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Patient Education Plan Essay

This is a enduring Education Plan for a patient suffering from a GI disease cal lead liver cirrhosis of the liver. Gastrointestinal infection is said to be whatsoever communicable disease which involves the gastrointestinal tract making it as its vena portae of entry of carry oning it by any means. The organisms which produce toxins cause this shape of infectious intestinal disease all by themselves. Thus, cirrhosis is an irreversible type of liver damage described as a dumb scarring (fibrosis) of the hepatic tissues. In the United States, the major causes are excessive alcoholic drink consumption and viral Hepatitis C.Other known causes include chronic hepatitis B and D, iron overload, autoimmune/inherited diseases, chronic bile duct obstruction, and drugs, toxins and otherwise infections as well up. The patient in this specific case is a 38-year former(a) male who has been working as a gardener and janitor in angiotensin-converting enzyme of the prestigious learning i nstitutions in the United States. Even if he is solo 38, he looks like he is 50 years old already. allow us call him Dave for purposes of confidentiality and patient protection. Dave is the breadwinner of a family of five. He has three children and his married woman is working as a clerk for an agency within the neighborhood. world a gardener and a janitor at the same beat, he is frequently on duty the whole day under the intense pepperiness of the sun with little rest or no rest at all. He too works daily without any rest long meter and frequently invades in over beat to get extra even off to sustain lifes needs. tolerant 2 Because of too ofttimes toiling through with(p), Dave believes he deserves to relax after work so he always drinks alcohol to relax his muscles. This has sour a regular attire of his for the past 15 years. It all began as a relaxing dodge until it has become a daily habit. Drinking has become his root of socialization.though he knows the dilemma s of habitual drinking, he is finding a hard time to get himself to minimize or stop drinking. Even at work, he keeps a bottle secretly kept so he plenty take sips or gulps from time to time while keeping himself busy. It has become as sort-of water to him. It should be noted that before Dave became an alcoholic, he has a large frame weighing 180 lbs. and standing at 5 feet and 11 inches. After he became an alcoholic, he now weighs precisely cl lbs. which is way below his ideal weight. His skin wrinkled and darkened yet with tinges of yellowish areas all throughout his body.His body bulged since his liver has inflamed already and edema has occurred in array him. Physically, one will know right then that he is sick. As to his family history, it is important to be aware that his father was also a habitual drinker precisely lucky enough for him that he did not develop liver cirrhosis. However, two brothers of his father had liver cirrhosis and one of them died of the disease. Ther efore, said gastrointestinal disease runs in their family. Dave had a find oneself of going to college but because of attitude problems he fell short and entire only high school.So he ended up with a menial job as a school gardener and janitor. base on his scholastic records, he was a bully student. He gained good grades, not academically rewarding but decent enough to apply college scholarships. His alleged stubborn traits had won him over. Patient 3 The patient, Dave, preferred to engage in one-to-one learning technique rather than learning by group method. Dave has several sensitive, private and critical issues which he opts to share only with the learning provider, in this case, the nurse. In fact, Dave did not even approved of the idea of learning at first because of his stubbornness.He wants to do things alone but with thorough explanation, he was able to understand his condition little by little and began cooperating to work on his sick state. So what is liver cirrhosis all about? The disease has been defined earlier as a form of liver damage which affects the gastrointestinal system. Among the early signs include weakness/fatigue, anorexia, stomatitis, tea-colored urine, clay-colored stool, amenorrhea, decreased sexual urge, loss of pubic and axilla hair, hepatomegaly, jaundice, and pruritus or urticaria. advanced signs involve hematological, endocrine, GIT and neurological changes. Further, it can complicate into more honorable illnesses such as edema and ascites (fluid buildup), bruising and bleeding, jaundice, itching, gallstones, toxins in the line of products or brain lead to impaired brain function, kidney failure, sensitivity to medication, portal hypertension, varices, insulin bulwark and Type 2 diabetes, liver cancer and problems with other organs. In Daves case, it began as a severe case of alcoholism combined with malnutrition which led Laennecs cirrhosis.This went on to the destruction of hepatic cells or hepatocytes then fibrosis or scarring. Following thereafter is an obstruction of blood flow which increases pressure in the venous and sinusoidal channels then fatty infiltration leading to further fibrosis or scarring. Finally, portal hypertension or high blood pressure (hypertension) in the portal veins and its branches resulted. Patient 4 The prevalence of liver cirrhosis can come across all ages starting at the age of 21 but as the age increases, the rate of scarring feeler increases as well.This means that liver cirrhosis cases are more unsafe with higher age. In Daves case, his age may directly affect the severity of his condition. Development of his illness was hastened in that it has been at least 15 years since he became a habitual drinker. It was accumulated through time and in his case, progression is faster compared to others. Because of his liver disease, he cannot work as a gardener and janitor anymore as these are jobs which require lots strength and energy.He cannot fulfill his responsibili ties at home and his family as well since his health is generally impaired. Further, he cannot participate in community activities too. Patient needs to be educated regarding his nutritional needs. He essential(prenominal) monitor lizard his calorie intake and the amounts and kinds of food that he takes to avoid obesity. If possible, he must be given a schedule of diet so he can eat the right kinds of food at the right time and place. Moreover, he must be taught how to improve his depreciating self-esteem due(p) to inability to fulfill his usual duties.He must develop good for you(p) lifestyle practices and new behaviors which will help him regain his confidence. From this moment on, Dave must be able to recover from his health and personality deficiencies. Instead of savour down and troubled, he must mature by seeing the brighter side of life. The key is acceptance of his present condition and avoid feeling dismal and confused as much as possible. This can be done more compe tently with the support of the nurse and the significant others who are machine-accessible to him.

The Castle of Otranto †a Gothic Novel

The palace of Otranto A knightly Novel Picture of the act Page of the Second Edition A Dossier by Luisa Hiller, Johannes Klein, Benjamin Priebst, and Claudia Haack evade of Contents 1. universe The black letter Novel 2. Horace Walpole 2. 1. The Life of Horace Walpole 2. 2. The Works of Horace Walpole 3. The Castle of Otranto A Gothic Novel 3. 1. Introduction 3. 2. mogul of Characters 3. 3. drumhead of the piece 3. 4. The Characters Appearance 3. 5. The Character Constellation 3. 6. Gothic Elements in The Castle of Otranto . Bibliography 1. Introduction The Gothic Novel In the low gear half of the eighteenth speed of light the word Gothic was mainly link to the Nordic invaders, the Goths, who were disliked because of t inheritor heavy- contributeed behaviour and their brutal invasion. Therefore black letter had a pejorative connotation, which, nevertheless, changed in the middle of the 18th century into a word being related to necromantic and fantastic events. The fir st mediaeval refreshing appe ard in 1764, when Horace Walpole? s The Castle of Otranto was published.From this time on to approximately 1820 thither was an explosion of knightly indite materials, which approximately turned into addiction, especially for the female endorsership, who were craving for popular entertainment. This prep be of writing dominated British literature during this period and apprise be described as a hybrid between novel and romance, in like manner encom disco biscuiting swordplay and poetry. though the medieval novel had many critics, it became by luck successful due to the fact that it signified morality, beauty, a lack of suit and feudal beliefs which formed, at that time, a sharp seam to the actual set of the mount up of Enlightenment.Consequently, the gothic novel functi one and only(prenominal)(a)d as a mirror of 18th century conventions and values. The emergence of this new development in literature implied the impudence that there w as a need for sacred and transcendent staff offices due to the defence mechanism of the existence of supernatural forces by the modern enlightened society. So the gothic novel provoked a rebellion against the predominant ideal of pasture and unity, which caused a lot of annoyance and was a socially subversive force for many critics. Finally, the agent? intention was to evoke fear and terror, only when similarly grandeur, and to make people be reverential. Writers of that period wanted, to a greater extent everyplace, to wind up the reader? s feelings. This aim could be achieved by the usage of particular elements, which appeared in al more(prenominal) or less every gothic novel. Some of these elements are mentioned below. setting The action normally takes derriere in some ruined citadel or abbey in a remote and dark time, like the Middle Ages. Furthermore, the twists are in many cases full of crypts, catacombs, dungeons, trap inlets and secret underground transportation systems. air travel The atmosphere of the whole story claverms threatening and obscure due to some obscure events as ancient prophecies and curses coming authorized, messs or other supernatural occurrences which sometimes can be eluci periodd. There are, furthermore, extreme landscapes as thick forests and ruffianly mountains oft containing caves. Additionally a terrifying atmosphere is created by the apparent gloom, shadows, moonlight or a flickering candle. e causes A gothic novel always contains powerful emotions like pride, anger, sadness, surprise, and especially, terror.Romantic elements like love and its often tragical implications (uncertainty of reciprocation, rival lovers, ) are also part of many gothic novels. Characteristics for the partly overwrought emotions are crying and melodramatic speeches, as healthful as panic and fainting. distressed women Frequently women are oppressed and threatened, either by male relatives or other powerful men, for instance king s or lords which are mostly tyrannical. These women are often the main characters, demanded to do something unbearable as marrying someone they do not love. later the outstanding success of the gothic novel in the 1790? s, it began to fade in 1820. One reason for this was the customary imitation, so that people became bored and the gothic novels stereotypes. Moreover, critics have been slow to play the gothic novel as a valuable genre, for which reason it has almost vanished from European literature. The most important representatives Horace WalpoleThe Castle of Otranto (1764) Ann RadcliffeThe Italian or the Confessional of the contraband Penitents (1797) Mary ShelleyFrankenstein (1818) Charles MaturinMelmoth the Wanderer (1820) 2.Horace Walpole 2. 1. The Life of Horace Walpole Horace Walpole was born on September 24 in London, the forth son of later Prime Minister Robert Walpole. hearsay has it that the eight-year-old boy met Alexander Pope during a summer holiday worn-out(a) a t Cambridge House, Twickenham, in 1725. Stages of his education imply such famous label as Eton (1727-1734) and King? s College, Cambridge (1735-39). The following two years of his liveness were spent on the obligatory Grand Tour. Walpole was accompanied by his schoolfriend, the poet Thomas Gray, and the two of them toured France and Italy.When he returned to England in 1741, Walpole could immediately take up office, having been elected Member of Parliament for the family borough Callington in Cornwell while he was button up abroad. For the following quarter of a century Walpole served as an MP in varying constituencies, before he finally retired in 1767. 1747 marked the fount of a tonelong obsession. In this year, Walpole took up residence at Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, and began transforming his domicile into the most celebrated Gothic House in England.In 1757, a private printing press was set up at Strawberry Hill and Walpole brought out some of his own casting by means of it. After the death of his nephew in 1791, Horace Walpole succeeded him as tail Earl of Orford. He died five years later, on March 2, 1797. 2. 2. The Works of Horace Walpole 1747First book, genus Aedes Walpolianae, a description of the paintings at Houghton (the family seat in Norfolk), published 1751Walpole starts writing his Memoirs, a process continuing until 1791 1758Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors, 2 vols. 1762Anecdotes of Painting in England, 5 vols. (-1780) 1764December 24, The Castle of Otranto published 1768The Mysterious convey (a tragedy) Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard the Third unconnected from the above-listed works, Walpole is known for his extensive correspondence. 4000 of his letters have been preserved. 3. The Castle of Otranto A Gothic Novel 3. 1. Introduction On December 24, 1764, the English readership was presented with The Castle of Otranto, a novel which gave rise to a new literary genre the Gothic Novel.Its author Horace Wa lpole obviously had not reckoned with the immediate success of his work. Why else would he have published the first pas seul of it anonymously? In fact, Walpole out of sight his authorship by a rather complex story of the introduction and discovery of The Castle of Otranto. His anxiety about the reception of his novel was fundamentally founded on the novelty of the attempt (Otranto 7). Two aspects shall be mentioned to explain what he meant. Firstly, one of Wal-pole? s major intentions in writing the book was to endure the two kinds of romance, the ancient and the modern (Otranto 7), the power distinguished by inclination and improbability, the latter by a more realistic presentation of life (Walpole himself used the term nature rather than realistic). His object was to agree the two different approaches by showing people acting in a natural way while being exposed to the most unnatural situations. The second motive that surely prevented Walpole from revealing his authorsh ip were the super-natural elements contained in the story ironically enough the very reason for its later fame. notwithstanding by the time of its publication Walpole could not be sure that the mysterious events around The Castle of Otranto would meet with the approval of mid-18th century readers. After all, this was the Age of Enlightenment, the period of cold reason (Letter to Mme du Deffand, 13 March 1767, quoted from Otranto x) in which there was no place for ghosts, spectres, visions, prophecies and the like supernatural phenomena. With his fears not being corroborate and the positive reception of the novel, Walpole finally revealed his authorship with the appearance of the second variance in April 1765.The second edition brought another innovation the subtitle A Gothic Novel was added to the book, thereby providing the term for a whole literary branch which became very popular with readers in the following decades. Beside the above-mentioned supernatural elements which can b e applied to any Gothic story there are several elements which are peculiar to The Castle of Otranto. One of them can be perceived whenever servants and aristocratic characters meet.In writing these scenes Walpole was inspired by and imitated another prominent figure of English literary history, and he freely admits That great master of nature, Shakespeare, was the model I copied (Otranto 8). And in another passage from the second edition Walpole describes the function of the domestics in the following way The simple mindedness of their behaviour, almost tending to excite smiles, appeared to me not only not improper, but was marked designedly in that manner. My rule was nature. In my humble opinion, the contrast between the sublime of the one the noble characters and the naivete of the other, sets the pathetic of the former in a stronger light (Otranto 8). Finally, the last aspect to be mentioned is one that is not missing from any description of Walpole? s life and works. At th e end of the enclose to the first edition Walpole writes I will delay the reader not longer than to make one short remark. Though the machine- ry is invention, and the label of the actors imaginary, I cannot but believe that the groundwork of the story is founded on equity.The scene is undoubtedly laid in some real castling. The author seems frequently, without design, to describe particular parts. The chamber, says he, on the right hand the door on the left hand the distance from the chapel to Conrad? s flatbed these and other passages are strong presumptions that the author had some certain building in his eye (Otranto 5-6). This extract could well be seen as a proof for Walpole? s sense of humour. In fact, the author Walpole himself did have a certain building in mind, namely his own domicile, Strawberry Hill. . 2. Index of Characters Manfred, Prince of OtrantoHippolita, Princess of Otranto Conrad, their son and heirMatilda, their daughter Isabella, engaged to Conrad, dau ghter of Frederic, Marquis of Vicenza Bianca, the princesses fille de chambre Jaquez and Diego, the princes servants Theodore (heir to Alfonso the Good,)son ofJerome (Count of Falconara,) friar of the church of St. NicholasTwo knights, Frederic? s escortA notify A giant knight, Ghost of Alfonso the GoodA phantom, ghost of a wise hermit Manfred? s servants, soldiers, people of the nearby village 3. 3.Summary of the Plot The story takes place in the old castle of Otranto, due south Italy, in the Late Middle Ages. Because of an inscrutable prophecy, Manfred, Lord of Otranto, fears the downfall of his dynasty. After his only son Conrads sudden and mysterious death on his wedding day, Manfred intends to merry Conrads fiancee Isabella, which results in her flight from the castle. Theodore, a suspicious stranger, seems to be involved in her escape. Later, Frederic, Father of Isabella, who was reckoned to be illogical in the last crusade, arrives to claim the permit over the Castle.He p retends to be the successor of Alfonso, the former legitimate Lord of Otranto, who died during the crusade. By cracking his gorgeous daughter Matilda to the challenger, Manfred tries to come to an arrangement with Frederic. Frederic should merry Matilda and Manfred should become husband to Isabella. Manfreds wife Hippolita does not offer much resistance. However, because of increasing cryptic occurrences that remind Frederic of a prophecy he had been told, he rejects Manfreds offer. Meanwhile, Manfred is becoming more and more jealous of Theodore, suspecting him to be Isabella? lover. His jealousy leads to the sad climax of the drama Manfred, taking his daughter for Isabella, kills her accidentally when he discovers her secretly meeting Theodore. Manfred slays his only heir. Completing the prophecy, the giant ghost of Alfonso appears and Manfred resigns his dominion. Theodore? s identity as the true heir of Alfonso is revealed and he becomes the legitimate Lord of Otranto. 3. 4. The Characters? Appearance Throughout the Chapters (Only characters portentous to the plot have been indexed. ) Man-fredHippo- litaCon- radMatil- aIsabel- laTheo- doreJeromeFrede-ricBian- caJaquez + DiegoGiantPhan- tom 1. XXXXXXXX- 2. XX-X- XX-X 3. XXXXXX- 4. XX-XXXXX- 5. XX-XXXXXX-XX 3. 5. The Character Constellation 3. 6. Hippolita Frederic Jerome Manfred Isabella Theodore Matilda Bianca Manfred + Hippolitamarried he wants to divorce her she obeys him in everything (exception authority of the church) Manfred + JeromeM. respects the friar, but suspects and scorns the man J. exercises the authority of his position and his knowledge of the prophecy Manfred + TheodoreM. suspicion, anger, jealousy, aversion, but respect T. obedience, superiority of manners Manfred + Frederic business-like relationship, try to come to an arrangement Manfred + IsabellaM. she is the object of his desire I. repulsiveness, fear Isabella + Fredericfather and daughter I. dutiful child F. considers exc hanging her for Matilda Isabella + TheodoreT. a friend in need, chivalrous helper I. thankful for the assistance of the peasant T. , later falls in love with the true heir T.Isabella + Matildamutual inclination and confidence (like sisters) for some time rivals ( Theodore) Matilda + Theodoretragic lovestory Jerome + Theodorefather and son J. fatherly love and link up T. less emotional, retains some distance Jerome + Hippolitathe friar as confidant and adviser H. devoted and obedient Christian Matilda + Biancamistress and maid-servant 3. 6. Gothic Elements in The Castle of Otranto non before the second edition did Horace Walpole admit that he himself wrote the book, which in its sign edition had the title The Castle of Otranto, A Story.Translated by William Marshal, Gent. From the Original Italian of Onuphrio Muralto, Canon of the Church of St. Nicholas at Otranto (Otranto 1). But it was not before the work had been such a success that he admitted that The Castle of Otran to was in fact a work of fiction and not, as he had claimed in the preface of the first edition, which was published in 1764, found in the library of an ancient Catholic family in the north of England (First Edition 3) and had only been translated.To further strengthen the headway that the original story was based on reality, he adds that Though the machinery is invention, and the names of the actors imaginary, I cannot but believe that the groundwork of the story is founded on truth (First Preface 5) and proves his conviction by giving the reader examples of where he thinks that the original author must have unconsciously been referring to a specific place The chamber, says he, on the right hand the door on the left hand the distance from the chapel to Conrads apartment (Second Preface 6). Through the preface to the first edition Horace Walpole sets the setting and describes the scene to have happened between 1095, the era of the first crusade, and 1243, the date of the last, or not long afterwards (First Preface 3). Main themes of a gothic novel include ancient prophecies that are almost forgotten. In this case there are two which are both relate to the true heir of Alfonso and thus the rightful lord of Otranto.The reader hears the first one already in the second paragraph where it says, that the castle and lordship of Otranto should pass from the present family, whenever the real owner should be grown too macroscopical to inhabit it (Otranto 15). The next one is more in the sense of a classical prophecy Where? er a casque that suits this sword is found, with perils is thy daughtercompassd round Alfonso? s blood alone can save the maid, and quiet a long-restless princes civilisation (Otranto79).It is in rhyme and not, as the first one, passed on oraly, but written on a giant sabre which was found distant far away from the castle of Otranto. Another defining characteristic of a gothic novel are inexplicable sounds At that instant the portrait of his grandfather, which hung over the bench where they had been sitting, uttered a deep sigh, and heaved its breast (Otranto 23). Furthermore, there are visions of things that can not possibly exist It is a giant, I believe he is all clad in armour, for I saw his can and part of his leg, and they are as large as the helmet below in the court (Otranto 33).And, most importantly, the one that sets the whole story in motion He beheld his child dashed to pieces, and almost buried under an wide helmet, an hundred times more large than any casque ever do for human being, and shaded with a proportionable quantity of black feathers (Otranto 17). Further characteristics include women in distress. Since Hippolita, Manfreds lawfully wedded wife, can not concieve any more children, and Conrad has been squashed by the gigantic helmet, Manfred needs a male heir and thus decides to divorce Hippolita and to marry IsabellaIsabella, since I cannot give you my son, I offer you myself (Otranto 23).In the end, every hint that has been given throughout the story is jam-packed together in a great vision for all the protagonists to see A clap of thunder at that instant shook the castle to its foundations the earth rocked and the clank of more than mortal armours was heard behind. The moment Theo- dore appeared, the walls of the castle behind Manfred were thrown down with a migh- ty force, and form of Alfonso, dilated to an immense magnitude, appeared in the centre of the ruins. Behold in Theodore, the true heir of Alfonso said the vision and having pronounced those words, accompanied by a clap of thunder, it ascended solemnly to- wards heaven, where the clouds section asunder, he form of saint Nicholas was seen and receiving Alfonso? s shade, they were soon wrapt from mortal look in a blaze of glory. The beholders fell prostrate on their faces, acknowledging the comprehend will (Otran- to 108). 4. Bibliography Walpole, Horace. The Castle of Otranto. 1764. Oxford Oxford University Press, 1964.

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Enger Tower History

Enger Memorial Tower Enger Memorial Tower was make in 1939 in order to remember Bert Enger, who immigrated to Duluth from Norway and became a powerful and prosperous furniture store owner through hard work and dedication. He believed in sharing his success with the city that helped him achieve it and allowed Duluth to develop primer near Enger Tower, including the building of a car park and a golf course. When he died in 1931 he left two-thirds of his estate to Duluth. In order to eternise Bert Enger the citry decided to build Enger Memorial Tower.The 70-foot rear was built on the highest of four mounds in Enger Park and was built by L. J. Kilippen and Son. Bert Engers urn was attached to the structure. The tower was made of native bluestone and stood five feet tall. The park also included trails, and a beautiful view of the city. For the dedication ceremony Crown Prince Olav of Norway came to dedicate the memorial. It was the princes second dedicatory ceremony while in Ameri ca, he also commit the Norwegian Pavilion at Worlds Fair in New York City. The parks locations is one of its best assets it is located on a bluff, overlooking the city.It also has some of the most beautiful gardens in Duluth. One of its gardens is located on a hill and includes dwarf conifers that distinguish out from rock outcroppings. Another serves as a sort of dedication to Duluths sister city, Oh Ara, Japan this garden has a pavilion and quietness bell. Another garden has over 4,000 daffodils in the spring and white parenthood and poplar trees year-round. Hostas, full trees, and over 200 perennials line the path to the tower. placement 16th Avenue West and Skyline Drive The whole park has a relaxed and family friendly atmosphere. -University of Minnesota

‘Blessing’ with ‘Island Man’ Essay

Comp atomic number 18 approval with Island Man showing how the poets design description to mother the thoughts and seeings of the characters in the rimes.Blessing and Island Man are two genuinely antithetical meters. The theme of Blessing revolves around bulk in a three-world country, who transmit very little water given to them. A blessing in their eyes occurs when a pipe bursts. Island Man, tho, is about a human from the Caribbean who is now in London, but dreams he was still living in his homeland, even though he wakes up affirm in London. epoch the poems themes are dissimilar, the poems are both very descriptive, and the poets use description to help us empathise further with their characters.The structure of the poem Blessing is sort of unlawful. The original stanza is a mere two distribution channels it sets the scene. The next two stanzas increase in length before becoming little again at the last stanza. This helps us to picture how, in the descent, in that location are only a few drops of water available however when the pipe bursts in the third stanza, the verse size increases along with how much(prenominal) water in that respect is. Also, in the third stanza, commas are omitted in the line every man woman child to show the urgency of every matchless in the village, who seize this opportunity to grab water. Imtiaz Dharker does use commas however when describing the different materials that the pots are made of. This concords it seem as if, even though Dharker only describes quin vessels, there are a multitude of pots and buckets being used.Throughout the third stanza, the lines are free-flowing, and run into each other like the water which is being described. Island Mans structure is as well a fairly irregular one. Lines such(prenominal) as groggily groggily and to surge of wheels are placed away from the primary(prenominal) poem this gives a aesthesis of confusion, like the man who has just woken up and is still not quite sure where he is. To add to this effect, the lengths of lines in each stanza vary and this gives a muddled or sleepy feel to the poem. The last line Another London day is on its throw to show that the man has finally come out of the dream, and he is shaken back into reality. Another short line appears at very beginning of the poem. The one-word, staccato sentence shows how the island man has suddenly woken up.Blessing uses very descriptive language to convey how the characters are notion or thinking. Throughout the poem, there are subtle references to church or religion. Using words such as congregation or a kindly god make the reader feel as if the water is a give way from God. This is amplified by the fact that the poem is called Blessing, which is a spiritual word and a great deal associated with God and religion. There are more implications that the water is a gift from God, such as when the poem says the flow has found. This shows that the water finds the people, ra ther of it being vice versa it sounds miraculous, because the people didnt choose for all this water to come at once but it was greatly longed for.Dharker also conveys how all-important(prenominal) the water is to them by describing it as silver instead of just water, and sudden rush of fortune to show that in their country, water is extremely out of date and never taken for granted. Words with negative connotations for us such as screaming and roar are turned around in this poem and used to a positive effect. In the last stanza, the evince trice light could show how water is such a light to these peoples red-hots and a novelty to them, on the other hand it could also show that the flow of water is slowing down now, and it is only in spurts or flashes but still looks like light. Island Man also contains very powerful language.In the first stanza alone there are many interesting word choices. The word wombing conveys how comforting and secure the Caribbean seems to the man. It is linked to him feeling safer at his place of birth rather than a bustling city like London. Colour is used several times in the first stanza as well blue for surf, emerald for the island vegetation and grey for the traffic of London. This gives a very strong image in the readers mind. absurd seabirds is a very natural image which gives a strong business line with other descriptions such as dull North Circular it shows how bleached London is in comparison to the Caribbean. Some double words establish been chosen too, such as soar and roar. These are ambiguous because they could easily apply to the Caribbean sea, or the London traffic.Various poetic techniques are put to good use in Blessing. The first one that becomes apparent is the use of end stopped lines. These keep the sentence to the maculation and fairly literal, which is important when they are used to set the scene, as seen in the first stanza of Blessing. Imagery is frequently used too, such as liquid sun and this adds to the feeling of heat in the poem, helping us to realise how important the water is to the characters. Onomatopoeia is used in the line shake off of it, the small splash and this is used to give a clearer picture of what is misfortune in the poem. Another technique used is alliteration. One example of this is the phrase polished to perfection which helps the reader to picture the scene. Also, ambiguity features in Blessing in the phrases highlights. While we would tend to think that highlights refers to your hair, in this country the children are not as superficial as we are.The highlights probably refers to their skin being changed colour by the reflecting sun and water. This inconclusive word gives a sense of mystery to the last stanza, and it makes it seem like a cliff-hanger ending. Island Man shares or so of Blessings poetic techniques such as the use of metaphors, in pillow waves. This shows how island mans dreams of sea comfort him in his sleep. close to no punctua tion is used in Island Man to show how relaxed the reputation of the man is, however a capital letter is used to ground level a turning point in the poem. It is used in Comes back to sands to show that now, the island man is back in London physically and mentally. Grace Nichols relies on sound to make an effective contrast she makes a clear difference between the breaking of the surf and the roar of the traffic.In conclusion, while these two poems are basically about two very different things, they share many descriptive techniques. I definitely enjoyed both of the poems, but Island Man is the one I prefer. I find it quite easy to relate to because Ive had many dreams I havent requireed to wake up from, and even though I live in a city, the huge amounts of traffic is sometimes daunting to me, as it is to the island man. I found Blessing harder to relate to, as a overlook of water isnt something we generally experience in this country. However, the poem makes you want to not take things for granted which I think is a moving sentiment.

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Personal Learning Profile Essay

B. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or rid of Sequence(Write a paragraph of four to vanadiumsome sentences describing the storey to which you recitation this Pattern.) Sequence is a routine of my life, I use it deal out weather it is unattackable or bad. I feel the need to retrace a plan. I also need to have a scant(p) explanation of what Im expected to do. At work I am usually the one that needs to write out a plan of how am going to execute it before doing so than notice up with consist review of instruction to make sure accurate. These sometimes becomes very time consuming as I am of all time needing more time to ensure I get things done beneficial the first time around. I cannot relax or focus on other things when everything is in chaotic. I feelcutter anything equals to clutter mind. creation organized is one step I think necessary in becoming a successful student.C. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Precision(Write a paragraph of four to five sentences describ ing the grade to which you use this Pattern.) Precision another pattern I use first. I tend to have the need to have the correct teaching. I do not ilk making mistakes and I ask a lot of questions in order to obtain more tuition. I like it when I am given detailed answers about what is going on. I with anything give to me I immediately jumped onto the internet to search for additional information to view and better understand. In school tend to the most because of erudition disability it has driven me to always not want to make mistakes and if I can suspend it by asking questions that go away give me the information why not.D. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Technical Reasoning (Write a paragraph of four to five sentences describing the degree to which you use this Pattern.) Technical reasoning I use as essential to figure things out alone but do not avoid interactions with others. I do not like people to tell me how to do things or how to fix it. I like to figure it out myself if gives me a sense of accomplishment. I would say that I am pretty good with figuring out most things and will navigate through it until I have learned how to use it.How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Confluence(Write a paragraph of four to five sentences describing the degree to which you use this Pattern.) I use Confluence as unavoidable ad I like exploring new things, new ideas, and new places. When it comes grim to it I like to do new things it excites me and interest me .I like to learn more and that is just in everyday life whether it be a new way to cook something or visiting new places. I am not a big risk taker though. I will only take risk when the outcome outweighs it. I function with confide of being in certain pattern and schedule.

To what extent are developmental states emerging within Africa and what policies could be adopted to support them?

IntroductionThis essay is concerned with analysing what role, if every, the ideal of the growthal put together up nates play inside Africa. The concept of the developmental evince has origins in the fruitful development in due eastern Asia. This research give breast to examine the relevance of the existing manikin to contemporary gold coast. The paper forget also numerate at the utter about to which the favourable conditions for growth that existed in eastbound Asia could ever be replicated in Africa (for a brief unwrapline of the contemporary debate see United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNESC), 2013).As a form of introduction to the topic, this take in volition put down with a brief definition of a developmental tell apart concord to the writings before moving on to look at what characteristics make up a typical developmental state. A brief analysis provide determine the extent to which in that location is agreement within the literature. From her e, the paper leave look at the origins of the developmental state model born out of the experiences in tocopherol Asia as well as exploring some of the major(ip) academic contributions to the developmental state debate. Here, the research will touch upon the relevance of these contributions within the African circumstance.The second section will be the master(prenominal) critical analysis around the extent to which developmental states ar emerge within Africa or whether the impossibility theorem (Mkanadwire, 2001) continues to hold water. Following that, the paper will examine what policies ar needed to support these fledgling developmental states, according to the literature.The third and final chapter will provide case studies from Ghana, examining whether this nation possesses any of the defining touts that constitute a developmental state. The aim here is to show, via a practical example, that developmental states are possible in Africa but are also far from similar to East Asiatic examples. Here, the paper will also offer a critique to show the struggles and developmental threats for Africa as a counter phone line that developmental states are emerging within Africa.Starting first with a definition of a developmental state, the study nimblely encounter some points of contention. Firstly, as Mbabazi and Taylor (2005) point out, the definition of a developmental state does not correspond directly with sparing performance. That is, a country which is performing well stintingally is not required developmental. Rather, the current accepted definition of a developmental state is unrivalled that is ideologically directed towards development, where the state seriously attempts to deploy its administrative and g everywherenmental imagings to the task of economic development (Mbabazi and Taylor, 2005 2).Traditionally. developmental states are associated with locations that have economic development as a leading governmental indemnity which has th e electromotive force to form bodies which can comfort these policies and targets. To be classed as a developmental state, there must be a governmental ability to cast formal and informal networks of collaboration between civilians and public officials whilst promoting macro-economic stability and maintaining an institutional framework that provides law and order, in effect(p) administration of justice and peaceful steadiness of conflicts, ensures property rights and appropriate infrastructure investments, and advances human development (Mkandawire, 1999, 2010 UNESC, 2013 2).Others have added to the definition of a developmental state in that it must be involuntary to engage itself directly with the direction and pace of economic development using market conformist mechanisms to allocate economic resources, rather than simply locomote back on a uncoordinated, laissez-faire attitudes to market forces (Johnson, 1982 319-20 Mbabazi and Taylor, 2005 4 Meyns and Musamba, 2010 13, UNESC, 2013 2). without delay that a clear definition of what a developmental state is, on with a taste of what key theoretical features need to be bribe has been accomplished, this paper will take a step back to look at the origins of the developmental state in terms of East Asiatic experiences. Here, the study will see some of the main contributions made to the literature from leading scholars, which will shed some light on what are held to be the key theoretical features of developmental states. This will then be used as an entry point into the discussion about to what extent these theoretical features are feasible, and how it might be applied within the scope of this research.As touched upon above, much of the contemporary discussion about developmental states has its roots in research conducted on the experiences faced by the East Asian tigers (for the original research see Amsden, 1989 Haggard, 1990 Johnson, 1982). There seems to be a general consensus within the academi c literate as to the key features that facilitate the Asian tigers to superior directs of growth and these are the followingEmbedded self-sufficiency of state bureaucracyPut send on by Peter Evans (1989, 1995), he fence ind that strong state institutions have a significant influence towards the procession of development in the Tiger economies because they avoided being captured by vested engrosss. The East Asian states have professional bureaucracies, in which the employees had real opportunities for advancement so they avoided the lure to engage in extra rent-seeking (income providing) activities. Simultaneously, Evans noted that the state administration remained disposed to or embedded in edict so that it did not conk isolated and self-serving, so that it could continually redefine its indemnity goals and aims.Market conforming intervention Charlmers Johnson (1982), who studied japans highly successful post-war recovery, ensnare similar results to Evans. He notes that small, inexpensive, professional and efficient state bureaucracies or fender bureaucratic agencies, like the Japanese Ministry for International Trade and Industry (MITI), which had chest of drawers over economic policy, allowed those states to promote civic interests whilst maintaining a high level of prestige and legitimacy (Johnson, 1982 49). Most importantly for Johnson, however, was the fact that the government of Japan provided national administrators with the tools and authority to intervene directly in the preservation low the condition that all work would stick to neo-liberal market principles (Johnson 1982 315-316).Political primacy gibe to Adrian Leftwich politics is the dominant variable which determines the concept of the developmental state as well as the developmental success or failure in all human societies (Meynes and Musamba, 200516). Leftwich (2000 4) walls that developmental states possess the following six factors during their conse quenceThe presence of development-oriented political elite who possess high levels of commitment and will to attain economic growth. A stiff, professional, highly competent, insulated and career-based bureaucracy Civil society is relatively weak and disorganised A high capacity for the effective economic management of both domestic and buck private economic interests An nauseated mix of repression and non-adherence to human rights Performance-based legitimacy of the governing political elite, and which takes precedence over procedural legitimacy (Leftwich, 2000174).It seems that Leftwich differs in his arguments from Evans, in that Leftwich observes an imbalance. Yet it can be seen that there exists a significant state body which has a powerful bureaucracy which can effectively take care of the interest of the private economic. Then, this leads to a frail society which has no way of influencing the ruling elite.Alternatives to neo-liberal economic scienceConceptually speaking, t he developmental state is often located in-between a free market capitalist economic system and a centrally-planned economic system conjoining private ownership with state guidance (Woo-Cumings 1999 2). This means it is incomplete purely capitalist nor totally socialist.With regards to the relationship between the developmental state and interventionism is concerned, the developmental state is an embodiment of a normative or honourable ambition to use the interventionist power of the state to guide investment in a way that promotes a certain solidaristic vision of national economy (Loriaux 1999 24).Ha-Joon Chang, demonst evaluate that economic development requires a state which can create and define the economic and political relationships that can support sustained industrialisation or in short, a developmental state (Chang, 1999183). Therefore, the creation of the developmental state concept leads to the formation of a interventionist state.Are developmental states emerging in AfricaSeveral African states have endured a surge in development across the independence years, that started from the early 1960s onwards (Woo?Cumings 1999 19?20). However, subsequently, government deteriorated and efforts to spread education stalled National armies discredited themselves through bloody coups and subjective divisions along ethnic lines (Woo?Cumings 1999 19?20).Since those dark times, there has been increase record to elicit that developmental states are now emerging in sub-Saharan Africa. However, existing literature expresses concerns with regards to if this the correct route for the African countries. For example, Woo-Cumings warns us that the developmental state can be good in relation to its (economic) authorization but it can also be a grim model in terms of human rights and lack of democracy (Woo-Cumings 1999 19?20). afterward initial developmental optimism, by the 1990s, things had changed the African state had become the or so demonised social institution in Africa, vilified for its weaknesses, its over- source, its interference with the smooth functioning of markets, its inhibitory character, its dependence on foreign powers, its ubiquity, its absence (Mkadawire, 2001 293). The legacy this has left lav is an academic thesis that posits that the developmental state concept is not feasible under prevalent conditions in Africa known as the impossibility theorem (Mkadawire, 2001 293).Lewis and stein (1997) for example, when investigating the possibility of translating the Asian model and replicating it in the African context argue that while greater political insulation of economic policy makers could reasonably be achieved in African countries, the extensive coordinated economic interventions of the East Asian states are far beyond the administrative capabilities of most African governments.Scepticism has been widespread within the literature regarding the prospects for the formation of operable developmental st ates, owing mostly to the poor record of state-led development efforts during the immediate post-independence era of African governance. State intervention in the economy, according to Ake, became a way for the governing elite to accumulate wealth for themselves (Ake, 1996). Others have put forward that the African continent lacks adequate political superstructure and the leadership necessary for implementing policy of a developmental nature (Birdsall, 2007 580).The impossibility theorem is a order of arguments that posits that the developmental state concept in Africa is not possible, and, in particular, demonstrates agnosticism towards the East Asian development experiences and if these could act as a model for Africa (Mkandawire 2001) . Those who advance the impossibility theorem also argue that this model is incompatible with globalization. They argue that the current international regulatory architecture and the dominance of the neo-liberal paradigm suppo rt by the realism Bank, the IMF and the Washington Consensus have created an environment that is largely bare for the viability of the developmental state approach (Beeson 2006 34-39).Yet, supporters of the emergence of African developmental states argue that the poor performance and lack of potential for African countries to achieve rapid state-led development is due to a biased and unfair comparison of the achievements of the East Asian models (Mkandawire, 2001, Chang, 2006, UNCTAD, 2007).The fact is, developmental states are emerging in Africa and there evidence for them to promote a developmental-state approach. It is now accepted that market-based economies need a successful state to function and develop. African nations are beginning to contact the fundamental needs of their people (Manzavinos, 2004).This journey of rediscovering the role of the state has been coincident with the recognition of that of economic institutions. Douglass North published a book in 1990 cal led, Institutions, Institutional Change, and Economic Performance, which argues against the idea that institutions simply come about as a by-product of economic growth, and put forward that improvements in institutions are essential preconditions and determinants of growth (Manzavinos, 2004).The final part of this paper now turns to the Ghana case-study in order to find out what policies could support the growth of African developmental states.Ghana was the initial nation in Africa to gain independence and has since undergone a stable transition since then. The Nkrumah were soon established as the universal legitimacy of the state, Ghana has since managed to escape the violence that has occurred in other Sub-Sahara states.As within all academic debates there are two sides to the argument those that put forward that Ghana is a model of a developmental state and those who argue the contrary. Put simply, Ghana has failed to capture successful long-term development but that does not n ecessary mean it is not a developmental state. Ghanas growth could be seen as a mirage rather than a miracle as some key structural changes as highlighted in the introduction of this paper have not occurred. However, Dzorgbo (2001 5) observes that it has confronted the challenge of increasing dependence on foreign aid, an exponential external debt, high rates of unemployment and poverty, and de-industrialization resultant from the elimination of protective measures.In terms of what policies Ghana can implement to support itself as a developmental state it could start with intervening with its fiscal and monetary policy as done by the East Asian tigers during their developmental phase. The main aim of this would be to clip government pass The CCP adopted an exaggerated, bloated vision of development of which the crucial feature was the number of physical structures and general infrastructure that could be constructed rather than assessing the actual social and material needs of the people (Osei, 1999 6). This would mean that Ghana should quite rely on state monetary policy to restore macroeconomic balance and cease to continue along the path of government spending which is dependent on bank credit. This creates an environment which is inhospitable to foreign and private investment because excess lending and inflation results in low (even negative) interest rates that further discourage future investment (Osei, 1999 6).This paper puts forward that the policy that Ghana should adopt is one of state intervention in its monetary policy instead of a laissez-faire attitude to economics. However, in the case of Ghana it is easy to see why the over extension of the state could become a problem given that the Divestiture Implementation Committee, established in 1990 under the patronage of the IMF, gradually auctioned off state enterprises to the highest bidder (Rothchild, 1991 206). As much(prenominal), Ghana has an uncomfortable history of state interference within the economy. at once hailed as the frontier of Africa and in many ways similar to the Asian tigers, Ghana still must endure significant obstacles as such formulas for success set by the IMF and the Washington Consensus have continually failed to vex about change.Taking into account the dynamic and unpredictable periods of economic policy formation we must ask ourselves if it even possible to generalize a developmental theory for Ghana or even Africa as a wholeAke strongly disagrees because development paradigms largely ignore the specificity and historicity of African countries, it puts them in a position in which everything is relevant to them and nothing is uniquely significant for dread them (Dzorgbo, 200113).In conclusion, it can be seen that drawing on the experience of the East Asian tigers economies cannot be effectively applied to Africa as the contexts too different. As we have seen, developmental theory can be utterly misleading and inappropriate for Africa even if ther e is evidence to suggest that some nations of Africa fit the developmental state model.ReferencesAke, Claude (1996). Democracy and developing in Africa. Washington, D.C. The Brookings Institution.Amsden, A. (1989). Asias Next Giant. South Korea and Late Industrialization. NewYork Oxford University Press.Beeson, Mark (2006). government and Markets in East Asia. Is the Developmental StateCompatable with GlobalisationIn, R. Stubbs., and G. R. D. Underhill (eds.), political miserliness and the ever-changing Global order, 3rd edition, Ontorio Oxford University PressBirdsall, Nancy (2007). Do no Harm. Aid, Weak Institutions and the wanting(p) Middle in Africa.Development Policy Review, 25(5), 575-598.Chang, Ha-Joon (2006). The East Asian Development Experience. The Miracle, the Crisis and the Future, London Zed Books.Dzorgbo, D. (2001). Ghana in Search of Development The scrap of Governance, Economic Management, and Institution Building.Evans, Peter B. (1989). Predatory , Developmental and Other State?Apparatuses. A Comparative Political Economy Perspective on the Third World State. Sociological Forum, 4 (4), 561?587.Evans, P. (1995). Embedded Autonomy States and Industrial Transformation. Princeton, NJ Princeton University Press.Haggard, Stephan (1990). Pathways from the Periphery. The political science of Growth in NewlyIndustrialising Countries. Ithaca Cornell University Press.Lewis, P. and Stein, H. (1997). Shifting fortunes the political economy of monetary liberalisation in Nigeria. World Development, vol. 25, no. 1, 522.Loriaux, M et al (1999). Capital Ungoverned Liberalizing Finance in Interventionist States, (Ithaca Cornell), pp 57-91Mantzavinos, C., North, D. C., & Shariq, S. (2004). Learning, institutions, and economic performance. Perspectives on politics, 2(01), 75-84.Mbabazi, P., & Taylor, I. (2005). Botswana and Uganda as developmental States. The Potentiality of Developmental States in Africa Botswana and Uganda Compa red, pp. 1-15.Meyns, P. and Musamba, C. (2010 eds). The Developmental State in Africa Problems andProspects. Institute for Development and Peace, University of Duisburg?Essen INEF-Report, 101/2010).Mkandawire, T (2001). Thinking about developmental states in Africa. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 25 (3), 289-13.Osei, A. (1999). Ghana Recurrence and Change in a Post-Independence African State. Peter Lang PublishingRothchild, D. (1991). Ghana The Political Economy of Recovery. Lynne Rienner PublishersUnited Nations Economic and Social Council (2013). The Developmental State What Option for AfricaAn Issues make-up in Economic Commission for Africa Governance and Public Administration segmentation Third Meeting of the Committee on Governance and Popular club (CGPP-III). Addis Ababa, Ethiopia , 20-21 February 2013 .UNCTAD (2007). Economic Development in Africa. Reclaiming Policy Space Domestic resource mobilization and developmental states. Geneva UNTAD.Woo?Cumings, Meredith (ed.) (1999). The Developmental State. Ithaca Cornell UniversityPress.

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Economic Critique Essay

Maintaining a stable delivery is no humbled challenge for any nation however possessing the ability to change and contrive current and created ways of maintaining makes for a thriving scrimping. This newsletter entrust tot up the contrary economic factors that affect centre demand and supply such as unemployment, expectations, consumer income, and have-to doe with rates within the get together States. Additionally, what fiscal policies ar recommended by the United States governance and whether or not these policies are in force(p) and getting them back on track are discussed. UnemploymentIn the electric current state of unemployment as of July 2013, twenty eight states form had increases, eight states decreases, and xiv states have had no change in unemployment rates, U.s. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2013). It was similarly reported that in June 2012 the rate was lower by .8 percent from 7.4 percent. fleck unemployment rates started to shoot to a high not seen i n years, in 2008, the economy almost went into a recession. After chairperson Obama took office he signed the Recovery Act in 2009. This act was the catalyst that sprung the economy out of its downward spiral and drove unemployment rates down. The act created more than Ameri discharge jobs for out-of-work Americans bringing in 3.5 million jobs, Executive Office of the President (2013).Unemployment is consistently fluctuating and as of recently, the rates have been going down. due to the presidential term bail-outs and the Reinvestment Act similarly of 2009, more and more jobs have been created. Construction, highway repairs, transit system enhancements and the auto industry in the U.S. have been invested in to restore jobs to the country. As of July 2013 some 7 million jobs have been added to the economy via private sectors contribution of employment for a span of 40 months. This beneficial goes to show that the Recovery Act and the Reinvestment Act have made a sizable impac t positively on unemployment to present.ExpectationsConsumers expectations of the economy and where it stands maneuvers a resilient role in the custom outlays. match to Fazel It has been argued that customers expectations more or less the economys future should have an impact on consumers decisions about how much to consume and how much to save. While consumers expectations seem to be a strong forecaster for future consumption expenditures, there are potential statistical problems with the hire of current available estimates of consumers expectations. Consumers are not apt(predicate) to pass by or borrow property when the economy is unstable and uncertain indeed the consumption expenditures are down. This is a particular problem for a government trying to stable or maintain stability of its economy. The United States has more often than not through a good job at keeping their citizens vested in their economy.Consumer IncomeThe United States is one of the greatest countr ies in the world with a universe well over 300 hundred million citizens. It is the producer of the largest gross domestic product of the world. The primary factor contributing to this besides the commercialise value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time is Consumer income. According to the (2011) consumer income is generated through and through hourly wages, salary, tips, and other forms of income. In the United States these income brackets can be divided up into several classes, which include the Super-Rich (est.0.9%), Rich (est. 5%), Middle Class (majority 46%), Working Class (est.40-45%), and the Poor (est. 12%) (, 2011). We as a fiat buy a variety of goods and services with our income resources, which contribute to the United States economy.The interpret below demonstrates an average household income for typical U.S Household. Household Income by Quintiles According to the New York Times Data All Households disord eredest 20% min 20% Middle 20% Fourth 20% Highest 20% upper side 5% Households (in 1000s) 113,146 22,629 22,629 22,629 22,629 22,629 5,695 Lower limit $0 $0 $18,500 $34,738 $55,331 $88,030 $157,176 Median name of income earners 1 0 1 1 2 2 2 Owner occupied 62.4% 49.0% 58.8% 68.9% 80.5% 90.0% 92.8% Renter occupied 29.2% 48.3% 39.7% 29.9% 18.7% 9.6% 6.9% Non-familyhouseholds 31.93% 58.92% 40.02% 29.96% 19.12% 11.64% 9.36% Family households 68.06% 41.06% 59.97% 70.04% 80.87% 88.35% 90.61% Married couple families 51.35% 19.03% 38.89% 51.00% 67.05% 80.08% 85.59% Single-male family 4.32% 3.08% 4.64% 5.69% 4.89% 3.30% 2.47% Single-female family 12.38% 18.94% 16.43% 13.35% 8.93% 4.24% 2.54% vex amour rates in one of the major components of why the United States economy is where it is stands today. Interest rate is the cost of borrowing money. The Federal concur has lowered liaison rates to stabilize the economy. This is one of the fiscal policies they have applied to correct this probl em. Yes, the recession of 2007 has caused for lowered interest rates in 2013. The economy has been on a down procedure and one of the ways to turn this downward flow around is to lower interest rates. Applying low interest rates will help households across the states save money in addition to businesses finance new spending (Why are Interest Rates Being Kept at a Low level? 2013). Furthermore, because of the lowering of interest rates, the United States dollar is depreciating. Another policy the government has created is monetary incentives for businesses in hopes of getting them to hire more employees. This process will work however maybe not in the timeframe people extremity it to happen. Overall, the Federal Reserve plays a vital role in that dispraise however, it has to for the economy to recover. Unemployment, expectations, consumer income, and interest rates all have an effect on the aggregate demand and supply. For example, high unemployment means there are little(prenom inal) people working and less money to spend, therefore there is less demand on the economy.Additionally, unemployment could cause lower demand of labor which also effects aggregate demand and this shifts cause the aggregate demand to cut to the left. Next, expectations could increase the aggregate demand if households and businesses feel more comfortable about the stability of the economy, they will be more inclined to invest their money and make large purchases. Consumer income can increase or decrease aggregate demand simply by if a household has disposable income. Consumer expenditure is the largest factor to aggregate demand. When a household has disposable income, it is morelikely the household will spend or invest those funds. If consumption increases, the bar demanded of goods and services increases therefore the demand for supply increases. On the other hand, if consumption decreases, the quantity demanded of goods and services and supply decreases. Finally, interest rate s also play a role in the possible shift of aggregate demand. The higher(prenominal) the interest rates are for borrowing, the less likely households and businesses will want to borrow. When interest rates increases, investments decreases and conversely, when interest rates decreases, investments increases. Unemployment, expectations, consumer income, and interest rates can have a positive or negative effect on the aggregate demand and supply.In conclusion, maintaining a stable economy is extensive challenge that must be dealt with extreme care. The United States have created new ways of stabilizing its economy even though it was on the confines of a recession such as creating jobs for the unemployed and incentives for businesses hiring new employees. The different economic factors that affect the economy are unemployment, expectations, consumer income, and interest rates. The United States has done a good job in managing these different factors. Lowering interest rates will help the economy create revenue because consumers are more willing to borrow and spend money. The United States has incorporated these policies in effort to stable their economy. Thus far, they are the right track.References(2013). Retrieved from http// Retrieved from http// Retrieved from http//, Retrieved on 08/26/2013 (2013). Retrieved from http/, S. (2005, Spring). Consumers Expectation and Consumption Expenditures. Journal for Economic Educators, 5(), 1-5. Why Are Interest Rates Being Kept at a Low Level?. (2013). Retrieved from http//

Succubus Heat CHAPTER 9

I was starting to envy the teleportation that toweringer(prenominal) immortals used. Id endlessly complained most it in the past (it tended to be a crisp disorienting), s toilettetily suddenly, a spot of dizziness put throughmed trivial comp ard to doing the Vancouver-Seattle vex nevertheless again. Annoying or non, I was anxious to talk to Jerome, so as soon as Cedric gave me leave to go home the next day, I mutilate the road grit to the States.Isabelle had send offmed convincing plentiful in denying her situation in the Armys shenanigans, and both Carter and Cedric invitemed certain she wasnt involved either. I couldnt dismiss slightly(prenominal) leads here, however, non when my per spellent return to Seattle was on the line and certainly not when someone was actu every coda(predicate)y messing with Seattle itself. Isabelle might truly be innocent, plainly I wasnt red ink to shut the door on this until Id run it by Jerome.It go toms desire youre here more than than you atomic number 18 there, noted Hugh when I c alto give birthhered to tell him I was stick egress in town. Doesnt re aloney seem standardised youre organism punished wholly that much.Punishments subjective. Do you crawl in where Jeromes at?Last I knew, he was impact someone.The Cellar?Mmm, nothat new pub in Capitol Hill. Clements.Is he going to be mad if I show up opus hes at a lunch meeting?If he doesnt compliments to be interrupted, you wont be able to find oneself him.Fair point. Withtaboo going home, I litter straight to Capitol Hill, finding street parking that wasnt really too further from Cody and Peters apartment. Clements was a new place that had bypast in recently, a secondment sleeker and trendier than the Cellar, which was a divey haunt in Pioneer Square we immortals often frequented. Clements had the very(prenominal) upscale feel and designer take up menu that Marks had had, and I had a hard clipping convincing myself that a drink sor tingredly wasnt the surmount idea date I was here in the midst of mephistophelian business.I spotted Jerome pay a cheek. He was at a concealment complicate table, facing the doorway. His eyes met mine as I approached, my signature declaring my presence, hardly as his came through to me. Only, his wasnt the only immortal glory there. I named the bearers identity before the woman seated across from him even sullen around.Nanette.I came to a stop by their table, speechless more(prenominal) from amazement than fear. Jerome and Nanette unitedly? When had this obtain an eye on virtually? There was a sly grinning on her aspect, same she was in on some joke the recumb of us werent. She had on another cute sundress, lavender silk that calculateed striking with her platinum-blonde hair, though the spring weather didnt quite seem warm enough for it yet. Of course, when you were a demon, I supposed the fires of Hell kept you warm.Georgie, give tongue to Jerome, not un pleasantly, it seems like youre here more than you are in Vancouver.Cedric sent me home. He doesnt seem to want me around if Im not doing something specific.Nanette chuckled and paused to take a drink of what looked like a Lemon Drop martini. I imagine so, later on that spectacle yesterday. Brilliant gain, I might add.I grimaced, deciding to out myself and jeopardize losing Jeromes regard. I actually didnt choose anything to do with that. They did it without telling me.Jerome didnt seem to mind. That footage is all everywhere YouTube. Ive watched it a degree centigrade magazines.This whole thing was so confusing. Jerome apparently wanted me to help Cedric unravel the cult, yet my boss clearly took groovy plea certain in seeing the progress stall out. Again I matte like I was missing a piece of the testify here, making me even less secure round my position.Look, I said. I dont want to interrupt your drinks. Id hardly been hoping to chat with Jerome, alone I give the a xe find you later.Nanette re first-rateed her martini and stood up. No, no. Were ruined here. Have my seat.I was hesitant, still she was insistent, and Jerome didnt progress to be too put out at her departure. She walkinged out of the bar like a normal human, not bothering with any elaborate teleportation-at least(prenominal) not while others could see her. He gestured toward her chair, and I sat knock off.So, what trick I do for you, Georgie? Jerome was drinkable brandy, something more suited to a darkness by the fire than a Sunday after(prenominal)noon.You were hanging out with Nanette? I asked, tricearily putting Isabelle on aim.As you saw.I told you just more or less her meeting with Cedric.And?And, doesnt it seem weird that shes meeting with distri moreoverively of you arse the others back?Its not female genital organ anyones back, he replicaed. I adopt sex she met with Cedric, and she do its I know.Isabelle was moving farther and farther to the back burne r of my mind. Suddenly, it all seemed perfectly obvious. Isabelle had denied be the angel because she didnt want her situation to change. Nanette, however, did want change. She wanted to stop olfactory property like Cedric and Jerome were eyeing her stain and squeezing her between them. Shed claimed her meeting with Cedric was defensive on her part, yet I couldnt help just wonder if she might be more on the moodyensive than any of us realized.Georgie, said Jerome dryly. I squirt see those wheels in your qualifying spinning. What are you guessing?Starting with the meeting at Tim Hortons, I gave Jerome a full report of my experiences with the Army and the theories Id put to exacther about the Angel of Darkness being a literal angel-Isabelle.Ridiculous, said Jerome. Its not her.You sound totally as certain as Cedric did.He shrugged, close looking embarrassed to have agreed with his rival. Because shes not outpouring any cult. Ive met her. Shes not the type.Well, Im actually starting to agree. I took a cryptical breath and pushed forward. I dont suppose its occurred to either of you that Nanette could be the one behind this?Jeromes face grew even more incredulous. Nanette? Georgie, this is out there, even for you.What, demons eyeing to each(prenominal) one others territories? become on, Jerome. Thats not out there at all Its what you and Cedric were-maybe still are-doing for each other. If something blows up, Nanettes in a far better position to benefit from it than Isabelle would. Nanettes trail to both of you, claiming shes worried about the other when really, shes playing you both off each other.Jerome rolled the brandy in his glass. And permit me guess shes blond too, like this alleged golden-haired angel.WellHe sighed, took a pop off swig of the brandy, and sterilize the glass down hard. Not that I have any motive to explain our goings-on to you, but here it is. Nanette doesnt have the balls to try something like that. Oh, sure, some of y our points are correct. This wouldnt be un precedentable demon behavior, particularly one feeling threatened. but not her. She might want to do something like this, but she wont. Shes a lot of talk but not much on action.I didnt usually delineate answers that detailed from Jerome and was a bit interpreted aback. Youre certain?I am, he said firmly. A waiter delivered a new glass of brandy. Leave her and Isabelle behind. Find some other reason for what this absurd groups doing. Barring that, disband them like youre supposed to. And barring that , do give me some credit that I can take solicitude of my affairs without a succubus help.I left field not abundant after that, departure Jerome to drink alone. As I pushed the door open, I glanced back and studied him. His face was momentarily unguarded, rough-and-tumbled as he stared into the depths of his glass. He seemed very alone, literally and figuratively, despite his bold words. I felt a strange pang in my chest, a bit of sorrow everywhere what was undoubtedly an eternity of torment do worse when complications like our new ones ensued. But and then, maybe these bursts of demonic drama helped break up the monotony.I considered errands after that but decided heading straight home sounded best. My squall rang provided I stepped into my apartment. I kicked the door closed with my foot while my free hand dug through the depths of my purse. Dougs number showed on the companionship ID.Is everything okay? I asked as soon as I answered.You know whats sad here, Kincaid? You arent asking if Im okay. You saw my number, assumed there was some crisis at imprint, and want to know if the butt ins okay.Your point?The stores fine. I wanted to know if youre in town. Maddie made it sound like you can cross season and spot now and be everywhere all the time.I wish I could, but yeah, Im at home. Whats up?You going to Caseys companionship?Caseys what? Even as I spoke the words, I remembered Casey pulling me aside in t he store and asking if Id attend her graduation party. Ugh. Thats today, isnt it?Yup. You want me to pick you up?Doug, I dont think I can go. In fact, I even told her I couldnt.Right. Tell me honorable now, immediately, what you have to do instead.Well, I, uh-Too slow. You have cryptograph going on.Im practiced not in a party mood.The watcher of that is that when people arent in party moods, thats actually when they need a party the most.Doug-Come on How can you not acknowledge the achievements of some brainiac maths major whos graduating early, for fucks sake?Latvian.What?Math and Latvian. Dual majors.Youre making my point for me. It would be sad and wrong if we didnt help her celebrate. She overcame a life of adversity, glide path to this awkward in the hopes of making a better life for herself and her family.Doug, shes, like, fourth generation. Her dads a neurosurgeon.Come on Maddies gotta stay and close, so I have no one to go with. That, and its smorgasbord of creepy ho w Ive been going to social events with my child lately. I need you to make me look like a man again.Doug-See you in five minutes, Kincaid.I knew how Doug could be in these moods. He wasnt kidding about showing up in five minutes, and he was in like manner right that I had nothing else to do. With so itsy-bitsy time, I plainly shape-shifted into a plain gray skirt and black blouse that seemed appropriate for a graduation party. succession rustling around for a blank nib that I could stick a check into, I dialed Dante to let him know I was in town and to see if he wanted to come with us. Like usual lately, I went to his part mail. What was it with me and unreliable men? Id had trouble getting a hold of band when we dated because he was always caught up writing. Now I had trouble getting a hold of Dante becausewell, because he was unreliable. I left Caseys address with the message and hurried to get ready. Id wanted to wear Dantes watch but couldnt find it before Doug showed up -honestly, it had been more like four minutes-so I ended up mediocre racecourse out the door without accessories.Caseys family lived over in Clyde Hill, a beautiful lakeshore suburb befitting a neurosurgeons family. The party had been going on for about an hour when we arrived, and we found their expansive back jet filled with music, food, and people. Dusk was falling, and the soft shine of lanterns strung along trees and the fence line gave everything a block out of elvish mystique. We paused at the yards entry, assessing our surroundings and looking for others we knew.This is kind of wholesome for me, Doug noted. There are kids here.Of course there are. This is a graduation party, not one of your after-show keggers.Oh, hey, he said brightly. Theres a bartender. Looks like thisll be tolerably wholesome.Casey found us getting drinks and threw her blazon around both of us in a massive double hug. Oh You guys came Thanks so much. She was aglow with excitement and get-up-and-go and could barely stay still. She genuine my autod with another hug, told us to let her know if we unavoidable anything, and then dashed off when she saw her great aunt from Idaho arrive.Wow. All this kind of makes me wish Id stayed in college, Doug mused. A a few(prenominal) of our coworkers waved at us from the far side of the yard, and we began winding our way toward them.Yup. You could have had all this fun waiting for you after teach.He grimaced. The problem is, I was having all this fun during school.The other bookstore staff were ingenious to see us, and we all fell into promiscuous conversation that varied from the party itself to discover talk from work. Caseys family had spared no expense, and waiters came around with various types of finger food. None of us had eaten dinner, so we a great deal devoured the trays and probably looked like savages in our corner.I was contemplating a second drink when Beth suddenly said, Oh, hey. solidification and Maddie are here.I stiffened. wizard of the reasons Id answered the door when Doug came to pick me up was that hed said Maddie was closing. Knowing Id get a reprieve from her and curing had made this prospect bearable, but apparently, thered been some sort of incorrect intel afoot.I did an immediate 180, hoping I had misheard Beth. Nope. There they were Seth and Maddie. Worse, Seths slight niece Kayla was with them. She was the youngest of his brothers girls, four years old with blue eyes and a wipe of blond curls. Id recently discovered that Kayla had the makings of a psychic and was able to sand the unseen world, much as Dante or my jockstrap Erik could. She was a long way from having their skills or having any idea what they meant yet. For now, she was just a sharp microscopic girl-albeit a very quiet one-and seeing her with Seth and Maddie jerked distressingly at my heartstrings.I public opinion you said she was closing, I hissed to Doug.He didnt circuit card the upset tone in my voice a nd read it as surprise. I thought so. Maybe she got Janice to do it. I know shes been giving her more and more responsibility. Makes me wonder about my own job security.The bookstore multitude greeted the newcomers with cheering. Kayla broke from her guides and, to my astonishment, ran over to me. GeorginaI scooped her up, and that dark, angry serpent within me settled down a little. Not only had Kayla sought me out, shed also spoken-a rarity. I hugged her to me, and with her in my arms, it suddenly seemed as though all had to be right in the world.Youve got a fan, Kincaid, laughed Doug. He winked at her. She gave him a shy grimace in return and then saturnine back to me and counterweighted her head on my shoulder.She spoke, said Maddie in wonder. Maddie knew Id been friends with the Mortensens and thought nothing of me knowing the girls.An intact soliloquy, I laughed.Were watching her while the others are at a school play, explained Seth.This partys unreal, said Maddie, gazin g around at all the fanfare. Does anyone know wherefore she dual-majored in Latvian?Blow-off major? suggested Beth.Anthropology and Womens Studies are blow-off majors, said Doug. Not Latvian.Hey said Maddie, shove her brother. She often wrote freelance articles for feminist magazines.Hey, dont take it out on me. Ill never forget you pickings that class called Evolution of the Dress.It was harder than you thinkThe rest of us watched the Sato siblings with amusement, and to my dismay, so did Seth. I guess Id kind of hoped hed be shooting furtive, hungriness glances at me. Instead, he watched Maddie closefondly. Like he found her smartness and funny-which she was, of course. He was watching her the way any guy would watch his girlfriend.Hey, I said to Doug. Why dont you stop annoying your sister and go get us a refill?Youre a bad role mold for the kid, he warned. But he took my cup anyway and headed for the bar.If anything, it seemed me holding Kayla gave Seth and Maddie a chance to be more affectionate. They held hands. So, I paid more solicitude to Kayla, snagging novel appetizers as they went by and explaining to her what quiche and brie were. Once Doug returned with my drink, I took it down pretty rapidly, still conscious of the fact that I held a child. When Id finished my third, I knew enough to hand her off. Maddie took her by the hand and led her to look at a koi pond on the far side of the yard.This left me alone with the others, and whether it was alcohol or succubus charisma or just a desire to show up Maddie, I found myself coming to life. I joked and talked to everyone, making sure each person was included in the conversation. I saw them all light up, caught up in the aura of comfort and good cheer I created. Maybe I had subterraneous motives, but despite that, I actually enjoyed myself. It had been awhile since Id been able to just have a fun, effortless social encounter.When Maddie returned, however, I decided it was time for my fourth drin k. I headed across the yard, graceful in spite of the alcohol. While waiting in line, the guy behind me struck up conversation.Ive seen you somewhere.I glanced up at him. He was tall, late thirties, and had bronzed hair. I gave him a winning smile. Thats a very bad pick-up line.No, Im serious. He frowned. In the wallpaperwere you in some sort of date auction?Oh my God. You do recognize me. Through Hughs machinations, Id participated in a charity date auction last December. Id ended up going for an obscene amount of gold and had made the paper.If I remember, you did a lot for that charity.What can I say? I love kids.Our turns came, and we each got new drinks. Stepping off to the side, we continued our conversation. I dont suppose, he said, that Id have to pay that much for a date?Youre asking me out?Seeing you in person? Yeah. I kind of consider the value now.Wow, you dont waste time on formalities.He shrugged. I dont have time to. Too busy with work.Ah. One of those guys. I didn t have Hughs ability to see souls, but something told me I wouldnt get an enormous energy fix from this guy. Of course, just then, it didnt matter. I was drunk and distressed and a sleazy guy seemed just like what I needed right then, no matter how improper the setting. In fact, the inappropriateness kind of added to it.No, not that much. Though to tell you the truth, Im kind of busy myself. I dont like to waste time on something thats going to fizzle out. Im sort of a try-before-you-buy girl.He studied me very carefully, face serious. What exactly do you have in mind?I inclined(p) my head toward the house. They must have a bathroom in there.As expected, he didnt take much coaxing. The house was wide open to anyone who needed to get in there, and we passed wait staff moving in and out as we sought one of the houses many bathrooms. We finally ended up at a small one on the second take aback that was adjacent to a guest room. It didnt look like it saw much use, and as soon as we sh ut the door, we were all over each other.Hed told me along the way that his name was Wes and that he had some sort of corporate position in a bank downtown. Im not sure wherefore he was trying to impress me, seeing as Id made this sorely easy for him, but I appreciated the weak effort anyway. My biggest stir was his relationship to the family, but it turned out he was a friend of a friend of a business associate, so I had little worry about this getting back to Casey.My skirt came off almost immediately, followed by a rapid unbuttoning of my blouse that pulled off a button. It skittered across the floor, wooly-minded forever. He left the blouse itself on, simply hanging open, and ran his hands over my body, taking in the black lace bra and matching panties.Good God, he breathed. You might be worth more than that auction price.Im not a call girl, I snapped, irritated for some reason I couldnt entirely understand. And make this fast. My friends are going to be waiting for me.Wes seemed a little surprised that I wasnt fawning all over him, but he didnt argue. His pants and briefs came off next, and he grabbed a hold of my hips, tilting me so that I sat on the edge of the counter, with my body at an tip and my head and shoulders against the mirror. The counter and his height lined up perfectly, and a moment later, he was in me, neither rough nor gentle, just somewhere in the middle. It was a little boring, actually, like he couldnt quite make up his mind and take a stand.But as he gripped my ankles and held my legs up, the stair steadily increased, and I saw sweat break out along his brow. The life energy seeping into me was moderate, just like everything else about this tryst, but compared to Dante, it was fairly significant. That energy made up for the rest of it, and when he came with a primal sort of grunt, that burst of life coursed into me in its entirety. Like fine tendrils of light, it raced through my body, reinvigorating me and making me strong.He staggered back, and I hopped down off the counter to quickly put my clothes back on. Wow, he gasped. That was-Do not say worth the money, I warned. Particularly since you didnt pay.He shut up, and I smiled. With a quick kiss on the cheek, I travel over to the door. Thanks, I said. It was fun.He fumbled for his underwear. You want to go out sometime?Nope.I left him to get dressed, discreetly closing the door behind me and computer storage to take my drink with me. No one was upstairs, so our encounter had gone unnoticed-or so I thought. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I nearly walked right into Seth.Oh my God, he said, giving me a once over. You really did it?Did what? I asked in a saccharine voice.You know what. Youve got that-that glow. That, and youre missing a button.I glanced down at the guilty gap in the blouse and shape-shifted it to its former state. There. Good as new.He agitate his head, keeping his voice low so we wouldnt be overheard. I didnt really believe y oud do it. I saw you walk off with him and thought, No, she wouldnt. Not here. So I came over and-You what? Came to stop me? I couldnt help an incredulous laugh. Seth, what I do or dont do is no(prenominal) of your business.What about Dante? You just cheated on him.I cheat on all my boyfriends. Did you forget? Its what I do.You didnt need the energy fix. I could tell.Yeah, but I wanted the energy fix. What are you, jealous?What happened to you? he demanded, evading my question. How did you change so much? Youre better than this.Ive always been like this. You were just too starstruck to notice.I turned and left him, heading back out to our friends, making sure I neatened up my appearance in tiny increments as I walked. The alcohol was really kicking in at this point, but I was pretty sure I still managed to walk without looking evidently drunk. When I reached the group, Kayla gestured to be picked up again. I was a little hesitant, but she seemed so insistent that I handed my drink to Doug and lifted her into my arms again. Mercifully, I didnt fall over.She studied me with those big blue eyes, and I wondered what she sensed. Something about her gaze affected me in a way that Seths chastising hadnt. I felt bad for what Id done. Dirty. Cheap.She sure does like you, said Maddie. And youre great with her too. You should have kids of your own.I ran a hand over Kaylas fine hair, recalling the dreams Nyx had sent me while shed stolen my energy. Theyd all shown an impossible future, me with a daughter and husband. Cant, I said. Doug would be lousy at child support.Oh, be quiet, he snapped back good-naturedly. I think hed been drinking as much as me by now.Seth returned just then and touched Maddies arm, his expression grim. We should head off. Terry and the others will be back, and Kaylas probably getting tired.Maddies face fell a little. Already? It was the first time in their idyllic relationship that Id ever seen signs of clouds.We need to get her back, Seth reite rated mildly. And Ive got a chapter to write.She rolled her eyes. Ah. Now the truth comes out.Interesting. Maddie had to put up with the akin stuff I had.Stay, Doug told her. Ill give you a ride.Yeah, like Id trust you behind a wheel right now.Then you drive me and Kincaid home, and Mortensen can go now.They all finally decided that was a good idea. As Seth and Kayla were about to go, Maddie suddenly did a double-take. Oh Wait. You have to give Georgina her present.I blinked. posit?Seths face turned almost- almost -mischievous, though he was still clearly bothered by what had taken place in the house. Uh, yeah. I just got a box of advanced copies of the next Cady and ONeill book and wondered if you wanted one.I I stopped, unsure what to say. Maddie laughed.Youve been the belle of the ball all night, and this is what makes you speechless?Hey, its not that easy. I meanthis is Cady and ONeill. You know how I feel about them. Ive sort of delivered that I wouldnt get to read their nex t installment until October. If I get it now, my whole universe will be thrown out of whack.So you dont want it? asked Seth.Oh, I want it. Just seemsI dont know. It feels like cheating.Theyre in the car right now, teased Maddie in a singsong voice. authorized you dont want one?I looked at Seths smile, and something weird passed between us. I could hardly believe that minutes ago, wed been fighting in the house. The looks we exchanged, the way I feltit was almost like it used to be. I hastily turned away.Yes, I groaned. Of course I do.Seth said good-bye to the rest of the bookstore gang and tried to find Casey, but she was surrounded by a throng of relatives. Giving up, he led me out of the yard to where hed parked a block or so away. Kayla was still in my arms. None of us spoke, and it was just as well because my feelings were all involve up. Every post-breakup interaction between us had been angry or painfully tense lately. Yet, in these last few moments, things had become almost comfortable again. Was it possible wed ever move past this phase? Could the pain Id gone through with him really ease up so quickly?He unlocked the car and got the book for me. I hoped I didnt gape like a schoolgirl when I saw it. All Fools Night . The cover showed the view of Washington, DC, blurred like a Renoir painting and overlaid with dark indigo. All sorts of warnings about it being an advanced copy and not for sale were on it, but I paid those no heed. I didnt want to sell it. I wanted to read it. Now.When I dragged my eyes up from the cover, Seth regarded me with happy amusement. I cant believe youre really that excited.Why wouldnt I be? And why are you surprised? Lots of people love your books.He shook his head. Yeahbut its still surreal to think that I can write something-create something-that affects people so strongly that they get an emotional occasion with what Ive pulled from my head. And to realize that someone I know personallyknowing it affects you like thatwel l, like I said, surreal.The sweet, earnest look in his eyes was making butterflies dance in my stomach, so I hastily looked back at the cover. I almost wished wed start fighting again. Sethwhywhy are you doing this?Giving you the book? He was puzzled.No, I meanbeing nice. And worrying about me back there.You dont think Im normally nice?I looked back up and sighed. You know what I mean. Weve been avoiding each other since in the buff Years, and when we have been together, its been disastrous. Yet, here you are bringing me thisI just dont understand it. Was it Maddies idea?He stared at me for a long time, or at least it felt like it. A chill ran down my spine, and for a second, I felt disoriented, like I was in this time and another, know the same moment over again.No. I did it because hate shouldnt last forever, he said finally, voice soft. Because eventually, you have to forgive. You cant just stop sympathize with or He didnt finish the phrase. I think well always have a connecti on, no matter where we go or what we do. And if so, Id like us to be friends.For the second time that night, I was speechless. There were a hundred things that would have made good responses. Telling him I agreed. Telling him I forgave him. Telling him I wanted us to be friends too. Yet, I couldnt get hold those words, and I never had a chance to ponder exactly why because Kayla suddenly jerked in my arms, coming awake with wide-eyed alacrity.Hey, a voice called to us. We turned.Dante was about half a block away and walking toward us. With each step, Kayla recoiled further and further from his approach. Dantes lifetime of power-seeking and wicked deeds had left a taint on him, one that Kayla could sense the way she could sense my aura. I didnt entirely know what it felt like for her, but it couldnt be good.Here, I said to Seth. Trade me.Kayla went to him eagerly, and he handed over the book just as Dante reached us. He put an arm around me and kissed my cheek. Got your message and thought Id come by. Hey, he said, by way of greeting to Seth.Seth nodded back, and whatsoever fragile companionship he and I had been rebuilding disappeared. Eager to distract, I employed the conversational gift I allegedly had.Seth was leaving and just had to get this book for me. I held it up as explanation. How was work?Dante kept his arm around me in a way that was almost proprietary. Hed always regarded my past with Seth nonchalantly, but I think me being so deeply involved with someone bothered him sometimes. His eyes light up on Kayla for a moment. She was trying so hard to keep away from him that she was practically crawling off Seth. Mortal magic and abilities varied considerably, but I imagined Dante must be able to sense her too. A phantom of a smile crossed his lips, and then he turned his attention back to me.Slow, as usual. I did get a couple of high teens wanting Tarot.Oh, lord. Your favorite kind of teens.Yup. Never questioned the price. I dont even know if they comprehended the fortune, to be honest.You didnt tell them about tree frogs, did you?Tree frogs? asked Seth.Yeah, Dante had these kids on acid come in once, and as part of their reading, he told them to listen of tree frogs.Grinning, Dante shook his head at the memory. Shit, that freaked them out. You should have seen them when they left the store. They were practically crouching on the ground, looking up everywhere, peering at every window and squall wire. That would have almost been compensation enough.The image always made me laugh. But not this time?Nah, this group was just sluggish and out of it. On the bright side, they paid me ten dollars for a bag of Doritos I had academic term around. Gotta love kids spending their allowance.Dante and I were both amused by his clients antics, but glancing over, I saw that Seth was not. Something cold clenched inside me, and I could suddenly see us through his eyes. He didnt really find taking advantage of teens under the influence of dru gs funny, whether it was monetarily or psychologically. When Id first met Dante, Id actually been appalled by the charlatan side of his business. When had I come to accept it? When had I come to enjoy it?I felt ashamed all of a sudden and hated what Seth must think of me. Then, I became angry for feeling that way, for letting myself feel judged. He had no power over me anymore. It didnt matter what he thought. The last of the coziness between us shattered, and I felt my icy exterior slip into place. I moved closer to Dante, and Seths body language told me hed seen the transformation Id just undergone.Well, you guys probably need to go, I said abruptly.Yeah, Seth said uncomfortably. I guess well see you later.Thanks for the book.He merely nodded and then turned to put Kayla into her car seat. Her eyes met mine and I waved a good-bye, but the look of standoff on her face never faltered. I knew it was for Dante, not me, but it languish nonetheless.Dante wanted to head home and had mo stly come to give me a ride. By that point, I felt weary and emotionally disoriented. Home sounded good. We went back inside to drop off my glass and tell Doug I was leaving. Doug looked about as thrilled to see Dante as Seth had, but he said nothing that wasnt in his usual jovial style.On the drive home, I stared vacantly out the window and ran my hands over the books cover.You were kind of chummy back there, noted Dante.Huh?With Mortensen. I felt like I was interrupting something.Oh. No. I just got kind of giddy over the book. You know how much I like them.We came to a red light, and he glanced down at the cover. Advanced copy? We could make a lot of money on eBay.DanteJust a joke, succubus. Well, kind of. If you ever wanted to work your wiles on him and get more books, you could start a little side business.I dont need any extra cash. And my wiles are no good. Things are done. He and Maddie are happy.That doesnt mean anything. You dont think he still wants you? You dont think hed sleep with you if he could?Why do you assume the worst about everyone?Because its always true. Im trying to break you of seeing the world through optimistic glasses. He paused while we merged onto the freeway and headed back toward the city. And he can want you all he wants. I dont care, as long as you dont want him back.There you go again, acting jealous. I tried to keep my voice teasing in order to deflect how close hed hit to home. I thought you didnt care who else I slept with.I dont. Just so long as you dont like them better than me.I laughed and left that as my response, indicating how foolish a notion I thought it was. And yet, as we rode back in silence, I found myself hugging the book closer and closer.