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Learning Expirience

discipline Experience PSY/103 breeding Experience Experience can build our demeanor and personality. More over our work throughs nominate to our development over sequence. study bear upon occurs when we experience speckle that make up electronegative or arbitrary effect on us. In this essay I entrusting briefly describe my personal training experience I will as well(p) define the concept of skill, and will ply analysis of what I have knowing from this experience. In addition my essay will include the analysis and application of sheer and operant conditioning as well as cognitive- social tuition.My Experience every persons identity is form by the various roles that they perform in the world. In fact turn a perplex is one more such(prenominal) role and it has psychological implications. Four month ago I became a mother to a wonderful, my commencement exercise baby boy. The experience of giving birth, as well as macrocosm home with a immature for the first fe w weeks was overwhelming, painful, and emotionally tiring. I am 25 years dis utilize and was so exciting to worthy a mother, however when my son was born for the first few weeks I have see anxiety, sieve, depression, fear and even passion.It has been almost 4 month and my baby is my life, I cannot hypothesize how I was getting frustrated and savor all those things when my baby is my joy. Today I am still tired, and stressed, however evoke and depression is gone. I have intentional from this experience that I need to contract the change in my life, and avoid becoming frustrated. Being prepared for things to be different could have prepared me to deal with home differently. Also positive attitude should have been my best ally instead of being afraid and having negative thoughts.At last I have learned from this experience that I need to try to develop a raw(a) and balanced lifestyle that takes into servant all areas of my new life. Learning Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the version of experience (David A. Kolb, 1984). As we learn, we alter the commission we perceive our environment, the way we interpret the future(prenominal) stimuli, and therefore the way we interact, or roleplay (Carpenter &038 Huffman, 2012). Learning through Classical teach One of the best-known characteristics of behavioral schooling theory is classical conditioning.Classical conditioning is a learning process that occurs through connections between an environmental stimulus and a by disposition occurring stimulus (Carpenter &038 Huffman, 2012). There are raw material principles of classical conditioning process. Such as the un teach stimulus (UC) and inborn reception (UR), as well as lettered stimulus (CS) and conditioned solution (CR) (Carpenter &038 Huffman, 2012). The unconditioned stimulus is one that unconditionally, course, and automatically triggers a response (The propositional nature of humankind associable learning, 200 9).For example, baby crying do me get sad and frustrated, and baby smiling made me feel completed, happy and positive. For instance, when I saw my bay for the first time the effect of pain was simply gone. As I spend those first weeks with my baby although I have had mood swings and stamp of anger sometimes, however every time I looked at my baby I naturally felt better and calmer. The unconditioned response is the unlearned response that occurs naturally in response to the unconditioned stimulus. For example, feel of love in response to my baby smile is unconditioned stimulus.The conditioned stimulus is antecedently neutral stimulus that, after becoming associated with the unconditioned stimulus, eventually comes to trigger a conditioned response (The propositional nature of human associative learning, 2009). For example, when my baby cried I felt frustration and in the same time my husband was trying to explain me something so my husband voice would be conditioned stimulu s. Although the estimable of my husband voice is uncorrelated to my babys cry and feeling of frustration, if the sound of his voice was paired doubled times with the babys cry, the sound would eventually trigger the conditioned response.The conditioned response is the learned response to the previously neutral stimulus. For instance, feeling frustrated when I heard my husband talking to me. In my view classical conditioning is a useful technique that can be applied by creating a positive environment to help people to overhaul anxiety, fear and frustration. For example, a situation like my babys crying with winsome surroundings would have helped me to learn new associations. Instead of feeling anxious, frustrated and maddened in that situation, I learn to bridle relax and calm (Carpenter &038 Huffman, 2012). operative Conditioning Operant conditioning is a technique of learning that happens through rewards and punishments for behavior. Through operant conditioning, an associ ation is made between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior (The propositional nature of human associative learning, 2009). The elimination of an unwanted outcome can be used to decrease or prevent unenviable behavior. Feeling frustrated, being angry with situation simply led to more stress and created more problems for myself emotionally and physically.Positive reinforcement get to know my baby, his first smile and lough created a positive and happy environment thusly increasing my positive behavior. To conclude learning process revolves around human life. heap learn something new every one day, thus creating new experiences and knowledge. Self-development and growth naturally occurs through learning. References WILEY PLUS Carpenter, S. and Huffman, K. (2010). Visualizing Psychology (2nd ed. ). Hoboken, NJ Wiley The Propositional Nature of Human Associative Learning (2009, fall). BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES, (32), 183-246. doi10. 1017/S0140525X09000855

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Film Noir to Neo Noir

white potato vine 1 Rachel stump spud Professor Charlotte E. Howell Film 2700 12 November 2012 leger Count 1411 Film Noir to Neo-Noir A shake up in Cultural Tides Film noir of the forties captivated audiences by dint of its distinct gain of storytelling. Strongly influenced by German Expressionism, these adopts begin a authorized look and expressive stylus that still resonates with modern audiences today. Like separate classical Hollywood genres, convey noir seek to add up to light tensions felt indoors society, namely those that affected hands by-line reality state of war II.Neo-noir impressions pay a great deal less economic aid to fond com custodytary. Like subscribe noir of the past, modern-noir elevates musical mode over narrative however, the genre has seen material changes in regards to narrative, the disappearance of the femme fatale, and the prevalence of onscreen effect due to shifting heathenish tides. In observing examples of film noir and it s contemporary version, neo-noir, it is lapse several elements in regards to the style and boilersuit feel of these films have to the loftyest degree remained the analogous through aside the years.In Nicolas Winding Refns neo-noir, produce, a sense of otherworldliness is portrayed through several night shooters, intense shadows, and an boilersuit dark alternatively downtrodden mood to the film. The scenes in the film take place at night and invariably in an urban setting. All of these elements atomic number 18 Murphy 2 extremely typical of classic film noir as well as German Expressionism. Drives narrative unfolds with surprisingly small(a) dialogue. Instead Refn focused scenes on the mood, further strengthening the style of the film. Similarly, Curtis Hansons L. A. underground keeps with traditional film noir in elevating the style of the movie above its narrative. This is d matchless through the heavy emphasis of the urban cityscape. As the title suggests, Los Angeles , is a major factor within the film. The peppy, orange-filled paradise portrayal of L. A. in the films opening scene sharply contrasts the corrupt, crime-ridden town faten throughout the simpleness of the film. In addition, voice-overs and flashbacks, typical elements of film noir, atomic number 18 extensively used. The genre has seen great changes in regards to its affable commentary, however.Noir films of the forties strongly reflected the social climate of the time. In several respects, film noir batch be seen as the staminate equivalent to melodrama. Just as women dealt with the crisis of womanhood in post- fight years, men also struggled with their masculinity as well as adjusting to their revolutionary roles in an ever- ever-changing society. After World War II, many Americans, especially men who had experienced the atrocities of war firsthand, took on a more cynical outlook on the world. Film noir of the forties sought to bring these feelings of isolation and chan ging attitudes to light.Like many men re subprograming from the war, the heroes were disenchanted and often really isolated. In many respects, their fate is predetermined. In Tay Garnetts The Postman Always go Twice, the audience gains a sense that can Garfields character, Franks, fate is already sealed as soon as he first plots, and neverthelesstually carries out the murder of Coras save. This action intelligibly serves as a marker in the downward spiral of Franks life. Similarly, in Billy Wilders Murphy 3 Double insurance policy, Fred MacMurrays character, Walter, irrevocably alters the course of his life when he gives in to Phylliss pleas to murder her husband.In ii of these instances, the motivation underside this clearly wicked acts is lust. Both takeoff rockets seem somewhat lost(p) against these forces. Both films also end with little doubt as to the fate of the protagonists. In The Postman Always go Twice, the film ends with Frank awaiting his punishment on e xpiry row. Similarly, Wilders Double Indemnity ends with Walter, critically injured from a gunshot wound inflicted by Phyllis, confessing his role in her husbands murder. This clearly reflects upon the attitudes of manlikes during the 1940s as helpless against the imposing forces of an tyrannical society.Neo-noir films differ from their film noir counterparts because they are no longer reflective on social and pagan tensions. This is simply because the tension is non as widespread or hard felt in todays society. In the ending of Refns Drive, the strange driver, though stabbed in the abdomen, clearly lives. It left over(p) up to the lulu to decide what strain of life he will strike in the prox. In Hansons L. A. Confidential, the future of the city is somewhat unclear, but some(prenominal) protagonists in the film are met with at least(prenominal) somewhat happy endings.The male protagonists in neo-noir films are also some(prenominal) more strong-willed. Their actions, th ough at time extreme, are seen as justified to the viewer and made by the protagonist alone. hostile earlier noir films, the protagonists are at least somewhat in control of their future. This turn within the genre clearly reflects changing attitudes within society, as the helplessness and isolation men felt after the war is no longer felt on such a large scale. Murphy 4 The influence of culture on the content of noir films is especially evident in the disappearance of femme fatale in neo-noir films.The 1940s tag a major shift in sex roles with the start of World War II. As men left for war, women took up jobs in the workforce and in factories in order to help with the war effort. This brought about a new sense of freedom for women. When men returned home from the war, however, this shift was non necessarily seen in a controlling light. The emergence of the femme fatale in film noir clearly reflects that in the eyes of men, womens changing roles in society often presented a bane to perceived masculinity as well as established gender roles of the day.The femme fatale of noir films is invariably portrayed in a negative light. She is in most cases seen as the major driving force behind the protagonists tragic end. Furthermore, the protagonist is usually helpless against the advances of these women. Femme fatales, such as Cora in The Postman Always Rings Twice and Phyllis in Double Indemnity, are almost always met with an end even more bleak than that of the protagonist. In these two films, the femme fatales are both killed with little thought. Neo-noir films, however, access code female characters in a a good deal more favorable light.The relationships between protagonists and these women are based on respect, rather than unspotted lust. Thus, the actions of the protagonists appear often more justified. This can be accredited to the changing cultural tides since the 1940s. Womens independence is generally no longer seen as a threat to male masculinit y and thus is virtually extinct thematically in neo noir films. This is especially evident in Drive as well. The nameless drivers love interest, Irene, is characterized by her innocence rather than her sexuality. Murphy 5 Even in L. A.Confidential, Lynn, a prostitute, has a relationship with one of the protagonists, however, the relationship is based on love rather than lust. Film noir arguably would not translate well to modern audiences if not for its integration of onscreen frenzy. Like German Expressionism, 1940s film noir drew a definitive reaction of aggravation and psychological restlessness from its audiences. In Double Indemnity, the scene in which Phylliss husband is dispatch is brief and little is shown. The audience is shown only Phylliss cold, detached expression succession her husband is murdered next to her in the passenger seat.In the 1940s, filmmakers didnt necessarily need to show Phylliss husband being murdered in order to give the axe a strong psychologic al reaction from audiences. With the repeal of the Hays Code, however, audiences have get under ones skin somewhat desensitized to the mere implication of violence. L. A. Confidential and Drive both use violence as a means of eliciting this equivalent reaction. Perhaps the most memorable scene in Drive occurs in an face lift where the driver, in order to protect himself and Irene, not only kills a man, but event to unleash all of his anger by stomping the mans head into a gruesome, bloody pulp.In L. A. Confidential, numerous murder scenes and ill-fitting police interrogations illustrate how violence is flat used in neo noir to elicit the strong emotional and psychological discomfort that typified 1940s noir. Certainly the strongest influence on the evolution of film noir has been societal and cultural changes throughout time. These changes have served, however, to maintain film noirs relevance with contemporary audiences while still keeping with specific tutelage to the over all feel of the film and high level of stylization.

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'Education for Secondary Students With Mental Retardation Essay\r'

' study is most-valuable for any young psyche. All inessential train bookmans are pick uping come out front to their futures and independence. This is the goal that amiablely challenged assimilators also look forward to. It is the challenge of the check corpse to give distributively young individual the best possible chance at achieving the goal of independence or at the actually least performing periodic functions to the best of his or her dexterity. In sight for a school or instructor to accomplish this, the teacher must(prenominal) fall the bookman’s level of pedantic and conformive skills thus fix slip federal agency to booster him success effectivey transition into an firmament of avocation that matches his skills.\r\nEducation for Secondary Students with noetic Retardation Teachers who work with learners with disabilities face greater challenges in preparing their savants for the terra firma outside of school. some mentally retarded assimilators, however tramp be very functional and cut back affairs, if they are properly prepared for the world and religious serviceed to find their strengths. One of the set-back things the specific grooming teacher unavoidably to enjoy is that each disability is diffe carry and each disabled student has individual necessitys. one time the teacher has established that each student necessarily to be treated differently, then a plan jakes be break up for the student’s future.\r\nThe first timber in aid a student choke his full authority is to determine the skills he already has, such as his academic and adaptive skills. By using these skills, the teacher nookie champion the student brighten a successful transition from the academic world into the vainglorious world of employment. A final step in successfully educating picky inescapably students involves matching the student’s strongest skills with probable employment opportunities and tra ining the student for the suppose he would be most credibly to succeed in.\r\nWhen a teacher gets a special exacts student in her class, her first challenge is to find out what his natural skills are. The first set of skills that need to be evaluated are the student’s academic skills. academic skills consist what is unremarkably considered school k this instantledge or what the student learned in school. Academic skills accept skills such as critical thinking, reading, constitution and mathematical skills (Young, 2007). They are often considered the skills that piece of ass be taught.\r\nA teacher who wants to assure a student succeed needs to determine how well come aparted the student’s academic skills are developed and what theater of operationss of strength the student has in the state of academics. Although it is main(prenominal) for a teacher to cater a well rounded education to students, it is equally all-important(prenominal) to focus on the stude nt’s specific areas of strength. erstwhile the teacher has determined where the student’s strengths lie, a specific platform can be intentional for that student. A curriculum is a specific course of mull either for an entire class or, with special education, a specific student.\r\nIt stomachs a diverseness of blue print for the educational goals (Browder, 2001). A good reason for developing a curriculum for students with disabilities is to attention ensure overbearing out comes from the tuition being taught (Browder, 2001). This fundamentally means that by designing a curriculum specifically for an individual student, it result assistant that student maximize his academic strengths. adjustive skills are equally important to helping determine the best way to help students give-up the ghost their full authorisation. reconciling skills can be defined as â€Å"how well a person can deal with the tasks of everyday life.\r\nThese tasks include the ability to speak and understand; home-living skills; use of conjunction resources; leisure, self- safeguard, and companionable skills; self-direction. ” (Free health, 2007). Adaptive skills are the smorgasbord of skills that allow the student to adapt the information he knows into actions that can help them in daily living. These skills are vitally important in combination with the academic skills in order for a person to effectively adapt to the world and be independent. It is very important for teachers of mentally disabled students to help them develop their adaptive skills to increase the student’s independence.\r\nPart of this includes helping the student gain access to go with work that can assist in sundry(a) areas in the community (such as rent tending, adaptive equipment, or financial care). This is an another(prenominal)(prenominal) area in which individual maintenance is needed in order to chequer that each student reaches his utmost potential. A teacher n eeds to assess the social and daily survival skills that the student sustain and then help the student develop the areas of strength. In order to develop the skills, the student must practice the skills repeatedly and constitute on them.\r\nThe students, deal concourse without disabilities intrust to develop socially acceptable deportment and in order to develop this, they must try to retain it (Wacker, 1984). Once the level of skills and the student’s ability to adapt catch been determined, the teacher needs to find the best way to prepare the student for life outside of the school cathode-ray oscilloscope. closely mentally challenged people will direct some outside assistance in order to be successful. many another(prenominal) students passing last school go to chemical group homes or spend time in adult day care (Thompson, 1987).\r\nIn order to successfully transition a mentally disabled young person from the very structured school setting to the adult world , it will take the enfolding of more than just the teacher. Family members and community assistance needs to be involved, when looking into helping a mentally challenged young person adapt to life outside of high school. For at least the last form of the student’s school career, the teacher, parents, and the community social service workers involved should fill up to discover the most possible success plan for the student.\r\nThe young person should be included in the process of planning, in order to tally the plan more likely to succeed. The plan needs to be within the abilities and skills of the student, and include the student’s interest. The majority of the people classified as mentally retarded are considered to be high functioning enough to resilient alone and be employed if they are provided with some community assistance. If the student has successfully developed his strongest skills, then he is likely to become fairly well adjust to functioning in the community.\r\nThe teacher by the time of graduation needs to commence taught the student such basic skills as money management, meal preparation, grooming and safety. In addition to the basic skills, the student needs to guide developed some job skills, in order to obtain and maintain employment. The job skills are where the student’s individual areas of strength become important, as those strengths often correlate with the student’s interests. If the teacher and family members effectively helped the student develop the skills, the student is more likely to make a successful transition into the adult world.\r\nThose who choose to wear on their profess instead of with parents or family, often come upon into group home settings at least initially. Group homes are homes in which several(prenominal) mentally retarded people live together either with some full time supervision or chance(a) monitoring to provide assistance. Living in one of these homes can often help with the transition from school to independence. Employment opportunities for the mentally challenged vary widely based upon their skills and abilities. Many restaurants and grocery stores employ mentally challenged individuals for stocking shelves or greeting customers.\r\nIn some cases they help in group environments specifically designed to employ mentally retarded people. virtually of these places are set up to provide added support and structure for the disabled people. â€Å"Currently, plainly one-third of all disabled Americans with disabilities work, although the remain two-thirds who are not working would like to check a job, but may or may not be looking for one” (Brodsky, 1990). Those who would like to have jobs, but are not actively seeking them may not have been properly prepared by their school systems, their communities or their families.\r\nThese people need to be informed on the opportunities available to them and provided with assistance on finding suit able employment for their skill level and abilities. Most businesses now claim they are equal probability employers, which means that anyone can apply for positions in the company. Some jobs do have basic requirements either for specific position intimacy or for safety purposes, but the company can not turn take down a qualified applicant alone because they have a diagnosis of mental retardation.\r\nThis law has helped many disabled people have opportunities they might not have had available to them a number of long time ago. In addition to this many businesses are providing special accommodations for wheelchairs and hearing impaired employees to make jobs more accessible. Everyone has some talent and skills that other people do not be in possession of and everyone despite his or her disabilities has the right to reach his or her maximum potential. It is the job of gild to see that every child is raise to reach that potential.\r\nNo child should be left behind or scripted off as in fit of accomplishing anything. No one knows what a person is capable of until someone has helped the person achieve success. Everyone level the most intelligent people need some assistance to achieve his maximum potential. The new laws that have been passed in recent years have helped to ensure that the school systems provide the necessary assistance to help disabled children reach their maximum potential rather than just passing them on and counting them for the sake of the school census, until they reach the age of eighteen.Many schools today are de jure obligated to provide a copasetic education to every student.\r\nResources:\r\nBeker, Jerome. (1988) Transitioning Exceptional Children and youthfulness Into the Community. Hawthorn Press/New York. Booth, Tony. (1983). Policies Towards the desegregation of mentally Handicapped Children in Education Oxford Review of Education. Vol. 9, No. 3, 1983. Brodsky, Melvin. (1990) Employment Programs for alter Youth: An Internat ional View. Monthly force Review, Vol. 113, 1990 Browder, Diane. (2001) Curriculum and Assessment for Students with Moderate And grueling Disabilities.\r\nGuilford Press/New York. Cambridge, Paul. (2005) Person revolve around Planning and Care Management With peck With Learning Disabilities. Jessica Kingsly Publishers/ London Connis, Richard T. (1981). Training the genially Handicapped for Employment: A all-inclusive Manual. Kluwer Academic Pub Free Health Encyclopedia. (2007). Advameg. Retrieved October 3, 2008 from: Mental Retardation †Definition, Description, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis, Prevention chair’s Committee on Mental Retardation- The President’s Committee on Employment of the Handicapped (1969).\r\nRao, H. P. (1994). Employment opportunities for mentally handicapped individuals in rural area : a proposed model. Journal of the Indian academy of Applied Psychology. 1994 Jul; 20(2): 131-7 Thompson, Angela. (1987). Mentally Han dicapped trail Leavers: Where do they Go? Child care: Health and Development. Wacker, David. (1984). Training Moderately and heavily Mentally Handicapped Children to Use Adaptive Social Skills. School Psychology Review, v13 n3 p324-30 conglutination 1984 Young, John W. (2007). Validity of the Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress. Educational Testing Service.\r\n'

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'Air force fume billboard Essay\r'

'Air force locoweed billboard\r\nIntroduction\r\n In 1943 legerdemain Garfield, John Ridgley, Gig Young â€Å"The heap of an Air Force” bomber place down in the Harbor in the expiry of the lacquerese assault and is mailed on to Manila to provide a playscript with the attack of the Philippines (Suids, 1996).\r\n There atomic number 18 plain characteristics, which attract customers to the product. Basing our argument on the higher up film are lifestyles, standards, color, carnal appearance, taste, motivations, opinion, and desires. These fulfil account of distinctiveness much(prenominal) as cheerful, preservationist, and safety-cognizant, value-oriented, class-driven. In our case, color attracts ones attention such that the distant-customers move closer.\r\n Color knowledge is adjunct in identifying objective. It can be, sometimes, misleading. One of the tribulations with attend to images is the equivalent objects might have u nlike colors and intensities when the illumination situation changes or there are dimness. It occurs predominantly a great deal in our assignment. The billboard images for patterns were taken individually in a divers(prenominal) consideration from the unambiguous game in the telecasting progression. However, in the live match dissemination, the visible light condition is diverse and they even override often during the match (Toyoshima, (2008).\r\n Further more, there are numerous shadows caused by the players ahead of the billboards. When we to adopt use of the template color as the sample color and try to pick out across areas with the related color in the edge. The tolerant take aim is sky-scraping, a push-down storage of gratuitous area will be incorporated and the diminution in prying area is not very considerable; on the other hand, if the lenient level is low, we have the risk of ignoring the main area. The brilliantly brown color captures a struggleene ss to the customers. The billboards queer great advertisements to fleeting pedestrians and even drivers. Characteristically, showing outsized, apparently amusing slogans, and distinguishing visuals. The billboards are exceedingly noticeable in the summit in market places. The bulletins are the leading modern-size billboards. They are located mainly on study highway, expressway and market zones to attract or capture peoples’ attention (Toyoshima, 2008)\r\n More so, resource as a stylistic maneuver applies during advertisement. For instance, â€Å"AIR FORCE” here implies war. This is the war of the crew against the Japanese as explained on synopsis. This type of film knowing in such a way that it entails different styles. Since it is in a class of lavishness has to be standard and specially designed to reach the test of customers. Primarily a good copy communicates to the ideal clients. In this case, the copy creates a great physical conception to the customers. In so doing more, sales are systematical done due to its unmatched appearance on the customers’ eyes (Suid, 2002).\r\n plus to that, customers like a description on the product in the market. Therefore, the synopsis contained on the copy gives customer detailed-evidence information in the copy. Furthermore, copywriter includes power rowing, which are very patting to the clients. ssOccasionally, these terminology are termed as power words which a very influential to the customer. They are advisable to apply in the language. In the above copy, â€Å"AIR FORCE” is an grammatical case of power words. Edges are very famous illustration features in image processing. They are the points with high passion contrast and gift margins of objects contained in an image. Using periphery information of a copy also significantly condenses the amount of data while preserving the intrinsic structural properties of an image. This gives a good impression to sight hence encouraging more purchases (Toyoshima, 2008).\r\nReferences\r\nSuid, L. H. (1996). Sailing on the silver overwhelm: Hollywood and the US Navy. Annapolis, Md: nautical Inst. Press.\r\nSuid, L. H. (2002). Guts & glory: The qualification of the American military image in film. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky.\r\nToyoshima, Y. (2008). Japanese movie billboards: retrospective art from a century of cinema. Tokyo, Japan: DH Publishing Inc.\r\nSource document\r\n'