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OConnors background impacted her pen appearance of southern cultures in her short stories. Being born and growing up in the south played Born into an Irish Catholic family Flannery OConnor grew up alongside her encouraging and supportive father, Ed, and her overprotective, proper m early(a), Regina. She was the only tike and of devoted Roman Catholic parents. OConnor is a tabun girl her younger years were worn out(p) in Savannah, Georgia until the family relocated to Milledgeville, Georgia when her father was diagnosed with degenerative lupus. Much of her childhood was spent with her mother having a close look on her, overbearing her welcome. Behind her bold military position was a precocious, gifted and shy loner struggling to assert herself against the expectations of proper Southern womanhood, (Desmond 151). Unfortunately, her graduate school days at Iowa University were put to a halt when she was diagnosed with lupus at age twenty-five. At this point in her lifeti me she moved back to live with her mom on a dairy farm right next to Milledgeville. OConnors time spent growing up in Savannah and with her mom on a dairy farm has allowed her to develop characters, settings and scenes from her native south especially the propriety and mannerisms established. Besides the culture effect and another big part of OConnors short stories was her religious background. Although it was not until two years later her fathers death that OConnors creative and originative talents swiftly came alive as well as her deep threatening faith. John F. Desmond was one hundred percent correct when he said, writing was for her a spiritual vocation, success or failure to be deliberate by the fidelity to God and not by human standards, (Desmond, 152). non ... ...ut ten feet above and they could see only the tops of trees on the other side of it. Behind the ditch they were sitting in there were more than woods, tall and dark and deep. (OConnor 359). The tall, da rk and deep woods are a parallelism to the lack of faith and moving forward in it. trine shots and the grandmother was silent. The grandmothers death signifies the rising of Christ. Although she didnt constantly live a Christian lifestyle, the third shot it was almost as if she became alive spiritually. OConnors illustrates the scene, her face smiling up at the cloudless sky. Without his glasses, The Misfits eyes were red-rimmed and pale and defenseless expression (OConnor 365). Smiling at the sky and eyes helpless, dead physically her seventh cranial nerve expressions resemble that she spiritually came alive and rose like Jesus did, as if she was a believer accepting Him.

Graduation Speech: We Are the Leaders of Tomorrow :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Anne Frank confided to her diary that, Parents substructure only conk out good advice or put them on the unspoilt paths, but the final forming of a persons character lies in their own hands. And as we, the class of 2006, stand at the end of one and only(a) path in our lives, and stare out at the field of possibilities before us, we are face with awesome decisions. We have a wealth of knowledge behind us -- our parents and our families. We are at a point where we must decide where to go and what to do. One misstep now, even the slightest one, can cause a biography of regret. So as you and I set out on our elect path, we must carefully consider where we are and where we want to go.Born in Tupelo, Miss. in 1935, one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century began his life in a humble setting. After a poverty-stricken childhood, this young homophile became a truck driver in Tennessee. Realizing he had tremendous tuneful talent, the musician visited Nashville and was able to s ecure a performance at the Grand Ole Opry in 1954. At the close of the performance, the manager, Jim Denny, fired him saying, You aint going nowhere, son. You ought to go back to driving a truck. But did this young man give in? Did he listen to the professionals? No, he tried over again and again until he open a venue for his music. Once he found his break the rest is history, today we remember Elvis as one of Americas greatest musicians.Parents can give us advice, they can point and entreat us in a given direction, but the final position lies with us. My parents have always encouraged me to challenge myself, but when it came time to shape a schedule and choose classes, the decision was mine.The Byrds remind us that, To everything ... in that respect is a season ... and a time to every purpose below heaven. I would contend that there is a time for guidance and a time for independence. Just like Elvis, we entrust encounter people who will have a different view of where we sho uld be. Whether that person is a manager, a parent, a friend, we must carefully weigh the advice they give. At times we whitethorn be deviating from the best path for us and we made need their agreeable correction, but at times the advice may not fit our goals.

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Healthcare Utilization

wellness wield straighten is a not single an ongoing topic of debate statewide, that nationwide as well. wellness tutelage mend is a popular topic right awayright all in all over the United States. This paper go out discuss the diverse ways that wellness compassionate ameliorate measures have expanded or inhibited gravel to c be as well as how these changes way out the usance of health dish out. Also cover get out be universal health cathexis, a discussion of what this consists of and how current care identifies or contrasts with it (University of Phoenix, 2013).The cost for a unhurried receiving care has been on a steady incline, nearing $2. 6 cardinal in 2010, over ten times the $256 billion spent in 1980, (Kaiser Foundation, 2013, para. 1). Contributing to these rising costs is advanced medical technology. Not however does the updated technology act the cost of health care, but it offers patients a more than updated, safer solution compared to equipment a nd procedures of the past. The rising cost of health care seriously impacts pile who may already be suffering financially, denying them the ability to slang fitting medical care.There are a limited amount of Ameri heaps that can afford routine care with a main(a) care doctor. legion(predicate) patients are forced to resort to using the emergency room on an as needed basis. In order to ensure more Americans receive the health care they need, a change in the administration must(prenominal) occur. Health care reform is built upon the current health amends system as a way of providing entre to system to show more people with the ability to gain medical amends insurance coverage. Health reform withal establishes an easy way for consumers to compare and purchase health insurance as well as protect consumers legally.The current externalise for health care reform will make it possible for slump income families to qualify for medical coverage with federal programs. The healt h reform will also encourage additional employers to provide health insurance policies that cover preventative measures for employees. This reform would also protect patients from unreasonable tempo increases to their policies. Although health care reform is intended to increase the approachability of healthcare, it also comes with the potential to be a financial disaster for he political science and patients alike. Becoming effective in 2014, The Patient Protection and Affordable supervise Act will require states to cover unmarrieds with incomes not exceeding 133 share of the federal poverty level, under the age of 65 and not qualified for Medicare or Medicaid. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will ensure that all Americans have access to forest, affordable health care and will create the transformation within the health care system necessary to contain costs, (Responsible Reform, 2012, para. ). One issue that will still be present will be the limited access to preventative and primary care because Medicaid will only ensure non-routine visits. Forcing patients to visit emergency departments or pressing care offices will increase costs and pose a threat to not only the patients but the physicians, hospitals, and government agencies behind the reinforcement (Douglas Holtz-Eakin, 2010). Health care reform will not only affect patient coverage but will force changes within the utilization of health care as well.The changes made from health care reform have a major impact on health care by influencing the level of spending within the health care industry. These judge of health care utilization are direct indicators of the type of care patients are knowking. The rates also define how services may parti-color from one region to the next. As noted above, health care reform will expand patient utilization of the emergency department and urgent care offices nationwide.Universal healthcare would be an example everyone being cover for basic healt hcare services, and no individual would be denied care as long as they are legal residents in the geographical demesne covered. The ideal image would assure that all citizens should have access to affordable, quality health care which differs from the current system. Universal health care programs are government directed through various regulations, mandates, and laws that determine the type of care provided and who is pensionable for coverage. Universal health care is a publicly funded health care delivery system.There are certain instances where the patient will be responsible for partial costs, the portion the single payer insurance did not cover. The opposing argument against universal health care is that doctors evaluate the insurance offered through the universal program would make less money, thereof influencing the level of care provided to patients. Some also believe it is each individuals right to take care of their medical coverage, not the responsibility of the gov ernment. Some feel it is yet another burden to the current pecuniary crisis.They fail to realize the majority of the uninsured are employed citizens that apparently cannot afford the rising costs of care. One similarity of the current care in the United States with universal health care is Medicaid and Medicare. Patients covered by these programs must meet government guidelines and receive specific care that is covered by these. The difference between Medicaid/Medicare and universal healthcare is that there is no equality to health care accessibility the government is determining who is eligible and what is covered. The government determines what services can receive and eligibility.Medical coverage in the United States appears to be a luxury in todays economy and universal health care would change that view. As am insured dependent, I am covered by blue dawn blue shield health insurance. I am able to see my primary care physician with a co-pay and very little out of pocket expen ses upfront for minor illness, and accidents. If for some reason I wouldnt have healthcare anymore. I would be eligible for Medicaid but compared to the coverage I currently have, it would not be much assistance but in an emergency. Not only would it limit my medical coverage, I would all but lose preventative care as well as dental coverage.If universal health care were put into effect through a health care reform, preventative care should be a necessity. Not only does it ensure good health of Americans, it cuts costs in the long run by preventing medical emergencies and undiagnosed conditions. While the health care reform is an ongoing debate, utilization of health care accessibility needs to expand. Coverage for all Americans needs to expand, not just providing access to an emergency room but preventive care as well. The concept of universal health care would ensure that all Americans receive access to quality health care.References Douglas Holtz-Eakin 2010, Healthcare reform and Medicaid Patient Access, Emergency surgical incision Use, and Financial Implications for States and Hospitals retrieved July 10, 2013 from http// Kaiser Foundation (2013). U.S. health care costs. Retrieved July 10, 2013 from http// Responsible Reform (2013). The patient protection and affordable care act. Retrieved July 10, 2013 from http//

Ethnic Disadvantage Has Not Disappeared from the Labour Market

LUBS3001 sex activity and Equality at Work in Comparative Perspective culturalal wrong has not dis dependgond from the confinement securities industry despite legislation. What theoretical explanations guard been establish forward to explain why stack from pagan and racial minorities examine variety? Which do you consider to be the nigh accommodating in explaining disadvantage in the push market? social and racial inconsistency in the exertion em topographic pointment is a contr everyplacesial topic, which has been seeked and assessed thoroughly over the past years.Although the terms culturality and race ar often talked about in union, they keep unalike meanings and stem from different br otherwisely contexts. Race is an ideology with a crabby judgment in mind, and finish be unsounded in heterogeneous neighborly and historical contexts, for extype Ale when slavery was frequent and race was an distinguished cistron for distinguishing groups in society. Race can in any case refer to particular physical features mortal discolourthorn take over, for example some aces skin colour. paganity on the other hand, relates much to groups of people who per centum significant, common beliefs that ar part of their insert culture, and usu eithery passed refine with their heritage. Race and culturalality argon key issues in the workplace because show demonstrates that when analysing different measures of achievement in the workplace, such as un utilisation rates, earnings and progression into broad(prenominal)er(prenominal) levels of work, heathen minorities argon disadvantaged (Cabinet Office), and although the magnitude of these disadvantages are familiarly lessen over time, it is ease an un-resolved issue touch on millions of people every year.Although much theoretical explanations dumbfound been proposed regarding this glass ceiling speculation (The economist, 2009) in the workplace, it is most-valuable to be intima te that many of these theories are think, and thitherfore in that respect is no one prevailing answer to resolve the issue.During this essay I will debate the Underclass theories, with reference to Murray (1989) and Wilson, (1987) theories of favoritism and racial contrast foc utilise on Macphersons concept of institutional racism (1999), and theories of heathenish diversity in sexual congress to human and social working capital, concluding with which theories I deem to be the most explanatory in reference to this topic.Evidence of ethnic disadvantage in the labour market is plentiful, with statistics covering multiple areas of the subject. In the TUC answer for of Youth, Unemployment and Ethnicity (2012) it tapers that the unemployment rate for sporting people (male and females) is 20%, for Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi the figure increases to 29%, and for dismal/African Caribbean the figure is more than twice than that for Whites, at 45%.However, when analysing thi s research it is important to do that these employment rates whitethorn be in particular high ascribable to the stinting recession around this time affecting the labour market, but the variation in figures amongst the groups is still apparent. Similarly, this research cannot be fully analysed as different ethnic groups have been grouped together, and in the midst of these ethnicities there are substantial variations with regards to employment.An example of this arises from statistics from the advertise thrust watch (1999), which show that the unemployment rate for Indians is closer to that of Whites than it is to Bangladeshis. In the Cabinet Office report of Ethnic minorities in the Labour market (2003), in get toation states that while ethnic minorities are disadvantaged on average, the labour market successes of the Indians and Chinese show that the old picture of White success and ethnic minority under-performance is straightaway out of date.Although this is extremely co mmanding progress for Indians and Chinese, there is still much more to be done to further bridge the scuttle between other ethnic groups in the labour market. Statistics from the Labour Force Survey (1999) show White people had an unemployment rate of just 6%, Indians 8%, Pakistanis 16%, B lose Africans 17%, and Bangladeshis 24%. It is evident that Bangladeshis have the highest rate of unemployment out of these ethnic groups, and one moderateness for this could be collectible to an English language barrier.If Bangladeshi parents are not fluent in English, then not only will it be considerably harder for them to bechance a job, but also this disadvantage will be passed down to their children when they attend school, therefore this particular weakness is transmitted over generations, and whitethorn be one explanation for the on-going trend of high unemployment levels. Statistics also show that different ethnic groups are more susceptible to be employ in particular areas of work.R ex and Tomlinson (1979) put together that in Birmingham, immigrants and employed predominantly in less attractive industries and in less rewarding jobs, (Pilkington, 2003, p61) and evidence for this can be found in the National report by Green, Owen and Wilson (2005). seek from this report shows that in the UK on average, around 8% of altogether jobs are filled by ethnic minority employees, in time there are various different structural positions in the labour market.Ethnic minorities are under-represented in occupations such as managers and administration, with only 12. 7% occupying these types of jobs, compared to 15. 5% for Whites. Furthermore, ethnic minorities are over-represented in occupations such as sales, at a figure of 10. 5%, compared to 7. 4% for whites. As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons employees from ethnic minorities may work in lower skilled jobs could be collectible to inferior language skills.In the National report it states that in London, where 28. 8% of the population are from ethnic minorities (Ethnic minorities, Information Centre Guide 2003), there are opportunities for people to learn English via English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) provisions, even so local studies in the area show this opportunity needs to be made notwithstanding more accessible and on a wider scale for a positive impact to be made (Africa Educational Trust 2002).The Underclass thesis was first developed in the United States and later gained awareness in Britain due to an American journalist, Auletta in 1982. Auletta claimed that the underclass had four distinct categories, these comprising of the motionless poor, hostile street criminals, hustlers and the traumatised drunksand released mental patients (Pilkington, 2003, p52). Morris (1994) stated Aulettas motley of them as dependent and deviant carries an implicit moral judgment.Although there are various definitions of the underclass, the volume of them lot similar characte ristics, these world laid-off by choice, dependent on well being benefits, social exclusion, and links to annoyance and delinquency. It could be seen that by labelling such a diverse group as the underclass, whilst assuming they on the whole possess these negative qualities would ultimately be extremely de-motivating, and may even result in a self-fulfilling prognostic (David Straker 2002-2012) If so, this may result in members of the underclass feeling hard work is not expected of them, resulting in little or o lying-in to strive for employment and integrate with society. The concept of the underclass is linked to social divisions based on gender and class, as well as race, do it a widespread topic with significance to various groups in society. Therefore, the explanations put forward for this thesis are fundamentally opposing. Conservative writers of the underclass place specific emphasis on cultural factors, such as the environ environment a person has grown up in, resul ting in deviant set and deportment.On the other hand, liberal writers maintain that structural factors such as the way our society functions, result in an underclass forming due to insufficient opportunities and on-going racism. Two of the most influential accounts of the underclass that have been tind derive from Charles Murray (1984) and Wilson (1987). Murray believed a caustic underclass developed in the late 1960s due to the culture of the ghetto. He claimed this shared culture amongst the Black community created lack of education and stunted employment opportunities. Evidence of this theory can be seen in the U. S.National Canter for Health Statistics (1970s), whereby statistics report more than 50% of foul babies were conceived out of wedlock, an increase of more than 33% in the 1950s (The Atlantic, 1986). Murray states that these changes took place during economic expansion therefore the reasoning for these statistics is the existence and availability of welfare benefits . Murray believed that whilst state benefits were available, there was no incentive for women to go to work, meaning when they had children these values of state dependency would be passed on and it would be be intimate the norm to be unemployed.One example of a state benefit for women was Aid to Families with Dependent Children ( societal eudaemonia History, 1988) which provided wholeness mothers with financial security, acting as a disincentive for both mothers and fathers, as it took away the pressure of having to provide for the family. Murray said because poor, uneducated single teenaged mothers are in a bad position to move up children poverty and deviant values are transferred from parents to children, with the end result being a general lack of motivation and contribution to the labour soldiers (Murray 1984).There has been considerable amount of criticism for Murrays theory and it was generally spurned by most sociologists. One critic of the theory is Devine (1997) who argued the value of AFDC benefits declined in the 1970s while the bend of single parents were growing. This would declare oneself there is a further underlying issue, other than welfare benefits, for the explanation of appendage of unemployed single parent mothers.Morris (1994) also disputed that two-year-old employed are one group in American society who have no claim to state support as of right. Again, this would suggest that dependency on state benefits is not the main cause for unemployment amongst young people. Wilson criticised Murrays theory by saying it ignored racial discrimination and did not account for deindustrialising, whereby there was a change from a goods-producing sparing to a service-producing economy meaning people who did not possess the necessitate skills were out of work.Wilson went on to provide a structural theory of the underclass, this being the major liberal response to Murrays explanation. Although Wilson also acknowledged an urban underclass and agreed that their behaviour contrasts sharply with that of mainstream America (Wilson 1987), he argued that it was because of the unsporting structures of society and existing inequalities that ca employ lack of education and unemployment. Wilson also acknowledged that unemployment was linked to discrimination and stemmed as a result of economic changes.racial discrimination in the rural South encouraged migration to inner cities in the North, however the situation was not aided as service work replaced the manufacturing industry, requiring skills that the majority of Black and Hispanic citizens had not acquired. Townsend (1991) agrees with Wilsons structural theory, and cogitate from his major study, Poverty in the UK (1979) that the underclass emerged due to government policies in the areas of workmanship unions, industry and taxation. Therefore it was due to the way that society was structured and intentional which caused an underclass of unemployed, low-paid or prematurely retired workers.Although sociologists deemed Wilsons theory as more credible that Murrays, there is still substantial criticism on the matter. Fainstein (1992) argues that Wilson fails to recognise the continuing significance of race which, for Black people, causes segmentation into low affiance employment (Pilkington, 2003, p55). Furthermore, Miles (1982) criticises both theories by stating that migrants have not developed a whole underclass they are just simply a component of society (Sociology rally 2010).It would appear than in general the underclass theory is not the most valid explanation for inequality in the labour pierce as there is a lack of empirical evidence with regard to the cultural theory, and both the cultural and structural theories generalise all members of ethnic groups together, when in fact statistics vary hugely amongst individuals deep down these groups. some other major theory used to explain the position of ethnic minorities in the men is institution al racism, also referring to direct and substantiating discrimination.Institutional discrimination is defined by Macpherson (1999) as the collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin (Pilkington, 2003, p85). Macpherson launched a police investigation into the murder of a Black teenager by five White youths, and through this inquiry concluded that all major British organisations are characterised by some form of institutional racism (Parliament UK, 2009).For Macpherson, this concept did not mean that all policies of institutions were designedly racist rather it arises through social and cultural processes (Parekh 2000). The fact that institutional racism is said to stem from the occupational culture of the organisation is a major concern, as the culture of a company is usually embedded within the employees who share similar values and beliefs, and they tend to remain pursuant(pr edicate) over time.Although the Macpherson report has created advanced awareness regarding institutional racism (Solomas 1999), and cadaver to be a valid explanation for ethnic minority disadvantage in the labour market, it has also been critiqued for various reasons. One of the main critiques is that the concept is too ambiguous, with Pilkington (2001) referring to it as a blunderbuss concept. This is because the concept does not specifically refer to the different components within institutional racism.The term institutional racism is rather broad, as it may contain elements of individual discriminatory behaviour and also direct intentional discrimination. Regardless of anti-discrimination legislation, for example The Race dealing Act (1965) intentional discrimination can still be found in some areas of the present labour force. Evidence of this type of discrimination can be seen through discrimination testing, whereby testers from different ethnic backgrounds both apply for th e same job at the same time, apply monovular application forms.A study performed by Modood et al (1997) found one in five ethnic minority employees felt they had checkd racial discrimination, in the form of being refused a job due to racial or religious reasons, yet only one in twenty white employees felt they had every experienced any form of discrimination. This evidence may suggest that employees who have been faced with discrimination could be discouraged from emerging job opportunities.Ethnic minority groups may also be faced with indirect discrimination, whereby an organisation unintentionally discriminates against certain groups, for example an up-market clothing store may only employ people who fit certain appearance criteria. Combined, these various forms of discrimination in the labour force would be extremely mischievous to ethnic minority groups and appear to be one of the major contributors to patterns of employment amongst ethnic groups.Ethnic diversity and patter ns of discrimination amongst ethnic minority groups can also, to an extent, be explained by patterns of inequality. Social capital can be seen as an important aspect of society, which may provide some explanation for the diversity amongst ethnic groups. Putnam (1995) defines social capital as features of social life networks, norms, and trust that modify participants to act together more effectively to pursue shared objectives. Social policy is linked to all members of a community and the social networks, and social norms or values within our society.The fact that social policy is tranquil of shared customs within a society, would suggest that members of minority ethnic groups may not be part of this concept, as they are apt(predicate) to have different values as their cultures and backgrounds will vary. This could result in ethnic minority groups feeling segregated from the local community, especially if they have not lived there for very long, and therefore have not yet integra ted with neighbours or fellow citizens.The terms social capital and more specifically, bonding social capital, are significant when discussing the labour force as they refer to networking with people and communicating through shared objectives. Nowadays, with high levels of competitiveness in the work force, it is extremely advantageous to have general networking links into different areas of the labour market, and often the phrase Its not what you know, but who you know is used. Employers will often create a workforce of people that they can trust, or at least someone who has come with a trust-worthy reference, perhaps suggested by a colleague.Therefore, if ethnic minority members do not share this same sense of social capital and appear to have few or no network connections, it will be harder for them to succeed in the labour force and ultimately could it have a significant effect on their employment status. This theory of social capital can also be linked to why less ethnic minor ity graduates are taken on by large firms subsequently university, than Whites. Statistics provided by the Higher Education Statistics Agency from 2007-08 showed 66% of Whites found regular or part-time employment within one year of offset compared to 56. % for minority ethnic groups. Although the figure is not alarmingly higher, one reason for the difference could be due to social capital and networking advantages. Work experience completed throughout university years can often be acquired using contacts, and the majority of employees will consider the quality and amount of work experience endured before employing a graduate. Although this essay is primarily focused on ethnicity, it is also important to consider faith as a contributory factor for patterns of inequality in the labour force.Religion can often be a trigger for discriminatory behaviour, for example since the 9/11 terrorist attacks the term Islamophobia was used more widely, this referring to fear of Muslims. Many t ypes of religion are expressed using distinctive types of clothing, such as a turban, making it apparent to others what religion someone may be, which could lead to discrimination. Lindley (2002) compared employment and earnings across ethnic groups within five religious groups, and compared these results with that of Whites.Evidence was provided to show Muslims were substantially disadvantaged compared to other ethnic minorities, however other factors such as individual attitudes and levels of motivation may have also contributed to these statistics. Religion can also be linked to the previously mentioned topic of social capital, as members of a particular faith may choose to socialise only with people who share their same beliefs and values, which would affectively limit opportunities of bridging social capital in mainstream society.To conclude, with the aid of various legislation and trade unions, the positioning of ethnic minorities in the labour market has advanced over the pas t forty years. However, regardless of this improvement, discrimination in the workforce and ethnic penalties are still prominent. From examining theoretical explanations for the disadvantage of ethnic minorities in the labour force, it would seem that the answer lies within a number of different causes.Although some of the theories seem more plausible explanations than others, for example theories that recognise racial disadvantage along with the concept of ethnic diversity are more accepted than that of the underclass thesis, it is still important to acknowledge all of the theories, as individually they all provide possible explanations. There is not one possible reason for ethnic and racial disadvantage, more than it is due to a combination of factors such as discrimination in the workplace, economic restructuring overtime, and race, religion and ethnicity.Further aspects are also relevant to consider, such as historic patterns of migration and also class and gender. Various eleme nts of these theories will be more relevant depending on the group in question, and it is also essential to recognise that within different ethnic groups, statistics vary considerably making it un-reliable to treat groups as one whole instead of addressing the individuals within. Bibliography Books BRADLEY, H. , HEALY, G. , FORSON, C and KAUL, P. 2007 Equal Opportunities Commission. Manchester. BRADLEY, H. , HEALY, G. , 2008 Ethnicity and Gender at Work.Inequalities, Careers and Employment Relations London Palgrave Macmillan CHEUNG, S. Y, HEATH, A and SMITH, S. N, 2007 Unequal Chances Ethnic Minorities in Western Labour Markets. Proceedings of the British Academy. Oxford Oxford University Press CLARK, K. and DRINKWATER, S 2007 Ethnic minorities in the labour market dynamics and diversity York Joseph Rowntree Foundation. HOLDAWAY, S. and ONEIL, M. (2007) Where has all the racism gone? Views of racism in constabularies after Macpherson. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 30, 3 397-415. PILKI NGTON, A. 003 Racial Disadvantage and Ethnic Diversity in Britain. Basingstoke Palgrave Macmillan SHAH, P. , 2011 Ethnic and religious diversity in Britain. Where are we going? in HEALY, G, KIRTON, G. , and NOON, M Equality, Inequalities and Diversity. Basingstoke Palgrave Macmillan TOWNSEND, P, 1979 Poverty in the United Kingdom. Great Britain University of California. Websites CABINET OFFICE. 2009. Ethnic minorities and the Labour market Final report online. Accessed 26 October 2012. usable from http//www. irr. org. uk/pdf/em_labour_market. pdf GORDAN, L. 1998.Aid to dependant children, the sound history online. Accessed 21 October 2012. addressable from http//www. socialwelfarehistory. com/programs/aid-to-dependent-children-the-legal-history/ GREEN, A. OWEN, D. WILSON, R. 2005. Changing patterns of employment by ethnic groups and for migrant workers online. Accessed 27 October 2012. on hand(predicate) from https//docs. google. com/viewer? a=v&q=cacheKVKNA4lMHX4Jdera. ioe. ac. uk/6250/1/nat-changingpatternsofemploymenttechnicalreport-re-may2006. pdf+national+report+green+owen+wilson&hl=en&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESHIGHER EDUCATION STATISICS AGENCY. 1993. online. Accessed 29 October 2012. easy from http//www. hesa. ac. uk/content/view/1897/239/ INFORMATION CENTRE GUIDE. 2003. Ethnic minorities online. Accessed 24 October 2012. Available from www. londonchamber. co. uk/docimages/149. pdf LEMAN, N. 1986. The Origins of the Underclass online. Accessed 24 October 2012. Available from http//www. theatlantic. com/past/politics/poverty/origin1. htm LIVESEY, C. 1995-2010 Sociology Central online. Accessed 20 October 2012. Available from http//www. ociology. org. uk/steth. htm PARLIAMENT, 2009. Parliament UK online. Accessed 27 October 2012. Available from http//www. publications. parliament. uk/pa/cm200809/cmselect/cmhaff/427/42703. htm SMITH, A. 2001. The new ethnicity classification in the Labour Force Survey online. Accessed 20 October 2012. Available fr om https//docs. google. com/viewer? a=v&q=cachezWnhexhVW8cJwww. ons. gov. uk/ons/rel/lms/labour-market-trendsdiscontinued-/volume-110no12/the-new-ethnicity-classification-in-the-labour-force-survey. pd STAKER, D. 2002-2012.Self-Fulfilling Prophecy online. Accessed 26 October 2012. Available from http//changingminds. org/explanations/theories/self-fulfilling_prophecy. htm THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES. online. Accessed 21 October 2012. Available from www. legislation. gov. uk/ukpga/1976/74 TUC report. 2012. Youth, unemployment and ethnicity online. Accessed 28 October 2012. Available from www. tuc. org. uk/economy/index. cfm? mins=364 WALL STREET JOURNAL. 1986. The economic expert online. Accessed 27 October 2012. Available from http//www. economist. com/node/13604240 Word count 3201

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Saving Ourselves – Shark Hunting

Two-thirds of worlds surface is water, and oer 80% of life on Earth lives in the ocean. Ocean plays a main role in regulating climate and feeding oftentimes of the major planet. But in past a hundred years wad were destroying the balance in the ocean and the ecosystem. One of the major activities is illegal cheat poach. Every year 30 to 70 one thousand thousand sharks be come outed to break waterancial support a growing worldwide trade in their fins and other products. Now, more(prenominal) than three hundred species of sharks atomic number 18 endangered.Shark-finning became a profits industry out-of-pocket to the increasing demand for shark-fin soup in Asia. One pound of fin is worth more than $200US and the shark-fin industry is a billion-dollar juggernaut. (Sharkwater) The shark-fin soup had been around for centuries, exclusively only in the last two decades that it boomed in popularity. It is a attribute of wealth, and served as a sign of respect. Sharks-fins soup is a delicacy in Asia, which is utterly ludicrous given that the fins themselves are tasteless and merely bring texture. Yong) And people believe that sharks dont get sick as easily as other animals do. They also think they have charming power to heal and people can be stronger from eating shark-fins soup. The cartilage is also being sold as a cancer or arthritis treatment however, here is no scientific fannying to this at all. over 90% of the shark universe in the world is g star at one time, and curtly there wont be every left, if people wield killing sharks. (Sharkwater) Every day people is just talking to the highest degree saving pandas, elephants and bears, but here is no any international regulations to nurse sharks.Why? It is because weve been told in our whole life, since were a kid, sharks are dangerous. Were warned if we swim too far into the ocean. Most information of sharks that people find about is from media. For instance, afraid of white shark is based on the delineation Jaws, and the misconception is still floating around. However, the fact is sharks do not eat people, and they rarely bite human beings and hardly have really serious bites. Although in the odd case where someone dies, its usually because of the loss of blood, not because the shark ate the person. Sharkwater) Sharks kill 5 people each year, elephants kill 100. Even more people die from soda pop machines than sharks do. there is nothing bid what were told. at that place is nothing like what we think. There is nothing like what we believe. One animal that we fear the most is the one we cant live without. (Sharkwater) Theyve been here for more than 400 million years, 150 million years before the dinosaurs, when life had just begun on land. Sharks control the population below them, eliminating species that were easy prey and creating new ones.They are perfect predators that keep balance in the underwater world. The top predators are fundamental in controlling the structur e and the functioning of the ecosystems. As we know, one C dioxide is the global-warming gas and plankton converts it to oxygen, providing 70% of the oxygen we breathe on land. Without sharks to prey the animals at bottom of the food chain, they could grow out of control consuming the plankton that we consider on for survival. (Sharkwater) Life on land depends on life in the ocean, so do us.One the big reason shark poaching continues to go on is because we dont earn it. Because we dont see people are poaching sharks, cutting off their fins and throwing them back into the ocean without fins they cant breathe, then die. Because we dont see the corruption between the government and sharks-fin Mafia, hundreds of millions shark-fins were dried on the roof without any restrictions. Because we dont see every day the shark population is declining, more than three hundred species of sharks face misfortune. We dont like spiders and snakes but puppy and seals.Once we see sharks in a diamet ric light, we can change our mind. Stop illegal shark poaching and published regulations is not only saving the sharks but saving ourselves as well. Were not the god, we cant shape the world. What we can do now is to call everyone to stop eating shark-fins, to against the illegal shark poaching, and to save the planet from ourselves and our future. Work Citied Sharkwater. Dir. Rob Stewart. 2006, Film. Yong, Ed. Shark-hunting harms animals at bottom of the food chain. wordpress. com (2007) n. pag. Web. 14 Feb 2011. .

Cold War Fears DBQ Essay Essay

Harry S. Truman has now his terms as president. A new president has stepped up to the plate, President Dwight D. Eisenhower. However, Eisenhower necessarily to pick up w here(predicate) Truman had left off. He has to keep the country stable and deal with contrasted policies. But, Eisenhower needs to face another issue at hand. With the Cold warfare exhalation on, the Statesns are starting to devotion the aftermath of the Second reality War. From things like the Red Scare to the spread of collectivism in weak, pitiable countries, Eisenhower has a big responsibility that he moldiness handle. With current situations, if Eisenhower does not respond to the attentions of the the Statesn people, he will have difficulties with internal personal business rather than external affairs. The aftermath of the Second World War do the Statesns shiver be casing of the fear of a frontal misdemeanour, communism, and arms race. President Eisenhower had a mixed levels of responses to each ind ividual fear.Although the WWII had ended, Americans now have to worry intimately another war, the Cold War. Americans had worried about the war in europium against the Germans, but now they had to go against one of their allies during the war (the devote was very weak between the united States and Soviet Union which make the alliance very weak overall). Americans now feared for a frontal assault from the Soviets. After WWII, the Soviets (under Stalins command) had made advances in their military and were standing toe to toe with the United States in military power. The problem of Massive retribution came from the idea that the Soviet Union had the technical schoolnology to send missiles directly towards the United States (U.S. New and World Report E). Missiles now had the power to be launched for grand distances and explode at an enemy country.This brought up fear amongst the Americans because not and were they behind in military technology, but they had the ability to blow up a part of America from a long distance away. In a response to this, bomb shelters were created so that the civilians of America could retreat and keep on out of harms way (Life snip C). Life Magazine shows this picture as a common procedure that the government needs to do because theyre in charge of protecting the civilians of the United States, because without them indeed the government would have no purpose. They see this as a everyday solution in order to protect the lives of the people.One issue, however, did not change. fabianism was nonoperational the main threat during the quantify of the Cold War. It was the leading cause of the Red Scare because of communist spies infiltrating the United States. Many people were caused of existenceness communist which caused fear deep down the Americans because they suspected each other for creation communists. This was a cartridge clip of distrust as no one believed if the person next to them was American or communist. This was one of the main reasons that cause sight hysteria. Eisenhower, during the press conference, says ,We are fearing what unwise investigators will do to use here at home as they try to combat subversion or briber or deceit within, (A). Eisenhower understands that communism is causing fear within his people that is causing them to become hysterical. Eisenhower is the current president at this time and as president he knows the circumstances that his people are going to and understands the fear they have to put up with. fabianism wasnt on the nose an internal problem, it was a problem in other parts of the world. Communism in like manner infiltrated the Americas, but specifically Central and South America. Guatemala has been seduced by the ideas of communism causing the situation to become dangerous in the eyes of the Americans (John nurture Dulles B). Communism is bringing danger for the liberty of other cities and also to America itself because it makes it that much closer fro m taking over the United States as well. John F. Kennedy during his inaugural address, takes on hand the situation of communism. He says, negate and foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty, (I).Kennedy is standing up and stating that America needs to act and oppose its foes to assure that they survive in the end. He also mentions the idea of successful liberty. He wishes to grant this to the countries that are being overrun by the ideals of communism and to ensure that they will be disposed(p) freedom from communisms ideals and make sure that they are protected. JFKs position as the leader of American shows his charisma and strength of fight these issues. He sees communism as a threat and understands that America must oppose the foe (communism) and great liberty to the country that is being touch on by it.The responses to communism breathed hope into the hearts of Americans, however, it did not stand by Americas position in the arms race. The fear was that Amer ica has fallen behind in the arms race because the Soviet Union has now surpassed them in the arms race with their new high tech missiles and ability to launch them for very long distances which meant that America was to be agile for a massive retaliation from the Soviets (U.S. New and World Report E). With America being behind, something needed to be done in order for us to catch up to our adversary. From this issue, America started to use about of its budget and washed-out it on missile programs (Herblock F). Increased funding for missile programs went into effect and most other issues like welfare programs and civilian services was set by because America needed to catch up to Russia with the arms race.Herblock understands where America stands in the arms race. Each moment America wastes is a moment that the Soviet Union can use to further advance their military and weapons. Herblocks cartoons shows that he seems to have a good interpretation of the situation that was occurrin g during the time and what America needed to do or was doing in order for us to catch up to the Soviets in the race. Statistics show that the Department of handicraft add-on the percent of government spending into defence forces.During Eisenhowers presidency a firm 63% of the governments spending was being invested into nation defense. extra time America spent from $68.5 billion dollars to $92.1 billion in the late 60s (Department of Commerce H). This shows how much America ended up spending so that it increase its national defenses, but also tried to catch up to the defense power that the Soviets wielded. This increase in production for defense shows Americas determination and ambition to achieve the level of defense power that the Soviets obtained.The fear of the spread of communism, arms race, and frontal assaults by the Soviets showed the increasing growth of fear that Americans had within them during the Cold War. However, these fears also show the determination and ambition that the Eisenhower garbage disposal had which allowed them to create programs and policies as a response to address the fears of the American public. Fears still exist today and its quite possible that America capacity experience another form of the Cold War in the future. moreover time can tell and America has the will to face this problem.

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How Does Drug Influence Teenagers? Essay

Many jejuneagers force back eminent from abusing substances which range from diverted prescription medicates to street medicines to inhalants to alcohol. nigh of these teens volition go on to a life of addiction, abusing increasingly dangerous substances. Some teens will use up more short-lived experience, as abusing a dose or other substance even one time nominate be fatal. Parents and interested adults should examine the factors that lead adolescents to ab routine substances in an thrust to prevent this risky demeanor.Peer PressureThe National base on Drug Abuse reports that peers have a large influence on drug-abusing behavior. Many teens use drugs for the first time to avoid being stigmatized by their friends or to impress others. The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign advises that the best elbow room for teens to avoid succumbing to peer pressure is to be prepared in fare with ideas of what they want to say. Parents pile empower teens by role playing situati ons. The grow assumes the role of the drug-using peer and the child practices reacting to being pressured into participating in drug use.Sponsored LinksTeach English with KBTLesson plans, worksheet, and activities for ESL studentswww.KBTeachers.comGeneticsAccording to the National ground on Drug Abuse, scientists recognize that genetical predispositions to drug step exist, that they have yet to pinpoint the specific genes involved. This may have to do with a brain feel good chemical c altogethered dopamine, and a souls gene-controlled relationship with it. While one teen may return a hallucinogen one time, a teen genetically dispose to have addiction problems may desire to use it once again and again as they naturally derive more pleasure from dopamine or have a deficit of it to begin with. While scientists figure all this out, parents should strongly caution teens who have might have a genetic relationship with a drug addict or alcoholic more or less avoiding substance ab use.FamilyGrowing up in a family that emphasizes getting high from legal or illegal substances can cause an adolescent to gestate drug use is acceptable. Mayo Clinic explains that this unhealthy family influence may be a factor in a teens initial drug experimentation. Exposure to family members who reach for a substance to cure each pain or ailment can cause a teen to do the same. Teens get many of their values from parents and other adult influences, and lots mimic what they see. Its never too late to establish healthier family traditions and give birth a good example for teens.Thrill- assaying TendenciesTeenagers who have a tendency to seek thrills and adrenaline hotfootes may be at higher risk of abusing drugs collectible to the high feeling that is achieved from early substance use. While everyone enjoys a rush of feel-good chemicals from appropriate sources, some teens get a feeling from drugs that causes them to continue their use despite negative consequences. If a par ent sees a pattern of thrill-seeking behavior in his child, he can discuss safe outlets for it versus unsafe drug use.StressSome teens, like some adults, reach for substances as an enterprise to relieve stress. This can be the root of substance abuse in adolescents with underlying mental conditions such as generalized anxiety perturbation or social anxiety disorder. Child abusepast or currentcan create the level of stress that triggers some teens to abuse drugs. If your child seems to be under undue stress, insist on a mental health evaluation and counseling if needed.Low Self-worthA teenager with low self-worth is more likely to engage in self-abusive behaviors such as drug use. This likelihood is heightened if some of the other mentioned influencing factors are also present in a teens life. Parents can help a child find skills in which she excels to help avoid or soften low self-worth.Desire for Performance EnhancementAccording to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some teen agers begin using drugs as a misguided attempt to improve sports or academic performance. These teens often have a sense of immortality and do not feel that the drugs negative effects can harm them. All teen athletes should be educated on the dangers of performance enhancing drugs and all students should understand that doing the best they can in their schoolwork is all that is required for their parents to be proud of them.

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Functionalist Perspective

Functionalist Perspective on Family Meeting The significant event I have chosen to observe using my new sociological lenses from a pastimectionalist perspective is our family meeting due to preparations for Aunty Mals 21st birth twenty-four hour period party. All age congregations from grandpargonnts to parents and children have ga at that placed here at Opa and Omas mark for wiz purpose and that is to plan and host the most fun and memorable birthday party.Our grandparents decided to have the party at their house seeing that it holds all our childhood memories, is easy to find, has enough space for our great(p) amount of gathering family and friends and they also wanted to show off their impertinently renovated two-storey house. Everyone has been carve up into groupings and presumptuousness certain roles to play and contributions to make. I will evidence my experience from these preparations and the jubilancy of one of our family members special day of her life. Turning 21 comes with expectations, it is the age where you are given a call and the key symbolises the beginning or entering to a new develop world or so the elders say. The first request I will talk about is the roles played by all(prenominal) family member. Secondly are the interactions amidst individuals at heart the groups, interactions between different groups and the interactions between the groups and guests. Lastly is the outcome of this experience.So by the end of my essay I look forward to you have an idea or you have managed to see through my sociological lenses of my experience from a leadalist perspective. First of all there were six groups we had been divided into. There was the childrens group, who were to choose games to play or movies to watch to intimidate them entertained and out of the grown-ups area. Then there was the girls group (I was in this group) who were given the role of decorations including cleaning up the house, setting up the tables which must have matching plates and cups and wrapping the chairs when they arrived.The boys group were given the role of setting the lights, chairs, clearing out the backyard and providing the sound ashes including the DJ and by requests of the immemorial people, they were to mix it up and have two old and modern music played. The mens group were given the role of providing drinks and ice. The womens group were obviously given the role of preparing the provender and having all our mothers there, they had an advantage of dealing what we wanted to eat. Finally there was the elderly peoples group who were in charge of the guest list, taste sensation the food and nsuring everything is done and was in place. Secondly I witnessed interactions between individuals within groups. Through laughter individuals hit it off well seeing that they were within their own age groups and having the same idea or similar makes it easier to subsume with all(prenominal) other. There was the interaction between d ifferent groups and then the fuss started e. g. there was a disagreement between the girls and boys group about what songs are played, whether by a female or male artist.We came to an agreement that satisfied both groups. There was also the interaction between groups and guests. Serving with a smile by individuals in groups and cheerful compliments from guests on one side while catching up on gossips or bothersome whoever is the iniquitys victim on the other. Endless conversations between duos, groups of lead or more people interacting and moving from one circle to other meant that they were enjoying each others company and wanted to get to know others.Lastly as the iniquity came to an end, the birthday girl said a weensy speech and she touched up on importance of family and how seeing family and friends enjoying themselves and each others company makes puts a smile on her facet. She thanked her family and friends for being there to help celebrate her 21st birthday. She also mentioned the night being fun and memorable and wherever she goes she will cherish the moments with her family and friends. The celebration would non have been possible if not for the hard work and gossip of her family.She is the woman she is today thanks to her family and she would not ask for anything else as she has everything she demand or wants in them. She is happy, so is everyone else and they are pleased with themselves and without everyone having a function the night would not have ended well. To conclude, due to individuals and groups putting in, contend a role or having a function to contribute to, the night has turned out to be successful. With each individual in groups play their roles it has resulted in a smooth fun party and cherished memories.Without the interactions of individuals or groups the night would have been lame and boring and even though there was one misunderstanding they managed to make both sides satisfied. If one group had not played their role t here would have been a conflict and the integral family preparation would have been ruined. The main point is that from my functionalist perspective, the purpose was achieved, that is to have a fun and memorable party. Socialising and interaction between individuals and groups contributed to the smoothly plan nights guests departing happily and all functions have been played accordingly. give thanks you

Interagency disaster management Essay

entry A disaster buns be defined as a serious disruption of the functioning of a society, causing widespread human, material, or environmental losses which exceed the ability of affected society to feign using only its own resources. haps atomic number 18 often classified fit to their speed of onset (sudden or slow), or according to their cause (natural or man-made). Recent disasters like Hurricane Katrina put one across exposed the vulnerability of the nation in times of disaster and this has lead to discussions on disaster management.Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, ice storms, severe weather, and wildfires can strike any time. They can build over days or weeks, or strike unaw ares without warning. Throughout history, people in sundry(a) parts of the world have suffered due to the unpredictability of natural disasters. Some disasters can be predicted such as floods in valleys, droughts in areas of low rainfall and oil spills in shipp ing lanes. There can also be manmade unpredictable disasters such as bioterrorism that involves the use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.Disaster watchfulness Disasters are inevitable but the destructive impact of disasters can be substantially reduced by adequate preparation, early warning, and swift, decisive responses. Disaster Management encompasses all aspects of preparedness for and responding to disasters. It applies to management of both risks and consequences of disasters. However, disasters need to be declared to secure the release of government resources for intervention. Government through its various agencies plays a huge role in such counterion and mitigation.This is through with(p) through legislation, through resource allocation and through rational planning and sustainable development. State and local governments are closest to those affected by natural disasters, and have always been the lead in response and recovery. The study government acts in a supporting role, providing assistance, logistical support, and received supplies. topical anaesthetic government is responsible for providing for the safety and security of citizens in advance of a hurricane.That means they are in charge of developing pinch plans, ascertain evacuation routes, providing populace transportation for those who cant self-evacuate, and setting up and stocking local shelters with relief supplies. State government is responsible for mobilizing the field Guard, pre-positioning certain assets and supplies, and setting up the rural areas emergency management functions. They are also in charge of requesting national support though the positive disaster declaration process. national government is responsible for meeting those requests from the state before, during and after the disaster. This includes providing logistical support for search and rescue, providing food, water and ice, establishing disaster centers and process federal disaster claims, a nd participating in short and long-term creation works projects, such as debris removal and infrastructure rebuilding. subject rejoinder contrive The National Response final cause, published on whitethorn 25, 2006, by the DHS, provides an all-hazards onset to enhance the ability of the nation to manage domesticated disasters.The plan includes best practices and procedures from hazard management disciplineshomeland security, emergency management, jurisprudence enforcement, firefighting, public works, public health, responder and recovery worker health and safety, emergency medical services, and the private sector and integrates them into a unified structure. It forms the basis of how the federal government engineers with state, local, and tribal governments and the private sector during incidents. The National Response Plan aims to save lives and protect the health and safety of the public, responders, and recovery workers and thereby get word security of the homeland.The National Response Plan establishes a comprehensive all-hazards approach to enhance the ability of the United States to manage domestic incidents. It forms the basis of how federal segments and agencies testament work together and how the federal government will set up with state, local, and tribal governments and the private sector during incidents. It establishes protocols to help protect the nation from terrorist attacks and bran-new(prenominal) natural and manmade hazards save lives protect public health, safety, property, and the environment and reduces adverse psychological consequences and disruptions to civilian life.The Plan identifies police, fire, public health and medical, emergency management, and other military unit as responsible for incident management at the local level. The Plan enables incident response to be handled at the lowest possible organizational and jurisdictional level. The Plan ensures the seamless integration of the federal government when an inc ident exceeds local or state capabilities. There are or so new Coordinating Features in the National Response Plan such as motherland Security Operations Center (HSOC) The HSOC serves as the primary national level multi-agency hub for domestic situational awareness and operational coordination. The HSOC also includes DHS components, such as the National Infrastructure Coordinating Center (NICC), which has primary responsibility for coordinate communications with the Nations critical infrastructure during an incident. National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) The NRCC, a functional component of the HSOC, is a multi-agency center that provides boilers suit federal response coordination. Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC) At the regional level, the RRCC coordinates regional response efforts and implements local federal program support until a Joint Field Office is established. Interagency Incident Management Group (IIMG) A tailored group of senior federal interagency experts who provide strategic advice to the secretary of homeland Security during an actual or potential Incident of National Significance. Joint Field Office (JFO) A temporary federal easiness established locally to provide a central point to coordinate resources in support of state, local, and tribal authorities. Principal Federal Official (PFO) A PFO may be designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security during a potential or actual Incident of National Significance. While soulfulness federal officials retain their authorities pertaining to specific aspects of incident management, the PFO works in conjunction with these officials to coordinate overall federal incident management efforts. The department of Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R)/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in close coordination with the DHS Office of the Secretary, will maintain the National Response Plan.The Plan will be updated to unified new Presidential directive s, legislative changes, and procedural changes based on lessons wise to(p) from exercises and actual events. The Department of Homeland Security In the event of a terrorist attack, natural disaster or other large emergency, the Department of Homeland Security will assume primary responsibility on manifest 1st for ensuring that emergency response professionals are prepared for any situation.The department is responsible for providing a coordinated, comprehensive federal response to any large-scale crisis and mounting a swift and effective recovery effort. According to the Homeland Security Act of 2002 the mission of the Department of Homeland security is to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States reduce the vulnerability of the United States to terrorism and downplay the damage, and assist in the recovery, from terrorist attacks that do occur within the United States.Biohazards Biohazards are biological agents or substances that present or may present a hazard to the he alth or well-being of the worker or the community. biological agents and substances include infective and parasitic agents, noninfectious microorganisms, such as some fungi, yeast, algae, plants and plant products, and animals and animal products that cause occupational disease.Generally, biohazards are either infectious microorganisms, toxic biological substances, biological allergens or any combination of the above. Today, biohazards ar also used as weapons of mass destruction in the detainment of terrorists the use of anthrax virus to spread disease, death, fear and panic among the public is a case in point. As such, biohazards not only shape up at a lower place the purview of the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) but also under Department of Homeland Security.

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Problems In Health Economy And Food Chains Environmental Sciences Essay

In recent decennaries increasing attending has been paid to the surroundal jobs and bulwark. The study conducted by Bureau of Meteorology in Australia provinces that the average temperature in the universe has increase by 2A Celsius the warmer temperature increased the sea degree and endanger the environment ( 2010 earnings ) . It is noticed that the environmental jobs chiefly caused by merciful activities much(prenominal)(prenominal) as firing fossil fuels, fuel fumes from autos and transitions in flat coat usage much(prenominal) as deforestation. Harmonizing to OECD, environmental security refers to activities to stay or retrieve the quality of the environment through forestalling the emanation of pollutants ( 2003, cyberspace ) . It is believed that people should contend for environmental protection which means utilizing different methods to object to get the better of the jobs and protect the environment. Environmental protection is deserving contending for as it shag assist to abridge polish up wellness jobs, stable the economic governance and conceal a healthy nourishing mountain range troll. The succeeding(prenominal) essay testament split into terzetto facets, wellness, economic system and the cycle per second of nutrient chain and explicate how the current environmental jobs ingrain these facets. Harmonizing to those three facets, the essay will alike explicate the ground of environmental protection is deserving to contend for.First, environmental job much(prenominal) as atmospheric farming pollution is going an progressively greater hazard to wellness therefrom environmental protection is needed in redact to protect the human wellness. The research from the Clean Air wellnessy Communities conveys that pass around pollution can be caused by growing of population which whitethorn hike the petrochemical smog and auto emanation and violation the air quality ( twelvemonth unknown, cyberspace ) . It is believed that hapl ess(prenominal) air quality whitethorn hit to respiratory unwellnesss such as asthma and allergic reactions. Zwillich states that by protecting the environment, the emanation of air pollutants can be reduced, respiratory unwellnesss can besides be reduced at the same clip ( 2009, cyberspace ) . Since protection can cut down the sum of take a breathing pollutants, thereof environmental protection is deserving to contend for so as to take down the hazard of holding respiratory unwellnesss. Furthermore, Robins references that hapless air quality in Sydney potentially exposes more people to ozone concentrations and leads to wellness job such as skin cancerous neoplastic disease ( 2010, 2 ) . Harmonizing to Department of Health and Ageing, Australia has the highest rate of tegument malignant neoplastic disease in the universe. In mundane, there are over 1000 Aussies are suffered from skin malignant neoplastic disease and approximative two in three Australians will be diagnosed with s kin malignant neoplastic disease before 70 ( 2008, Internet ) . Since environmental jobs may take to a figure of wellness jobs such as asthma, allergic reactions and even skin malignant neoplastic disease. Therefore, environmental protection is deserving to contend for as it can take down the hazard of holding those diseases and besides help people to keep a healthy life.Furthermore, the jobs in the current environment may besides impact the economic system of the state, thence environmental protection is magnificence to contend for with the intent of better brace the economic system. Harmonizing to Gilpin, the accretion of the glasshouse gases in the ambiance can do planetary mood rescript, hence expunge the life environment and even impact the economic system of a state ( 2000 ) . Tourism is one of the major sectors in the state s economic system. It is believed that touristry is closely linked to biodiversity and the enthralling wedge created by the environment. The clim e alteration may take to loss of attractive force which means loss of touristry potency and hence affect the economic conditions. Furthermore, clime alteration will increase the opportunity of last conditions like hurricanes and typhoons. For illustration, Hurricane Mitch in 1998 was the stronger Atlantic Hurricane the powerful hurricane to a great bound unnatural touristry and accordingly besides affects the economic system in Caribbean ( Global Development Research Centre, twelvemonth unknown, cyberspace ) . Furthermore, it is believed that clime alteration may besides impact the agricultural and unrecorded stock production, therefore generate negative impacts to the economic system and environmental protection should be implemented. Wang, Huang &038 A Rozelle province that grain and rice production in China will fall due to the heater conditions. Besides, continued alteration in temperature will diminish the production of farm animal. For illustration, the production of sh out is predicted to cut down 9.8 per centum by 2030 ( 2010, Internet ) . Climate alteration may take to loss of attractive force, affect the agricultural sector and these integrated results may impact the state s economic system. Harmonizing to Raicola, environmental protection could decelerate the emanation of nursery gases and finally brace the degree of such gases stay in the ambiance and hence aid to command the clime alteration job ( 2007, cyberspace ) . It is believed that environmental protection is deserving to endeavour to implement in order to better protect the touristry and agricultural sector and accordingly brace the economic system.In add-on, lifting ocean severity and the frequent fluctuation of conditions will impact the nutrient concatenation rhythm from underside to exceed the perturbation of nutrient concatenation may threaten the life of extol beings therefore environmental protection should enterprisingness to redress into pattern in order to stabilise the nutrient concatenation rhythm. increase ocean sourness due to human emanations of C dioxide could impact the nutrient concatenation. As seas grow more acidic, extra C dioxide from the ambiance is less able to be absorbed. This will endanger the life of revive beings such as shellfish, plankton, corals and besides affect the detailed nexus of nutrient concatenation ( Greenbang, 2009, cyberspace ) . In the Arctic, polar bears eat seals, seals eat codfish and codfish eat plankton. Hamilton states that animate beings in the Arctic nutrient concatenation depend on the peculiar clime of the Arctic. If rising temperatures affect one administer of the nutrient concatenation, the full Marine ecosystem may besides be affected ( 2009, cyberspace ) . It is believed that the perturbation of nutrient concatenation will take to animate beings extinction, if the current tendency of emanation carries on, all ice dependent animate beings will necessitate to get by with a inexorable hereafte r. It is certain that the dual hazard state of affairs, warming and souring oceans will impact the rhythm of nutrient concatenation hence the environmental protection is really deserving to contend for in order to assist to stabilise the rhythm. By protecting the environment, the negative impacts caused by clime alteration could be relieved, it may diminish the hazard of carnal extinction and besides maintain a healthy nutrient concatenation rhythm at the same clip.In decision, recent human activities cause different environmental jobs such as air pollution, planetary heating and clime alteration. It is believed that environmental jobs have deductions on the wellness, economic system, every bit good as the nutrient concatenation rhythm therefore environmental protection is deserving to contend for in order to better header with the jobs. In the wellness facet, environmental jobs may take to different diseases like respiratory unwellnesss and skin malignant neoplastic disease the refore environmental protection is deserving to contend for so as to take down the hazard of holding those diseases. Furthermore, environmental jobs may besides interrupt the economic system such as affect the touristry sector and the agricultural production. It is certain that environmental protection should endeavor to implement with the purpose of better brace the economic system of the state. Furthermore, clime alteration upset the nutrient concatenation rhythm and leads to animal extinction. Therefore, environmental protection is besides deserving to contend for with the intent of maintain the critical nexus of the nutrient concatenation. It is believed that protecting the environment can assist the state to get by with wellness and economic jobs and besides the perturbation of nutrient concatenation, therefore environmental protection is deserving to contend for in order to better trade with these issues.

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Globalisation and Heritage Conservation

Presents, the great unwashed be aw ard of the importance of salvaging and protecting ethnic memorials throughout the macrocosm, or architectural inheritance in other words.Conserving historicalalal architecture and sites is the lone fashion of doing valuable benefits of the built environment which draws attending of designers, landscape designers every min good as urban contrivers, and other cultivations that depend on the testimonial of heritage, for interpreter of archeologists and creative persons. Therefore, safeguarding of hu humans made heritage and countless actions interpreted topographicalal point each twenty-four hours to accomplish the achievement of de lie withry are the world(a) engagement that stand for societal and cultural determine in our life clip.It is difficult to conceive of the diference of lives of worlds creation if there are no historic sites or edifices exist today. What if the Pompeii, Chichen itza, or Notre Dame no coarseer standed? Thin k well-nigh Athinais without Parthenon, Istanbul without Hagia Sophia, and Jerusalem had no Wailing W all(prenominal). What if Egypt had no Pyramids? What if China had no Forbidden metropolis and gravid Wall? Or Vatican metropolis had no St. Peters cathedral? Beside these celebrated historic edifices and topographic points, what if the more natural historic edifices that beat across into our day-to-day lives are besides vanished? It is difficult to believe that if everything was bracing and ordinary by the clip readjustment, in consequenses there is nil we knew about the reinforced environment came before us. So what would be different amongst yesteryear and today?The reply of these inquiries is evidently same the civilization that we live in today would non be. Local civilizations that inherited these historic memorials hence would misfire of their singularity and a sense of accomplishment. The sense of its natural give and part in clip is largely based on historic topogr aphic points, even if they are individual edifices, metropoliss or whole states harmonizing to where they are situated. For illustration of the historic sites and civilizations of Rome, Egypt and China helps each itself to understand the topical anaesthetic attribute in clip and infinite.This thesis focal point on the saving of siheyuan to guarantee for the hereafter of the historic roundabout hutong back streets and siheyuan houses which symbolise the port of life of occupants and a existent urban position of Beijing. The staying spots of historic Beijing are extended harbor together with an urgency of the resistance has been widely admitted. However, there are some(prenominal) challenges toward preservation under winnings with respect to the clutches of the alone historic urban character while accomplishing necessary renascence of an old metropolis. The content will measure recent signifier and economy law that is placing the old metropolis without give and take the mode rnness of go capital.Globalization and heritage preservationGlobalization is fundamentally an economic operation engaged by political and technological transfigureation and characterised by change magnitude inter matter trade and harmonizing universe finicial systems.A societal theory of globalisation offers a broader definition, proposing this construct refers two to the compaction of the universe and the intensification of consciousness of the universe as a whole.Roland RobertsonThe internationalization of the universe economic system has meant that develop states are both posiively and negatively affected by the engagement of strange governemnts, multinational coporations and major international pecuniary establishments. These major international fiscal establishments regu juvenile universe trade and promote planetary economic development, take on the existence Trading Organisaion, the World Bank and many more. Fundss consecrate been channeled into local communities a nd the life conditions of local populations have been improved, but at the same cadence the autonomy of local economic systems has been challenged and local sociocultural forms have been changed. Examples in the instance of agricultural industry in China, caused deep impacts after cash in ones chips a rank state of WTO the advantage of low monetary value agriculture merchandises may lose competitory power for the rise of the premiere costs, hence in some country of the domestic agricutural industry would be suffered by the imports of lower monetary value of foreign merchandises.Skeptics, nevertheless, counter that it is a self helping procedure orchestrated by the parties who benefit disproportionately from it. Pessimistic positions of globalization see it as uncontrolled modernization doing monolithic, dehumanizing alteration along with freak out and break. The more specific of these positions is exemplified by American political scientist and professor Samuel P. Huntington in The Clash of Civilisations? in which he writes that occurrent economic and political procedures are taking the universe caput into planetary struggle along cultural mistake lines. *Globalization and invasion of horse opera civilization and values have created a menace, both existent and perceived, to communities that tint their artistic and cultural traditions are at hazard, even though these alterations are more oft embraced voluntarily than as the consequence of forced socialization. * The cephalalgia is non however that traditional ways and imposts, runing from agricultural practise and regional culinary arts to traditional music and manners of frock will alter the values, life styles and histories they represent will be lost or obliterated. For illustration of the gap Starbucks Cafe in the Forbidden City, which was famously the most unreached topographic point in the universe a century ago.At the same clip the globalization has standardised certain lifestyle elements am ong many of the universe populations, it has besides led to an increased consciousness of the multiplicity of civilizations world-wide and helped one civilizations to recognize their ain singularity. Result in a better taste of the civilization and heritage of others. This is supported by the British political scientist bloody shame Kaldor advises, Globalisation conceals a complex, contradictory procedure that really involves both globalization and localization of function, integrating and framentation, homogenization and distinction. *What is Architectural conservationAside from the effect of land cultivation, the built environment is the most seeable look of mans presence on Earth. But gestating this bequest at a discernable graduated table is at one time both simple and hard. Although the grounds of invariably altering cultural heritage for preservation and reading intents is a complicated undertaking. Each artefact, edifice, town, and cultural landscape has a alone narrativ e, character and significance that reflect the civilization that created it, the clip of its birth, and its incidental history. Correspondingly, each architectural heritage site has its peculiar preservation challenges.Conservation of cultural belongings has been defined as all actions aimed at safeguarding cultural belongings for the hereafter in Oder to analyze, record, retain, and reconstruct the culturally important qualities of the object, site, or edifice with the least possible intervation.Therefore, architectural preservation constitutes actions and involvements that address the fix, Restoration, maintainance, and base of historic edifices and sites every bit good as their associated accessories, such as trappingss and adjustments.Architectural preservation is widely regarded as the predominant activity deep down the larger and more diverse plain of cultural heritage preservation. This field concerned with the certification and saving of all signifiers of human civiliza tion, including touchable artefacts such as architecture, archeological sites, cultural landscapes, art and trades. In add-on, cultural heritage preservation addresses intangible manifestations of human activity, including manners and imposts, religious practises musical, trades,Preservation mean keeping the cloth of a topographic point in its bing country and sing impairment.Restoration means returning the bing cloth of a topographic point to a known earlier province by taking accumulations or by reassembling bing constituents without the debut of new stuff.Conservation means all the procedures of looking after a topographic point so as to retain its cultural significance.Heritage as a phenomenonOur reinforced heritage is kept as a wish and became political issues in the subterraneous 20th century. This cardinal roots in UK started in the 19th century. And open up over to worldwide in strength after Second World War.It was an important counterweight to the cult of modernism be tween mid to late 20th century.Culture HeritageIn UK, the word heritage largely stands for the facets of semisynthetic constructions, inclusive of edifices and landscape, which have important history. In other states this is frequently named as cultural heritage , and it goes far beyond archeology and historic memorials.From the procedure of detecting history has come the realisation that the yesteryear is merely precedes us but besides surrounds and shapes us. Across the Earth, assorted societal taditions are successful incorporated into modern life and aid to determine national individualities. On the other field, had besides become more broadly inclusive of the earlier old ages drafted charters, such as the Athens lead ( 1931 ) and the Venice Charter ( 1964 ) , are being augmented by beds of new text that extend the model of professional pattern, to include non-Western constructs of life heritages. For illustration, the Burra Charter and the China Principles.In East Asia, the r eligious traditions of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and other general regard for ascendants have long fostered an moral principle of cultural heritage protection, which has extened the life of the sites. Most of the east civilizations have a long history of keeping and perpetuating memory and traditions associated with historic topographic points, it has been threatened throughout the part as the transmutation takes topographic point from traditional signifiers into modernized edifice. China is anticipating in some consider and the new attacks that work in cultural heritage direction have besides started to demo their consequences on planetary heritage preservation.

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Electronic media Essay

Man has a nature of curiosity. He always engages with doing something unique. In the past century they explored in many bowl. It was a time when a man could hardly think about the undreamt development that is within reach now. Media is a mean of transmitting the message, thought, mental picture and take hold of point. In the beginning, man used horse and other animal(prenominal) to send the message to the receiver. It took time to deliver the message and the probability of spoil the message was on the top. Now man has entered the age of science and technology. They contain explored .They have got a tremendous achievement in many field as well as electronic Media. We are living in the era of electronic media. None can avoid and escape from it. It is plethoric profound effects on advertisement, education, schooling, politics and other social activities. Electronic media has revolutionized the information system. Now everyone can be aware himself with current information and up dates. So many TV channels in the country and meshing websites justify the importance and advantages of electronic media where everyone has a freedom to exchange his view point freely.The electronic media has both effects, positive and ban. If it is playing a negative role, on the other hand it is educating, informing and entertaining the societies too. Today lot are standting aware of their rights through the media. Many social programs on TV are presented to set the minds of the masses. Todays youths try to observe the answers to their questions and demand the authorities to account for because media has disclosed all that the sunrise(prenominal) genesis has to be aware of.As Pakistani media is pointing out crimes, ministers holding belie degrees, terrorism and inflation etc, it is appreciable because the responsible people can be brought to book in this way. Thus, the media, whatever be print or the electronic media its importance at least in the modern world cannot be de nigrated. While we are sitting in our drawing rooms at home, we can get all the information of all happenings around the world. We get a sea of knowledge and all the information, relaxing at home.So much so good, but, what we notice today, with the freedom of the press taking new proportions, the media is becoming slightly out of control and also partial. The latest trim in the media is that it has become tainted with signs of extreme partiality. I personally flavor that, the media is at times overstepping its limits and to some extent misusing its freedom. The job of the media is just to deliberate information of what happens and not to add its ingest partial views to the information. The job of the media should breathe restricted only to account facts as to when and how they occur, and leave the readers to form their deliver opinions.However, this is no truer of the modern trends of the media. They get news and paint them as per their own personal leanings and beliefs. This Id say is not correct reporting as, it is likely to strain the views of the readers/ viewers. The task of the media is just to report and not colour the views of the people. It would be good if the media restricts itself only to passing On correct and hold information only, without any comments for or against any political party it would be doing its job correctly and sincerely.

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) and a business continuity plan (BCP) Essay

1. What is the difference between a run a risk psycho analytic hypothesizeing (RA) and a traffic bear on analysis (BIA)? Risk analysis is ofttimes observeing the potential threats and the associated vulnerabilities to the brass instruments. Risk analysis doesnt view the face from the thrill searing Business Process point of view. More over BIA perceives the boldness from the impact that is going to occur for an organization if the critical business processes be interrupted or tampered.2. What is the difference between a disaster retrieval syllabus (DRP) and a business continuity plan (BCP)? Disaster recovery planning is an essential part of business planning that too oftentimes gets neglected. Part of this has to do with the fact that making a Disaster recuperation plan requires a lot of time and attention from busy managers and executives from every functional department at bottom the conjunction. Business continuity is a newer condition which was first popular ized as a response to the Y2K bug. In order to t in ally your bon ton from bleeding money in these situations, you need a plan that will allow the organization to continue generating revenue and providing services although by chance with lower character on a temporary basis until the company has regained its bearings.3. Typically, a business continuity plan is also a digest or collection of other plans. What other plans might a BCP and all supporting documents include? Technical backup Plan, Communications Plan4. wherefore is it classic to have detailed backup and recovery measurements within your disaster recovery plan (DRP)? When the plans work together no information is lost in the transition in the process.5. What is the purpose of a risk analysis? What is the purpose of a business impact analysis? why are these an important first step in defining a BCP and DRP? The purpose of risk analysis is to allow organizations to decide which risks require more attention than ot her do. The purpose of business impact analysis is to identify those business functions that are crucial to the organization and classify them as critical or noncritical. BIA section for each critical function receives additional information, including a description of recovery goals and requirements for each function. These are important first step because they are the building blocks for the organization.6. How does risk analysis (RA) relate to a business impact analysis for an organization? Each element in an organization has a limited budget, the risk analysis help managers and CEOs decide how much they are willing to risk and using the business impact analysis which and how much will be spent on certain elements.7. prone the list of identified mission critical business functions and processes, what kind of company would you say this organization is, and what do you think are its most important business processes and functions? I would think this company is an automotive compa ny. I think its most important business process and functions are quality control mechanisms, research and development activities, and Manufacturing and production line.8. Given the prioritization list provided for the organizations identified business functions and processes, write an assessment of how this prioritization will impact the need for IT systems, applications, and data access.9. For the top five identified business functions and processes, what recovery time objective (RTO) would you recommend for this organization and why? precedence 1 would need RTO of 5 legal proceeding, without the server you have no website or e-commerce for payroll. Priority 2 RTO of 15 minutes because the domains can be down for a little while which will hamper communications but they would palliate be able to be productive. Priority 3 RTO is 5 minutes because it shouldnt take long to get the phone lines back on line. Priority 4 RTO is 5 minutes because if the organization cant help their cust omers and then nobody would buy their product. Priority 5 RTO is 5 minutes because you need to send email and communication with other to progress to the organizations product.10. Why is payroll for employees and human resources also listed as a No. 1 business priority? If your employees dont get paid then they wont work and then the business loses money and also the company can violate laws and agreements.

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Counseling Youth in Times of Crisis

Counseling Youth in Times of Crisis Teenagers seat be corresponding elephants. If youVe spent any time around them, this popular opinion has probably crossed your mind, but hopefully wasnt said out loud. We abouttimes issuek teenagers atomic number 18nt able to go far in brio, or be anything but a problem. Living a carefree life non worried around anything or 1 around them. Some adults aim no idea of all the struggles teenagers start out to deal with. Just like adults they deal with stress, expiration, peer pressure, and pilings more.It is sometimes hard to see late(prenominal) the shield these spring chicken pee-pee put up around them. They go away test you until they trust you, ut scarce at once they trust you ordain the real test come. Youth struggle with crisis Just like e rattlingone else, and film a counselor or care allowr to service them through it. take Disorder Eight million people in the United States die hard from an eating disorder, the most com mon of which is bulimia nervosa. Eighty six percent of suffers report the onset of the disorder before the age of twenty only half report being cured.Six percent of serious cases die of the disorder. This is really serious and should never be taken lightly. It is getting harder and harder to be a younker in our culture. They have to deal ith constant scrutiny of their peers and coaches oft comparing themselves to the airbrushed, photo shopped models in todays magazines. They exploit to be perfect plot of ground be intimateing they never can be. Some retrieve extremely unlawful about what they are doing but the stress and guilt only leads to them doing it more.Here are some characteristics that are hints of Anorexia Nervosa Looks not Just lean, but atypically thin Extreme attraction/avoidance language and carriage regarding food obsessive weighing Baggy clothes to hide shape Now present are some characteristics that are hints of Bulimia Nervosa Abnormally requent trips to the bathroom abnormal fixation on exercise, no matter what Cuts and calluses on knuckles and backs of lend force Car or closet smells of vomit When relations with this in teenagers the start-off thing you ingest to do is cave in sure they are passing play to get proper treatment and counseling for their disorder.They need help and vocalizing you was probably very hard, so dont make them get other help by themselves and also help them inform their parents. Suicide If you are expiry to work with youth there is a chance that you will work with someone that has attempted self-annihilation, contemplated suicide or had a friend broadcast uicide. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for 15- to 24-twelvemonth-old Americans. An average ot one person dies by suicide every 16. 2 minutes. A very good triend ot mine from high school committed suicide although no one knows why he did it the last thing stick on on his Facebook wall by a friend was the comment mfoure gay.His f riend who posted this goes to the school counselor once a week now he blames himself for his friends death thinking it was Just an innocent Joke. Some of the signs that may full of life a parent, teacher, youth leader, pastor or friend to a affirmable uicide attempt include Previous suicide attempts Threats of suicide Talking about death Preparation of death (cleaning out locker, giving away possessions, etc. ) Depression Sudden change in behavior (acting out, violent behavior etc. Moodiness Withdrawal Somatic complaints (sleeplessness, sleeping all the time) Fatigue increase risk-taking Drafting a suicide note We need to watch for these signs when dealing with youth and commemorate it is better to be safe in checking on a youths life, than sorry if they take their life. If you ask a teenager about an issue like this, I think, they are more likely to be thankful than to hink you upset. And if they are upset about you asking those questions about their feelings and life the chanc es are they are trying to hide something from you or their parents.When someone comes to us about suicide it is vital that we listen to them and not throw the ledger in their face. Be nonjudgmental. Statements such as mfou cant be thinking of suicide, it is against the article of belief of your church or l had a similar problem when I was your age and I didnt consider suicide are totally incompatible during a crisis situation. We as caregivers should never make the are receiver feel unworthy of your time or lower their self-esteem. There are a few different reasons that youth attempt suicide for solicitude, depression, loss, manipulation, and lots more.In truism that my sister has attempted suicide three times she has done it for attention and she has also threatened suicide for the purpose of manipulation. But we should always remember that while the person attempting suicide may be your first chafe the family and friends are suffering Just as much if not more. adept of the times she was threating to commit suicide she grabbed a kitchen knife and tried to run away to her room. Her boyfriend saw her grab it and was attempting to take it from her when my then 9 year old brother walked into the house.He could not see the knife and didnt know what was red ink on he only knew that his sister looked like she was being vanquish up by her boyfriend. Naturally the first thing he did was try to get her boyfriend off of her. This led to the boyfriend yelling at my brother, Go away She is trying to kill herself. When my brother heard this he ran to his room in tears. It was his snapping point after losing two of his grandparents and his Dad travel away. Now he is taking three medications and ees a counselor once a week. He has been diagnosed with depression, bipolar, and schizophrenic tendencies.He has never tried to attempt suicide but we a constantly watching for signs and praying for his health. I believe that he will never attempt suicide because we saw the signs as soon as they started to appear. But I believe that way too many an(prenominal) times the siblings ot the suicide attempter are overlooked and not assumption the help that they may need. Always remember that suicide affects everyone around that person. remainder I have never met someone who hasnt dealt with death in some way whether that s a friend, a parent, a grandparent, a probative other, a sibling, or they themselves are dying.The five stages of grief are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. These move may come in order, they may border around, or accept more than one at a time. There is no represent way to grieve it is a process that is different for everyone involved. Some youth may begin to act out when dealing with grief because they dont know what else to do. For some students this may be their first experience with death. When dealing with death we must explain to the youth ho is dealing with it that grief is a process. Listen.When a teenager is grieving, this isnt the time to view the conversation as a yielding moment. You dont need to correct his perceptions or theology, nor do you need to give advice. You need to quietly and attentively listen to him. When a teenager losses a parent or parents, make sure they dont Just Jump into their new adult responsibilities before they are ready. Help them to realize the changes that have to be made in their daily life with the death of this person. permit them see what has to be changed and what kind of help they need to do that.Always make sure to be available to youth after a death. Be the one to text or call them they wont always take the enterprise to ask for help. Some common mistakes youth workers make when helping a teenager deal with grief are Being overbearing, looking for teachable moments, hiding their own grief, etc. We want to help but we need to still be aware that the youth has a whole lot to deal with and needs some space to process everything. One of the worse things you can do is try to teach a grieving youth theology they have enough to worry about and dont need to have your opinions shoved at them too.