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Effects of the 8th Amendment on American Law Essay

The Eighth Amendment Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual penalisations inflicted.Ever since the Eighth Amendment was ratified by the resigns in 1791, it has been a key part of our Constitution. The Eighth Amendment has protected our people from many things, including an overly high bail or unnatural punishments. It has ensured that in civil matters, as well as criminal cases, the people of America atomic number 18 protected from an overly high bail and cruel and unusual punishments.The Eighth Amendment has stirred up many controversies with its many paths of interpretation, in that the U.S. amendments are written down on paper but sometimes not properly enforced. The 8th amendment is the one I favor least and is to be examined during this assignment. I take the double-minded position on the subject of the 8th Amendment of for and against this amendment. Is the Death Penalty an Effective Punishment? In my ruling yes, with at le ast one important respect, it simply cannot be argued that a killer, once executed, can ever kill again. The crime must fit the punishment in order to justify, and this punishment must not favor anyone on the foundation of color. If this were the case I would without a doubt totally agree with this amendment, however, Studies say that there are racial biases when the final stage penalty is carried out. Since the resumption of executions in the early 1980s, 40 percent of those executed brook been discolour.And more often than not blacks were more often executed than were tweeds without having their conviction reviewed by any higher court. The race of the victim and the defendant inevitably influences the decision to seek a death sentence. University of Iowa law professor David Baldus conducted an exhaustive criminal sentencing study in Georgia in the 1980s. He found that prosecutors sought the death penalty for 70% of black defendants with duster victims, but only 15% of black defendants with black victims. Similar patterns of racial bias are found across the country. Over half of those on death row are people of color. Black men alone make up over 42% of all death row prisoners, though they account for only 6% of people living in the U.S. Nationwide, cases involving a white victim and a defendant of color are most probably to result in a death sentence.The Baldus study found that six out of ten defendants sentenced to death in Georgia forkilling a white person would not have received a death sentence had their victim been black. A case involving a white person was over quatern times more likely to result in a death sentence than was a comparable black victim case. In Maryland the state with one of the highest percentages of African Americans on death row a death sentence is eight times more likely in a white victim case than a black victim case, according to a 1987 Public Defenders Office study. Nearly half of those executed since 1976 have been peop le of color, with blacks alone accounting for 35%. All told, 82% have been put to death for the murder of a white person. Only 1.8% was whites who had been convicted of killing people of African, Asian, or Latin descent. Meanwhile, people of color are the victims in more than half of all homicides. Since 1930, one in two persons executed was black.Ultimately I must stand on the side of opposition with this Amendment on the basis of bias and suggest a moratorium until a die version of this amendment is established with clear mandatory sentences regardless of the victim or the defendants ethnicity and does what it initially intended to do which is protect The American citizen without breaking other amendments in the process.Criminal court procedures are at an all time slow and speedy trials are a thing of the past. The government spending and income policies need to be modified to modern times. overly the treason penalty should be more heinous in the new world.ins an important part of our government.Works CitedShortall, Joseph M. Merrill, Denise W. Education Information Resource Center city Publisher N/A, 1987.McCLESKEY v. KEMP- 481 U.S. 27 Ty

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Neo-Realism vs Neo-Liberalism

Kayla Ferry Political Science 150 Dr. Byron October 5, 2010 1) Neo-realism, also cognise as structural realism see international politics as a causation struggle between states. Conflicts between states and security competition argon due to a lack of an overarching office staff above states and the relative distribution of power in the international establishment (Dunne 98). Scholar Kenneth Waltz defined the twist of the international system in three elements organizing principle, distinguishableiation of units, and distribution of capabilities.To structural realists the distribution of capabilities gives important insight to grasping international outcomes, and the relative distribution of power in the international system is the strategic variable to understanding such outcomes. Structural realists argue that the number of great powers that exists concludes the social organization of the international system. Waltz describes the structure as the ordering principle of the int ernational system, which is anarchy and the distribution capabilities across units, which are states (Dunne 127).Neo-realists also cerebrate the structure of the international system shapes all contrary policy choices and see power as the collective competences of the states. In other words the more than power a state has in the international system the more influence they have on innovation affairs. However the flaw that accompanies neo-realism, is the increase of the application of self-help, a. k. a. increase of military security. Neo-liberalist agrees largely with the views and beliefs of neo-realists, the anarchic international structure, the centrality of states, and a rationalist approach to social scientific inquiry (Dunne 115).The main difference between the two theories is neo-liberalist believe that anarchy does not mean the arrangements of cooperation are impossible. internationalist regimes are the implementer for cooperation. Arguments made by neo-liberalists beli eve that academic inquiry is guided by a commitment to a scientific approach to theory building. In other words, personal beliefs and views cannot alter hypothesis made towards international politics. A separation of fact and values is the only way to insure an accurate theory. tally the neo-liberalist, the post-1945 orld order has been successful and durable because US hegemony has been of a liberal character (Dunne 117). The downside of the hegemonic power is it has produced unequal gains for the West and the rest of the world. It is unresponsive to the needs of weaker states and people, which is seen with how the hegemonic power flexes its authority by the controlling of institutions, markets and resources. In contemporary international system, the application of the neo-liberal theory is apparent throughout foreign policy.Even in President Bushs public lecture on the after math of 9/11. 2) Although neo-realism and neo-liberalism theories both agree that the international syste m is anarchic, they differ on all other accounts. Neo-realists believe that anarchy puts more constraints on foreign policy. Neo-realists also argue that neo-liberals overlook the importance of relative gains, and the most important goal of states in cooperation with each other is to prevent others from gaining more.With neo-realism, advocates believe that in the international system, anarchy forces states to be more concerned with relative power, security and survival. According to neo-realists, capabilities of states are a necessity for the security and independence of a state, and by not knowing another states intentions or interests forces other states to focus on their capabilities. In regards to institutions and regimes, neo-liberals claim that they facilitate cooperation, and neo-realists say that they do not apologise the constraining effects of anarchy on cooperation (Dunne 133).The neo-neo debate goes back and forth and many other topics, only because they study different worlds of international politics. Globalization has elevated even more concerns for neo-realists, largely because they are more cautious about cooperation and see the world and its politics as very competitive. It is clear, in my opinion that neo-liberalism is by far the better theory. It allows the more powerful states to boost their economy, increase a states gains and gives states more influence on foreign policy. 3) Marxism gives a different view of world politics.Marxists believe that the world should be studied as a whole, and that the process of historical change is an effect of the economic development of the society. It is a different view of the world politics since it focuses more on economies of key states. Constructivists believe that the world is socially constructed, allowing them to investigate global change and transformation. This provides constructivists to use diffusion, which concerns how contingent models, practices, norms, strategies, or beliefs spread with in a population (Dunne 168).Institutional isomorphism (an issue that is observed by conservatisms, sees that the organizations that contain similar environments will eventually resemble each other), and internalization of norms (the belief that what is considered normal for a society, does not come out of nowhere but evolves through a political process), raise issues of an increasing homogeneousness in world politics, a closer international community and socialization process. These different theories provide a different grasp and insight on world politics, allowing the liberalism theory to be better molded and applied to a larger area of the international system.

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Peter Tosh: a Pioneer of Reggae and Trailblazing Rastafarian

Peter bosh A Pioneer of Reggae and Trailblazing Rastafarian Peter tommyrot was not only an incredible Reggae musician, but an incredible person as well. He had a history of doing his social function to help those in need of help, fighting for those who were unable to fight for themselves. taradiddle, a pioneer of the Rastafari movement, would forget the batch of Jamaica through his self slight actions and his music. Peter bilgewater, born Winston Hubert McIntosh, was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica on October 9, 1944 to parents, Alvera Coke and James McIntosh. storys father would have nothing to do with his upbringing or even acknowledge that tarradiddle was his son.In fact, they would not even meet until fraudulence was ten years old. His mformer(a), unable to care for Tosh herself, asked her babe to raise him, which she did in Savanna-la-Mar, Jamaica. Due to the feeling of rejection that this placed inside of him, Tosh grew up extremely self-directed and independent, whic h would help him later on in his fight for his people. During the time of his upbringing, life in Jamaica was extremely difficult. Jobs were tight and money even more so. The majority of families were struggling to make ends meet, scrounging for money and building supply toss outside to keep roofs over their heads.Jamaicas political relation was extremely corrupt and the wealthier, land- protesting class was taking advantage of those less fortunate. Tosh recognized this and would later become a modern day Robin Hood, using his nominal head in the public eye to his advantage by speaking on behalf of his fellow Jamaicans to raise knowingness on the issue. Tosh began playing music at a in truth young age, keeping him away from gang life. He had no formal training of any instrument, aside from six months of piano lessons when he was in fifth grade. Music was his passion and he excelled in it.Tosh moved to Trenchtown with his uncle after his aunt grew very ill and nearly died. It wa s here that Tosh would develop his melodious talents and go on to form the around influential band in reggae history. Trenchtown, realized because of the universey trenches that ran through it carrying sewage waste away from Kingston, was filled with music. fleck walking through town one day, Tosh came across a guitarist by the name of Joe Higgs, among other(a)s, singing and playing in the street. During the jam session, he met a couple who were looking for other vocalists to voice a group. The couple was impressed by Toshs guitar playing and his baritone voice. Johnson) The couple, Bob Marley and bunny Livingston, and Tosh, who taught Bob Marley how to play guitar, would hold jam sessions in Higgs backyard. These sessions became more and more serious and would eventually lead to the forming of the influential ska-style band called the Wailing Wailers in 1964. The Wailers went on to record twelve albums including One enjoy, When the Well Runs Dry, and simmer Down and release d groundbreaking singles including Stir it Up, Get Up, Stand Up, and Trenchtown Rock. (http//reggaediscography. blogspot. com/2009/10/peter-tosh-discography. html) By 1966, the band began to fall ap nontextual matter.Marley had moved from Jamaica to the United States to pursue a entirely career and Tosh was arrested and served a short stint in jail. By 1972, the Wailers would slowly diminish until they finally broke up. It would be absurd to speak of Peter Tosh and not mention the Rastafari movement, which he had begun to get heavily come to in by this time. The movement was founded in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica in the 1920s and 1930s by a man by the name of Marcus Garvey. (www. religionfacts. com) Garvey taught that Africans are the true Israelis and that Ethiopia, referred to as Zion, is the real holy land.He further proclaimed that Africans were exiled to Jamaica and other parts of the world outside of Africa (the Americas and Europe are referred to as Babylon) as a form of divine punishment. (ww. religionfacts. com) In the 1930s, peaceful communities had begun popping up in Kingston and Rastafarians began to adopt their own culture to include a distinctive dialect and hair style, and developed their own style of art and music. It was their music that would help spread the ideology of the Rastafari movement across the globe. The music of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh would become messengers of Jah (God) spreading the word throughout the world.After the Wailers went their separate ways, Tosh focused on a solo career. His first album, Legalize It, went public in 1976. The name of the album, as well as the title track, refers to his stead on the legalization of ganja. Tosh believed that smoking marijuana was a path to enlightenment. It was a way for the operative class of Jamaica to get relief from the stresses of life. He further believed that the government made marijuana illegal as a way of oppressing Jamaicans and keeping them in order. Tosh only wrot e songs after he had smoked marijuana because he matte up he could see clearly. (www. thetalkingdrum. com)By the time of the One Love Peace concert of 1978, Jamaica was in the midst of a political civil war. The concert was held in an effort to set aside the differences of Jamaicans and advocate peace, love, and harmony. Tosh took this concert, at which Bob Marley and the Wailers were headlining, as an opportunity to speak to the audience. Tosh bluntly put the government down, accusing them of using Jamaica and the people that lived there for their resources with little regard as to what would happen to them. He radius his mind, as always, without caring who would hear. He spoke for the rights of his brothers and sisters of Jamaica.That concert was the first time that a person held in such high regards amongst the public had spoken out against the Jamaican government. It was at this moment that Peter Tosh became a heroic figure and a public rights leader. The high regard in which he was held by his peers would turn out to be a blessing and a curse. Four months after the One Love Peace Concert and his lecture against the Jamaican government, Tosh was brutally attacked by up to ten law of nature officers and nearly died. This was the first of many attacks, both verbal and physical, but this is where Tosh wanted to be.He wanted to be the center of attention, not for his own ego but to be in a position to speak on behalf of his people. It was a way for him to voice their concerns and demand corrective action. The One Love Peace Concert not only boosted Tosh in the political eye, but would end up boosting his American musical career as well. Mick Jagger, of the Rolling Stones, was in the audience at the concert and would go on to sign Tosh under the Rolling Stones record label. Tosh would go on to release cardinal albums under the label, Bush Doctor and Mystic Man. The short life of this relationship ended when Tosh felt he was not being promoted properly. www. talkingdrum. com) Two years after releasing Wanted Dread or Alive, Tosh had hit the pinnacle of his career in 1983, which was the time of his European tour promoting Mama Africa. These two albums would go on to become known as Toshs best work. (www. talkingdrum. com) While on this tour, Tosh appeared on stage with his signature M-16 military assault rifle guitar. The guitar was significant in the fact that it was a type for Toshs music being his weapon against the corrupt politicians and evils in the world. (www. talkingdrum. com) His concerts were more than just music. They were spiritually enlightening and informative.It was not uncommon for Tosh to set aside some time during a point to talk to the audience about his views on the evils of the world. Despite the public being supportive of Tosh and his cause, he was murdered by triad assailants on September 11, 1987. Record has it that three men, one of whom Tosh knew and tried to help find work after a term in jail, had appro ached him at his home demanding money. When Tosh replied that he had none, he was shot three times. The assailant that Tosh knew turned himself in to the authorities, while the other two were never found. The story of the robbery, however, remains under scrutiny.According to reports, nothing from Toshs home was missing. The three men who went there to rob him took nothing. Many speculate that it was a hit to forever silence Tosh and his outspoken ways. From the moment he was born, it seems Peter Tosh was destined to live the life he did. He was a man with many admirable qualities, most importantly the courage to speak up for those who were not in a position to do it themselves in effort to better the lives of his fellow Jamaicans. He was a pioneer for the Rastafari movement and a prominent figure in the development of Reggae music, forming it into the shape it holds today.

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Hca/250 Change and Innovation Paper

Change and understructure Paper HCA/250 Change and transformation Change and Innovation In todays economy we have experienced numerous amounts of alteration especi tout ensembley inside the wrench power. Some of these changes consist of new technology, procedures, as well as equipment, which scum bag ca persona a serve up of misunderstandings amongst present employees. According to the scenario given a major health c are organization has decided to use electronic medical records (EMRs). The employees in this organization are foul to change, specifically changes that have to deal with technology.There are several ways that an employer can resolve situations like these and convert it into a positive that will public assistance the facility. Within the workplaceplace it may be difficult for employees to adapt change due to creation engrossed to their usual agenda. Also most may find it highly difficult to bear off the alignment in using electronic medical records (EMRs), bec ause thats training that present and future employees would have to complete in order to be certified to use this new technology.Also acknowledge that many of these facilities today rarely twist on-the-job training, which is cartridge clip that employees have to appoint in order to be up to date with their place of booking which many may non have. Therefore, giving us an understanding why employees would be resistant toward the technical changes within the workplace. Being that I am a recreational manager at my flow rate place of employment I too have to deal with the questions and concerns of current employees who may have an event with certain changes.Some strategies that I consider helpful is to start by finding out their reason for not wanting to confine to the new changes and hopefully see if there is a reasonable conclusion that can possibly resolve the situation at hand. Also, stating the present reason(s) for the change, Change and Innovation giving the employee an exp lanation on how it will benefit the facility as well as themselves. After doing so if their still in disagreement Id still encourage them to perform their duties to their fullest potential.It is not guaranteed that an employer can please all of its workers, but create it to where they at least feel comfortable performing their duties in that particular work environment. So it is good to follow through with the innovation plans, so that employees are aware of their new goals and how to manage their performance for the better good of the company. So why are some employees resistant toward organizational change? There can be multiple reasons for this.Many may disagree with certain changes that are being made, time management may cause conflict to a cluster of schedules, due to the fact that many of us do inquire a second job, or it can just be that they may not like the new ideas of change for their own personal reasons. It is understandable that employees may have issues with certai n adjustments oddly if its going to affect other things they may have going on. For example, at my place of employment we had recently made the decision to keep our facility open later on the weekends because we realized we make more profit mainly on the weekends.Whereas making such change has affected some of our employees being that some of them work second jobs strictly on the weekends aside from this one, along with others who have children and are not able to find child care that could keep their children until eleven oclock. So it has created a lot of conflict for some of our employees where we had to come to an agreement on how we could work around their second job schedules and their avail energy. Having to adjust to certain employees availability is where Human Resources can play a role in adapting and managing change.They have the ability to set forth ideas and solutions on how to keep the necessary change in progress Change and Innovation as well as assisting their worke rs with managing their work schedules and extras that may hinder them from fully achieving the necessary changes within the work environment. Giving another example from my place of work, we have recently got the approval to expand our facility so we can add more amenities for our customers enjoyment. Therefore, Human Resources have aken it upon themselves to hire flex time workers in order to cover the shifts that our regular workers cannot. However, it all works out for the better good of our facility by increasing the success from the management of innovation and change. Reference 1. http//smallbusiness. chron. com/innovation-change-business 2. http//www. leadership-and-motivation-training. com/strategies-for-managing-change 3. Coulter, M. , DeCenzo, D. , Robbins, S. (2011). Fundamentals of Management Essential Concepts and Applications. Seventh Edition. Pearson Education. create Prentice Hall.

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Achieve Universal Primary Education Essay

My Millennium ontogeny Goal (MDG) is ab push through achieving Primary study in less highly-developed countries. The goal is to have all children, boys and girls, complete a full course of original shallowing by the year of 2015. This substance that everyone can stick by into school and get a full reading so they can read, write and learn. It will help them to be more independent and give them the opportunity to get a job in the future. Primary education is the basis for high-quality skills development in numeracy and literacy, which are fine for skills development in scientific and technological education.Through giving additional aids to the countries that need it and by helping them pay their depths the amounts of children who are getting education is rising. By giving more education to kids, almost countries are starting to have problems with stretching the full amount of teachers they need. For capital education to move towards its potential, however, a minimum thresh old of five or six years of schooling is needed. This potential would be boosted if primary school completion were followed by secondary education.Almost 12 years ago, thanks to this Millennium Development Goal, an extra 34 billion Children have been able to get their primary education. This is a very heavy goal for the world so the economy of poorer countries can reach a higher level. If there would be more jobs, and the poverty would go down, there would not be as many problems with food, money and education in these developing regions. Enrolment in primary education has continued to rise, reaching 89 per penny in the developing world. But the pace of progress is insuficient to ensure that, by 2015, all girls and boys complete a full course of primary schooling.To achieve the goal by the target date, all children at the official entry age for primary school would have had to be attending classes by 2009 or so, depending on the duration of the primary level and how well schools r etain pupils to the end of the cycle. Many African countries are on track to achieve this goal. Some have do progress on net enrolment, with most countries reaching 90 per penny. The aggregate net primary school enrolment for Africa rose from 64 per cent in 2000 to 84 per cent in 2009. just about African countries have made.However, countries such as Djibouti and Eritrea lifelessness have very low net enrolment. If this Goal could be reached the countries could start developing a deal out faster and try to reach the level that many countries, such as many countries in europium have already done. I think the goal can be completed with enough sustain of the other countries. My MDG should be sorted first because education is crucial element for human development. It decides what are children passage to do on their future depending on their capacity. Achieving Universal Primary Education is also imporant to make women as powerful as men.Achieve Universal Primary Education EssayDe veloping countries have made impressive advances toward universal primary education. Enrolment in primary education has continued to rise, reaching 90 percent in the developing world in 2011an increase from 83 percent in 2000. Most of this progress, however, was made before 2004. Global numbers of out-of-school children are dropping too slowly and too unevenly for the target to be reached by 2015.Persistent gaps and challenges that need to be addressed include increase the number of girls who go to school, reaching the most marginalized, and ensuring quality education in fragile states. The children who fall inside these categories account for almost half of all out-of-school children. Between 2008 and 2010 the number of primary-school-age children in sub-Saharan Africa who did not attend school climbed from 29 million to 31 million. The gender gap in the out-of-school state has narrowed, but it is still wide worldwide, an estimated 35 million primary-school-age girls are not enro lled.Nevertheless, several countries that were the furthest bottom are on track to reach gender parity by 2015. nrolment in primary education in developing regions reached 90 per cent in 2010, up from 82 per cent in 1999, which means more kids than ever are attending primary school. In 2011, 57 million children of primary school age were out of school. Even as countries with the toughest challenges have made large strides, progress on primary school enrollment has slowed.One in ten children of primary school age was still out of school in 2012. Gender gaps in youth literacy rates are also narrowing. Globally, 781 million adults and 126 million youth (aged 15 to 24) worldwide lack basic reading and writing skills, and more than 60 per cent of them are women.

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Evaluating alternative sources of energy of the US

Evaluating substitute(a) sources of power of the US The zippo situation of the joined States is currently worse, an unimaginable situation for the estate. This is because of the increasingly gravid admit for these resources in the daily lives of Americans. As the country debatees its peaks in development and technology, it is suffering from a deficit in the might division, wherein the demands for it atomic subdue 18 non met, and the supply isnt enough. The demand for resources like oil has stably increased in the past years, and the country depends much on imported oil so that they could image the increasing demand.This also increases the price of these resources. According to Kouchi, Since 2003, the unregulated price of natural gas has been real senior high and volatile both(prenominal)times doubling in a matter of months (Kouchi). With the continuously increasing needs of the people, correct the importation of these resources leave behind non be able to provide for the demands. Our needs continuously increase simply the supply doesnt. Even though we criminal towards exporting these important capacity resources, the costs greatly loss the pockets of the people. According to Walker, Residential susceptibility use in the get together States will increase 25 pct by the year 2025, according to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) forecasts (Walker). Because of nada source trouble we be experiencing, we atomic number 18 turning towards variant substitute(a) sources of sinew. Our natural source is slowly getting depleted so we essential find another source of the aught we need so much in life. These alternative sources of energy would provide us of the power we need to run business, fuel our transportation, and cook our meals, e rattlingthing that atomic number 18 essential for us to live. The environment is abundant of these possible resources it just depends on the people on how we would be able to set it into more reclaimable stamps.These alternative resources include renewable and nonrenewable resources. The renewable resources atomic number 18 wood/biomass, hydropower, solar power, wind energy, wave energy, tidal power and fusion, while the nonrenewable includes oil sands, coal, shale oil, gas hydrates, thermo thermonuclear nuclear nuclear fission and geothermal energy. These resources entirely in all hit the potential to provide us of our needs but thither are limitations for e truly mavin of them and that they pose underlying cause when they are utilize, so proper evaluation should be do in wander to do so. The most feasible of these resources would be the solar power and that of nuclear energy.Since sunbathelight is a free source for the people, and for a certain time of the day it is available, we will all be experiencing teemingness in its supply here on earth. It will depend on how the psyche would convert the raw solar energy to become a useful form of energy. The other unmatched w ould be the thermonuclear energy, wherein it could really provide a lot of energy but the drawbacks are genuinely dangerous, and so adopting this technique would really mean taking a lot of risk for the consumer. nuclear energy is proven to generate a lot of energy for the country but risks are still in that respect in doing so.It has been tried and tested, and we have even paid the price of failure, and it was really big. A closer seek on solar power solar energy is derived from the light of the Sun and has already been proven useful in energy forms in a lot of traditional technologies and techniques. It has seen widespread use in particular in the places which doesnt have any means of energy available, since sunlight is readily available, even in remote places. It is also a big energy source in the outer space, wherein the sun gives off its rawest form of solar energy, wherein it gives off high intensity power that you need to process it to make it usable.The solar energy t hat reaches us here on earth has underg adept conglomerate activities as it passes through the atmosphere. It actually starts as a very powerful solar radiation upon entering the Earths atmosphere, wherein it boasts more than a thou watts per square meter of pure energy, solar power at its rawest form. As the solar radiation enters the atmosphere, some(a) of it gets reflected backwards and only a portion proceeds and gets absorbed by the Earth. The atmosphere acts as a buffer and a barrier, filtering energy until what gets left is the usable energy for the people.Clouds, dusts particles, and certain pollutants contribute to the rate of face and absorption of the atmosphere, thus regulating the amount of solar energy that reaches the surface of the Earth. Considering the rate of novelty of this energy, the photovoltaic panels, the ones used to capture and convert useful solar energy, could distinctively convert and transform some 15% of the incoming sunlight to electricity, where in the average delivery of a solar panel in the united States would turn out to be around 19 to 56 watts per square meter or closely 0. 45 to 1.35 kilowatt-hour per square meter on each day. Solar energy could provide sufficient energy for the United States, but the turnout would still depend on the local conditions of a potential specific site, that is why it is hard to speak in a generalized manner. It is dependent on the areas where you would want to setup a solar power collection workings. Setting up a solar energy collection and conversion plant would be possible in some strategic areas. This includes most of the United States dry lands, the forsake areas where at that place is the abundance of sunlight and has a predictable weather.These are mostly effective in states which have enough sunlight all throughout the year. However, it is difficult to acquire solar energy on some parts of the year, especially during winter, where thither is scarcely any appearance of the sun. You could not depend on the solar energy as a source all throughout the year. You would need to have another refilling source, especially when it comes to the wet seasons where there is no sufficient supply of sunlight to fuel our needs. Practical uses and applications of Solar Energy There are a lot of possible uses and applications of solar energy.It depends on the nature of the demand for energy, since solar energy can be stored in solar cells. It could be modified to suit the situation. The master(prenominal) uses of solar energy would include heating, electricity generation, and desalination of seawater. The different applications include solar heating systems, solar cooking, solar lighting and photovoltaics. A solar heating system uses solar energy to heat various materials. There are some solar heating systems for heating water, wherein solar heaters may heat domestic water, or for heating swimming pools.This is essential for people living in the United States because the y are used to warm baths during the cold season. It would be the main function of solar thermal collectors, to make sure that there is warm water in case it is really needed. Solar cooking could also be done with the use of a solar box cooker, but it is not necessary and practical in the United States. Another important concept is solar lighting or daylighting, wherein it utilizes the natural light in allege to illuminate a certain area or place. It literally excepts natural light so that you could save on minimal usage of electric lighting systems.photovoltaics uses photovoltaic or solar cells in raise to generate electrical currents directly from sunlight, and the generated electricity will be stored in power cells for future usage. Photovoltaic cells are also the ones that power those solar powered calculators with LCDs, because it only uses low power. In its former(a) years of introduction, the cost of manufacturing was high, so there were fewer experiments that explores its possible uses. But when the cost of production lessened, it became more cost-effective to the users, thus making it a practical tool for the power savers. Pros and Cons of Solar energy Pros.According to Youngquist, This is a favorite source of future energy for many people, comforted by the thought that it is unlimited (Youngquist). Classifying solar power, it is a renewable source, meaning we will not seize to enjoying its benefits as long as the sun continues to shine and reaches Earth. It doesnt emit any kind of pollution, like air or water pollutants, because there is no combustion that is happening, so there are no by products that causes pollution. It provides electricity to far flung places, which are too far to be reached by cables and lines from a certain power plant or generator. Cons.It is not stable and predictable because it requires or depends on a certain amount of sunlight that needs to reach Earth. The amounts vary at certain lengths of the day, and at some instanc es, when the weather is cloudy or rainy, sunlight may be too weak to provide solar energy. Also, photovoltaic power stations are very cost-ineffective, wherein it is only well-nigh 10% efficient, not really practical to establish one in order to provide energy for a certain area. nuclear energy as an alternative source Nuclear energy is created or is the energy which is emitted from atomic nucleus, wherein it requires various processes in order to do so.There are various processes involved in order to release nuclear energy from atomic nucleus. This includes hot decay, endothermic nuclear reactions, fusion or the combining of two atomic nuclei, and fission, or separating of the nucleus into two separate, equal parts. The United States are open into use and adopting Nuclear means in order to provide energy sources, especially when there is a great need arising from American states. Because of that increasing necessity, the natural resources could not provide all the energy requirem ents of the people.Since nuclear energy is an almost limitless resource, it is a good candidate as an alternative source of energy. Nuclear power in its most useful form, really promises a lot as a source of energy. The process of attaining and extracting the energy itself does not produce any carbon dioxide, which we know that if there is excess of it, will be harmful to the environment. The nuclear power that the US is using today comes from the fission or splitting of the nucleus of uranium, plutonium or thorium, or the fusion of hydrogen into helium, wherein these processes emit a certain amount of energy.The most common means of acquiring nuclear power is through the fission of uranium. The ratio of the energy outputs of nuclear fission of uranium is great, wherein the fission process of its atom produces roughly close ten million times the energy output of combusting the atom of carbon from coal. Talking about the season of a nuclear power plant, the present Uranium-235 reac tors are projected to last for more than a speed of light years time, providing enough energy for the needs of the world.These power plants generates roughly more or less than one million kilowatts of electricity, far greater than that of other power generating plants. But the underlying issue would be about the nuclear waste that these power plants produce. Surely, it is unavoidable not to have any waste byproducts produced. The fuel rods which is the kernel of these power plants, when already became spent, poses a great environmental risk, a problem being addressed by many, yet still has no concrete solution. These fuel rods are highly radioactive and dealing with this is very costly.Fuel rods lasts about two years, until when enough of the Uranium-235 has been changed into fission products, and when these builds up, the fuel rods should already be replaced. The problem would then be about properly disposing these nuclear wastes. When the fuel rods are used to produce heat to wh ich raises or creates locomote to generate or produce electricity, it also produces the unnecessary wastes from spent fuel items. They maybe reused for a number of times, but eventually, they would be useless and the need to dispose it will arise.If they dont dispose it, it will decay in the environment, and since it is radioactive, it is highly hazardous to the health of living organisms. Possible solution. According to Fleming, Various ideas about how to deal with them finally are current, but there is no standard, routinely-implemented practice. One option is to pack them, using remotely-controlled robots, into very secure containers lined with lead, steel and pure electrolytic copper, in which they must lie conceal for millions of years in secure geological depositaries (Fleming). A solution to this problem would be sealing these radioactive materials in a container with various elements that serves as its linings, like lead, steel and electrolytic copper. After that it would be conceal in geologically secure places around the world so that it will not be worried while it undergoes the decaying process. But doing so is very impractical, especially now that we lack resources for energy. It is not practical because the energy costs of making the containers made up of various metals is very great, wherein the energy usage will be equal to the same amount of energy required to build the nuclear reactor itself.For America, it is very impractical, and the problem would be where to burry those potentially dangerous containers, wherein most places in the country are inhabited by people, and they would surely disagree with the idea of doing so. The people would fear for their health the most. Pros and Cons Pros. Nuclear fission promises tremendous energy outputs, producing large amounts of energy with only a small amount of fuel. Comparing coal and uranium, it is said that one kilogram of uranium would be equal to that of about 3. 5 million kilograms of coal the discrepancy surrounded by the two is very big.In terms of the cost in creating energy, nuclear power is as cheap as using and making coal power. Also, air pollution is not produced during the production, likewise with carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, thus contributing to the worsening case of global pollution. According to McCarthy, A major advantage of nuclear energy (and also of solar energy) is that it doesnt put carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere (McCarthy). So we could clearly say that theyre not responsible for global warming or acid rain. Cons.Along with the usefulness of nuclear energy, underlying disastrous effects would come about. Nuclear fission of Uranium would create a lot of toxic substance that are very risky for living things. It creates poisonous wastes which are highly radioactive. Disposing of these wastes would require efficient planning and monitoring, and a hefty amount of budget. The Chernobyl accident, wherein a nuclear reactor have reached melt down was just a picture of the devastating effects of establishing nuclear reactors, especially those who are uncontained, near human settlements and establishments.It is a guard duty hazard for the people living near it. Establishing a nuclear reactor or power plant would require a lot of budget, even though it promises of cheaper energy, the costs of maintaining it and taking care of it until it is useless is very big. This is also prone to exploitation from those who seek power, since nuclear power is really scary and equally devastating, it could be an easy target for wrong doers and terrorists (Fleming). Summary and Integration The United States is undeniably running out of energy resources.We are being forced to import fuel for our machineries and technologies, which is why venturing on other possible sources of energy could be a move that could turn around the tables. Both Solar and Nuclear power promises and abundance of energies acquired from various mea ns. But we shouldnt take each other separately, since we could use both of them hand and hand. Having a lot of sources of energy could mean stability for the coming years. Applying both solar and nuclear power to the country could mean diversification in the use of resources, thus help in preserving our natural resources.We people are the ones who will benefit everything that these resources offer, provided that we use them properly. References Energy Situation. 1996. treat 12 2007. . Solar Not Nuclear. 2004. March 12 2007. . The U. S. Press Top Ten Nuclear Lies . 2004. March 12 2007. . Fleming, David. Why Nuclear Power Cannot Be a Major Energy Source. 2006. March 12 2007. . Kouchi, Roger.Fact sail on Energy Situation. 2006. March 12 2007. . McCarthy, John. Frequently Asked Questions About Nuclear Energy. 1995. March 12 2007. . Walker, Cameron. The Future of Alternative Energy. 2004. March 12 2007. . Youngquist, Walter. Alternative Energy Sources Myths and Realities. 1998. March 12 2007. .

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Acc/230 Week 6 Assignment

Week 6 Assignment cd Corporation discipline Rebecca Mouser ACC/230 Financial coverage Peeking Under the Financial Hood November 4, 2012 Instructor Nathan McDaniel Week 6 Assignment wax light Corporation Case Assignment certificate of deposit Corporation Case Resource Ch. 4 of Understanding Financial Statements * Compose a 500- to 750-word paper responding to questions 1 and 2 of the Candela Corporation Case on p. 146 (Ch. 4). * Format your paper agree to APA standards. * Post your paper as an attachment. 1.Using the Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows, prepare a summary analysis for the age ended July 3, cc4, June 28, 2003, and June 29, 2002. Analyze the funds flows for Candela Corporation, Inc. for all three years. 2. Explain what information you gain from the rumor of cash flows that cannot be found directly from the balance sheet or income line of reasoning. Candela Corporation is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of advanced aesthetic laser systems tha t allow physicians and personal headache practitioners to treat a wide variety of cosmetic and medical conditions (Fraser & Ormiston, 2007, pp. 46-147). After reviewing the corporations tilt of cash flows for the years 2002, 2003, and 2004, it is clear that the partnership has taken on many changes financially. In 2002, Candela Corporation had a weak start with several losses compared to the years 2003, and 2004. In 2002, Candela had a straighten out loss of $2,154 (thousands) compared to a engagement gain in 2003 and 2004. Candela Corporation had a importantly higher amount of loss in its last cash used in operating activities of $7,071 (thousands) compared to its net loss of $2,154 (thousands), a difference of $4,917.Candela Corporation also had a net loss in its investiture activities of $1,058 (thousands), and a net loss in its financing activities of $5,141 (thousands). Candela also had a loss of $68 (thousands) on its income assesses for the year. In 2002, the compa ny took a loss in the following operating areas according to their report of cash flows. Provision for deferred taxes $115 (thousands), tax benefit from exercised stock options $6 (thousands), effect of exchange regularise changes on foreign currency denominated assets and liabilities of $305 (thousands).Account receivable $3,525 (thousands), notes receivable $54 (thousands), inventories $1,661 (thousands), and accounts account payable $3,069 (thousands) and income tax payable $784 (thousands). benefit losses in investing and financing areas include purchase of property, plant, and equipment of $1,058 (thousands), repurchases of treasury stock of $5,215 (thousands), and principle payments of long-term debt of $370 (thousands). In 2003, Candela Corporation had a net profit at the yearend of $6,814 (thousands) with a net cash used in operating activities of $11,655 (thousands) a significant difference from 2002.Candela Corporation still had a net loss in its investing activities of $1,227 (thousands) while they had a net profit in its financing activities of $176 (thousands). opposite net losses the company incurred in its operating, investing, and financing activities sections were provision for bad debts $13 (thousands), provision for deferred taxes $682 (thousands), and tax benefit from exercised stock options of $505 (thousands). Other areas are restricted cash $57 (thousands), account receivable $2,417 (thousands), accounts payable $1,409 (thousands).Accrued warranty costs of $921 (thousands), purchase of property, plant, and equipment $1,227 (thousands), net borrowings (repayments) on line of credit $1,114 (thousands), and principle payments of long-term debt of $3,330 (thousands). Candela Corporation seems to be most successful in 2004 according to its narration of cash flows. In 2004, Candela Corporation had a net income of $8,119 (thousands) and $1,132 used in net operating activities. Even though the company still had several losses in 2004 they were still able to profit from the last two years.Other net losses the company incurred in its operating, investing, and financing activities sections were tax benefit from exercised stock options of $1,223 (thousands), restricted cash $200 (thousands), accounts receivable $7,663 (thousands) and inventories of $2,134 (thousands). Other current assets of $2,550 (thousands), other assets $236 (thousands), accounts payable $91 (thousands), income tax payable $1,312 (thousands), and purchase of property, plant, and equipment of $685 (thousands).The income statement and balance sheet provides an adequate amount of information, but the statement of cash flows provides a clearer picture of what a company is doing and how well they are doing. The income statement and balance sheet provides information about the accounts receivable and the accounts payable as well as depreciation the statement of cash flows also provides this information. A companys financial statements consist of the balan ce sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. The balance sheet summarizes the assets, liabilities and shareholders equity of the company.The income statement shows the sales-related activity over a period, which is usually a quarter of a year. The cash flow statement shows the cash inflows and outflows during a period. Financial information is important in assessing a companys profitability, signal detection problem areas and making investment decisions (Basu, 1999-2012). References Basu, C. (1999-2012). The importance of Income Statement and Cash Flows. Retrieved from eHow http//www. ehow. com/info_8274659_importance-income-statement-cash-flows. html Fraser, L. M. , & Ormiston, A. (2007). Case 4. 2 CandelaCorporation. Prentice Hall.