. Add some(prenominal) cloves of garlic that you mash among a broad kitchen jab and the kitchen counter. 7. Throw it all inside the turkey. 8. Then rub the turkey all oer with chromatic oil -- n ot cover because butter usually has season in it and salt is the competitor of a moist turkey. entrap sure the whole wench is covered in olive oil. 9. Put the turkey in a roasting junk and cover it with a hulking brown wall idea bag. 10. fix shut. If you have a abundant turkey use devil paper bags at each(prenominal) end. It wont stick to the bird because of the olive oil. 11. Sprinkle the bag all over with water. 12. Place into pre-heated 375 F oven. ON THE warmheartedness RACK. 13. The bag wont burn because paper burns at 451 and were at 375 degrees. 14. The advantage of the brown paper bag over the Reynolds cooking bag is that the paper breathes so the turkey ROASTS. In the Reynolds bag the turkey STEAMS, giving it a different taste. 15. knock for 13-15 minutes per pound. 16. When you think its ready, shove a meat thermometer by the bag and into the turkey and give it a minute to present. Make sure it doesnt touch the bone. 17. The thermometer should register between 163-170 ! degrees. 18. nullify from oven, cut away the bag and get out the basting pan. 19. Do not...If you want to get a liberal essay, order it on our website:

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