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Debut Albums and Unselfish Good Deed

Happiness in her Eyes Life is not always tout ensemble astir(predicate) receiving sometimes, we have to call back of others, and shed back. This summer for instance, I performed a very unselfish good deed that I will neer forget. When someone hears good deed one might automatically think that it is giving clothes to the naked, feeding the hunger, or donating blood to Red Cross. My unselfish good deed, however, was far from all those things. Over the two months of summer, I had the pleasure to accompany and assist my pregnant mom.Growing up, my mom has never told me to do the laundry, light(a) my room, or cook. I have never picked up a broom, or dusted one shelf. But since my mom is old and with child, I thought to myself that I should not second guess whether or not I should give her a helping hand. I did chores around the house like no other. I even remember turning down a peer of friends to go to the movies, just so I can stay bag and make sure that my mom is secure and no t worrying about anything but herself and my soon to come baby sister.Without my mom saying a word, I could tell that she was very proud of me. I saw gladness in her eyes when she saw me doing the right thing without her having to peep a peep. And personally, I was more than delighted for what I have done oer summer. When my mom is happy, I am happy. One day, I necessity to do way more for my mom. I want to make her proud, I want to make her a Queen. She deserves the best, and I will not stop until she gets the best

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Case 9: Horniman Horticulture Essay

1. Strengths Profitability Ratios Constant egress from 2002-05, particularly year 2004 and 2005 with impressive growth in revenue with12.5% and 15.5% respectively, frequently higher(prenominal) than the benchmark just -1.8%. hoggish, operating(a) and groundwork profit delimitation were all performing better than the benchmarks. Management Co-owner Bob Brown has been brought up to value a strong work ethic, which he has obtained through his catch since at young age by works for his father at the mill. After finishing his study, he returned to the mill and excelled at his job (supervisor) and was exceedingly respected. Bob was a people person, his warm personality do beloved by all customers and employees.Weaknesses Activity Ratios takes increasingly time to befool hires from sales 51 days year 2005 (far exceeded the benchmark 22 days). geezerhood of inventory on clear (476 days) has been increased gradually much higher than the benchmark (386 days). Payables turnover ( 10 days) is too short compared with the benchmark (27 days) and slowly declined as farsighted time pass by. Liquidity problems seen through capital on hand kept decreasing since 2002 and sharply reduced in 2005 probably resulted from the anesthetize that quick payables and slow receivables happened simultaneously every year. Since 2005, they had not reach their mastermind balance of 8% cash over total revenue (fell to 0.9% 2005)2. innocent(p) cash flow to the owners of the firm (FCFE) for 2005FCFE = in operation(p) funds Flow miscellany in boodle Working Capital Change in InvestmentsOperating profit 100.0 Taxes 39.2 + dispraise 40.9 Operating cash flow 101.7 Capital disbursal (4.5) Increase in NWC (156.3) Increase in CA 803.3 642.9 = 160.4 - Increase in CL 47.3 43.2 = (4.1) Free cash flow (59.10) Cash oscillation of the affair for 2005CCC = Days Inventory owing(p) (DIO) + Days sales Outstanding (DSO) Days Payables Outstanding (DPO)= 476 + 51 10 = 517 (days)Using cash tied(p) though HH had rapidly increased gross profit, operating profit and net profit since 2002, the firms cash balance had massively declined from $120,100 (2002) to $9,400 (2005). increase in inventory as ext peculiaritying property by 12-acres, with an judge pileus expenditure of $75,000 in 2006, HH has also increased their harvest-tide range by 40%. Therefore cash has been used a lot in this period. The firms character cost have been improved as HH offers longer compensation periods for customer (DSO of 51 days), firms payment of purchases within 10 days (DPO) to receive a 2% discount, this shows that HH is qualification payments five times faster than receiving them. DIO is also a concern that HH has a hand in, HH is choosing to focus on more maturing plants, therefore its inventory forget naturally be longer than the benchmark, in fact, HHs lowest end was still 10% over the benchmark.3. The growth trend would be expected to be stronge r in 2006. However the cash deficit is still a significant issue due to both capital expenditure and working capital would be further increased in order to withstand the condescension expansion. Therefore, they need to work out some financial leverage to solve this problem.Projected Horniman Horticulture Financial Summary (in thousands of dollars) 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006E 20% Profit and departure statement Revenue 788.50 807.60 908.20 1048.80 1258.56 Cost of goods sold 402.90 428.80 437.70 503.40 630.49 51.10% 53.10% 48.19% 48.00% 50.10% Percentage of gross sales Gross profit 385.60 378.80 470.50 545.40 628.07 SG&A expense 301.20 302.00 356.00 404.50 482.53 38.20% 37.39% 39.20% 38.57% 38.34% Percentage of Sales Depreciation 34.20 38.40 36.30 40.90 37.45 Average over 4 days Operating profit 50.20 38.40 78.20 100.00 108.09 Taxes 17.60 13.10 26.20 39.20 42.37 35.06% 34.11% 33.50% 39.20% 39.20% correspondent as year 2005 Net profit 32.60 25.30 52.00 60.80 65.72 Balance sheet Cash 120.10 105.20 66.80 9.4013.43 Accounts receivable 90.60 99.50 119.50 146.40 160.24 11.49% 12.32% 13.16% 13.96% 12.73% Percentage of Sales Inventory 468.30 507.60 523.40 656.90 763.03 59.39% 62.85% 57.63% 62.63% 60.63% Percentage of Sales separate current assets 20.90 19.30 22.60 20.90 20.93 Average over 4 years Current assets 699.90 731.60 732.30 833.60 957.62 Net fixed assets 332.10 332.50 384.30 347.90 300.10 chalk up assets 1032.00 1064.10 1116.60 1181.50 1257.72 Accounts payable 6.00 5.30 4.50 5.00 5.20 Average over 4 years Wages payable 19.70 22.00 22.10 24.40 31.41 2.50% 2.72% 2.43% 2.33% 2.50% Percentage of Sales Other payables 10.20 15.40 16.60 17.90 21.19 1.29% 1.91% 1.83% 1.71% 1.68% Percentage of Sales Current liabilities 35.90 42.70 43.20 47.30 57.80 Net worth 996.10 1021.40 1073.40 1134.20 1199.92 Capital expenditure 22.00 38.80 88.10 4.50 75.00 Purchases 14 0.80 145.20 161.20 185.10 224.13 17.86% 17.98% 17.75% 17.65% 17.81% Percentage of Sales 4. The conjunctions accounts-payable policy Currently the firms DSO was 10 days (in order to receive a 2% discount), approx. 2.7 times as fast as the benchmark of 27 days. This policy is not desirable as their current credit terms offered to customer up to 51 days, which is double the benchmark. The firms net profit margin was 5.8% (the benchmark is just 2.8% 2005), so HH does not need to continuously make payment to suppliers early (adversely, HH should take advantage of the offered credit terms allowing firm 30 days to payback for purchased goods), and also HH will also reduce the credit terms even though the sales probably drops, which would leave more cash available for firm as well as the cash cycle will be shorter so that the business will suspend the in fitted liquidity of the cash. If HH does not change the policy, in the long run, the deficit of cash whitethorn adversely influence the purchasing power and operating capacity of the business and further businesss profitability.5. What can the familiarity do to solve its cash problem? Offers discount payment terms (i.e. 2% discount if payments are received within 10 days) enable HH to collect cash immediately. Takes advantage of the offered credit terms (allow firm 30 days to payback the purchased goods) keeps more cash for operating activities in long period. Slows down the expansion pace to decrease the capital expenditure. Starts selling product ranges that are not instant landscape plants (as these take a long time to mature and also can eliminate some risk of exposures for retentiveness the plants for longer periods of time feature of this industry rely heavily on weather that is unpredictable) Raising funds starts financing through debt, also can receive thetax shield benefit on interest payments. Transforms business from sole proprietorship into partnership in effort of not completely increasing ca sh available for business but also receiving contributions of property, mash and skills form partners.6. Calculate the sustainable growth of the company in 2005sustainable growth = ROA x Leverage x Retention 5.36% ROA (Net profit / Total assets) 5.15% Leverage (Total Assets/Net Worth) 1.04 Retention (1- Dividend Payout ratio) 1.00 Economic profit = (ROA Cost of capital) x Total Assets -57.35 Cost of capital 10.00% Total Assets 1181.50 Net Worth 1134.20 The blackball economic profit shows that the firm does not earn a sufficient return on capital. The firm is facing their dismissing level of cash and as a result, the negative cash level in the forthcoming years will be clearly observed. As shown above, the majority of the firms cash expenditure is held up in inventory (with cash cycle being 517 days compared with the benchmark of 381 days) and account receivables (due to the collection policy). The trade-off that company has to face is an increase in th eir credit terms. Even though this may reduce the sales volume, the company will probably avoid the risk involved with having a more mature product range.

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Deportation Essay

What has our nation come to? Separating children from their p arnts. Arent children in the States a topic one priority? Its clear that immoral immigrants looking for an immigration reform is a huge issue, thither argon legion(predicate) things holding our nation fend for from giving the ones in aim one. Perhaps, Terrorist Threat, Economic Reasons & even Violence. However, its time that justice has to be made for those who come to this country to make a ameliorate approaching for their families. Over a decade guilty immigrants have been discriminated, being called illegal aliens and mistreated for sole(prenominal) coming to this country to give their family a interrupt place to live. It is unfair how adults atomic number 18 trying to build up a best(p) conduct for themselves, having children in this country and getting deported. This affects children in many ways emotionally & mentally.It is obvious that America has been deporting these aliens as clean as one, two, three just thinking about their advantage provided non thinking of the children who ar being separated from their p arnts. The g overnment believes retention illegal aliens out go out prevent Terrorist attacks and Economic issues, when the truth is they are only affecting our own nation. Deportations leave many U.S.-citizen children with unaccredited parents in foster care, often for no opposite reason than the undocumented post of a parent, at a cost of nearly $26,000 per year for to each one child. Nowadays the cost of deporting a single person back to their internal homeland reaches tens of thousands. Instead of the government saving up money, they are only wasting it on an issue that squeeze out simply be lick if we understood the magnitude of how complicated is to deport throng back to their countries.Daily, unauthorized immigrants live in constant fear of deportation, which creates a large number of single mothers struggling to make ends meet after the deportati ons of their husbands most of the time. many a(prenominal) families struggle day by day, to make the money they make in working in fields or as house keepers. mislabeled immigrants are tribe who are desperate for a better life they are people who are thinking of the better life they can have for their children, it is simply not fair that we deport them leaving them no chance to ever come back and/or start over and help their kids. They are also humans like us that merit respect and an opportunity to live and seek for their own dreams. Many people who agree that deportation is something that must be done havent been through and through or seen what immigrants have been through and thats w here(predicate)fore it makes it so easy for you guys to speculate yes they should be kicked out of the USA. How would you feel if other countries didnt pauperization you in their country either? What if the US was such(prenominal) much poor and you couldnt name a decent job anywhere h ere how would you feel? A various amount of people are simply racist or immature, they dont realize how much stress these illegal immigrants have in their back, to push their families in advance.My mom came here for my sake. Here I am getting an education, Im in high school, doing a speech on embezzled Immigrants Shouldnt Be Deported. It has made me realize I have a really right-hand(a) life here. Im a junior, perceiving my dream to go to college and depart part of the strategic response unit. My mom is the one supporting me on the way since weve been here, shes a perfect example of an honest immigrant worker who I look up to because she came here to give me a better future. My mom left everything behind in search of a better life for us but also to send money to our family back in El Salvador. Many Immigrants leave for a whole much of reasons, jobs, money, housing, you name it. I dare say, I know a fewer that are go awaying to do jobs that nobody I know will even think abo ut. So now they have gone through a lot to get here, what have they done? Found a job to provide for a family. Why send them back to something they are trying so badly to get away from? If you dont want them to be a drain on society, let them find a job somewhere and pay taxes, give them a inured of rules to live by? Why be the bad guy and say you cant live here we dont want you? Seems kind self-defeating if you ask me. The US helps every country on the planet to fight its battles, eliminates the bad guy, helps the downtrodden, but a few people that come across the border is a problem? Immigrants shouldnt be deported when they came here looking for a better life.What do you have against them? Illegal immigrants are the huge part of the economy. If we gag law deporting them we can realize that they undertake jobs no one else would take (janitors, gardeners, farmers, garbage cleaners, cleaners, nannies, textile mill workersEtc.) They are important labor. Also, most dont do anyt hing wrong honest seeking a better life. If they work, they should be paying taxes like the proportionality of the American people. And plus, deporting them is only going to cost more money. So why send them back when they can take on jobs here that other people wouldnt normally do? Not only does it benefit them, it can benefit us, well, financially.This being said, I am here rest up for not only the illegal immigrants who are being deported nonchalant but also for children who are separated from their parents and are affected in major way. Preventing Deportation, and just letting honest illegal immigrants work here and be with their families is what should be done. Taking special measures to keep them here not only for their own benefit but also for our nations own darling to prosper and build up a better place for everybody. Therefore, I cant wait for the day illegal immigrants will stop fearing of being deported back to their countries and being separated from their children. I look forward the day my mom could leave this country without a fear of not coming back. I look forward the day my mom will see her family after being here 10 years now. I look forward the day there will be comparability for every ethnicity.

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PEST Analysis of the External Environment Essay

The musical composition provides an analysis of the Case Study for Westjet placelines, Canada. The object lesson is taken from the work done by tool Yannoupoulus (pg 376-380) Problem Statement The avocation problem statements argon proposed 1. Westjet Airlines total debt is high relative to its sh beholder equity a measure that may call for extraneous financing. The company needs a strategy to ensure its self-sufficiency. 2. Westjet has many competitors and has to come up with strategies to ensure it remains in the grocery and makes dineros.The major questions that management of Westjet have to green goddess with is whether to keep an eye on its status quo of offering broken in cost and upset fodder, whether to venture more than in the third party choose segment or whether to be touch in the Trans calls segment. The management has to decide the scoop up strategy it entrust use to happen upon its expanding upon plan and decision must(prenominal) be make urgen tly. PEST abstract of the External surround Political/ reasoned After the 9/11 polish operating in the small trades has establish uneconomical due to change magnitude cost. heavy measures by the government translated to higher(prenominal) be to airlines, which were transferred to consumers. Non-profit airport authorities have too led to the ontogenyd prices that act as a disincentive to air transportation. just about guests are price sensitive and misgiving must be taken to get its competitiveness. Westjet observered added costs by providing amenities to its customers standardized leather seats, snacks leg rooms and television. scotch It offers feature serve, empowers its employees and shares profits. This way it maintains its competitiveness.Having trustworthy relationships with employees creates good relationships with customers. Employees move make decisions and solve customer problems without the unnecessary delay of contracting the management. Employees are made to feel as if they are part of the company. By offering quality function and on job learn it improves its highly motivated employees skills. It employs qualified passel who withal have a remunerate attitude. Employees are motivated by the profit sharing where they get additional bills from what the company makes.Through its employees share grease ones palms plan, it encourages its employees to invest in the companys stock. Pricing Its fares are 55% dismantle than air Canada fares. It offers services at a low cost so as to increase the traffic flow. It attracts passengers who would prefer opposite means of transport as sound as those without the actuateing idea merely attracted by the prices. Westjet intends to puff its scope to make out the central and eastern Canada. By primal 2004, it was serving 24 Canadian cities. (P. 376) Environment/ Technological In increasing its aptitude Westjet may be obliged to incur high costs but the benefits are worth it.For insta nce the installation of winglets that cost $ 635,000 per plane would result to $ 112,500 savings p. a per plane. (p. 379) Social and Cultural Westjet airlines provide passenger, commitment and third party rent services to Canadas domestic commercialize. It started its operations in 1996 with 3 aircrafts and 220 employees by 2003. It has splayed and straight off employs 3610 employees and 14 aircrafts. It has entered an agreement with Air jump, the leadership Canadian charter airline and it withdraw its airplanes during off-peak seasons wish well in winter months. It overly did its maintenance and rented some of its simulators.Competition Air Canada, the largest competitor has more resources and a higher command in the market. It accessed over 90% of Canadian airline industry, US trans jar against and international markets. It makes counter decisions to be at better grounds than Westjet. Other low fare competitors include Cantet, HMY airways, Zoom airlines, Tango, and iss ue and Zip air. Decisions ersatz and Solutions Alternative -1 Tran border expansion Westjet may decide to expand in Tran border operations. Venturing into this area calls for increased cost in increasing aircrafts. sorry competition from subsidiary airlines of stronger airline could menace its low fare strategy. There is precise high competition in the trans-boarder market as it includes both the Canadian as intimately as the US airlines. regenerate the older aircrafts would also be indwelling to pave way for efficient aircrafts to travel non-stop across cities in Canada as well as across the borders. Alternative -2 tolerate low cost and low fare and increase Canada market Westjet provide maintain its status quo. It can strengthen or empower its employees results to increase their satisfaction that is merely projected to the customers.Its small size will ensures low cost structure and few employees. Operating in the profitable routes makes it more efficient than large airl ines. It must also ensure that it offers convenient schedules. It can increase or maintain these profits by increasing its scope. Westjet can advertise its services extensively through and through it the advertising and forward-looking media division in its sales and marketing. Advertisements can be through magazines, outdoors advertising, radio, television, and transit messaging and web advertisement. (P. 378).It can also increase offers to act as incentives like random promotion for instance, the prime ministers sidereal day special. Westjet offers tickets less reservation system through Internet bookings that are very convenient and effective to consumers. It also eliminated unnecessary costs that go with printing distribution and bring in of tickets Alternative -3 Venture more in charter segment. Westjet can opt to expand in the third party sector or the charter services. It is appropriate as the unutilized aircrafts can be utilized during winter. It can team up with establ ished charter flight businesses.Most Favored Alternative The strategy that best suffice Westjet expansion is to expand its operation in Canada. Westjet has precisely exploited 10% of its authorisation market share and therefore has more potential to expand. (p. 375). It can increase the number of flights made and venture into areas that have not been exploited. net income and ROI In 2001 Westjet had $ 478 million profits that come up to $ 680 million in 2002. It can plow with this trend if it exploits the unexploited 90% of its potential. (P. 380)References Peter Yannoupoulus. West Jet Airlines Case 4 pg 376-380

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Military Dictatorship and Hieratical Political Leaders Essay

multitude dictatorship and sacerdotal political leading failed in Bangladesh Military dictatorship and hieratical political leaders failed in Bangladesh to accuse democracy and ensure organic evolution and im straight-lacedness for the tidy sum. It looks like that we read to restart from the beginning.As early as 1965 the late Akhter hamid khan of Comilla Academy had a vision to go by dint of presidency to the doorstep of vulgar people through a local anesthetic g overnment and micro- enterprises under cooperative with management computer backup from a rural based bureaucrats and cut back the revenue urden of the central government a corresponding reduction of members in the modify bureaucratic administration. To invoke popular propositions and perspicacity in this regard, the following few points check been innumerate to be further highly-developed in future. . Bangladesh was loosend by the labouring masses at great sacrifices in the main by farmers, labors and students, though history did not credit them for their role and instead located every laurels and benefits of the liberation fight to the army, politicians, bureaucrats, greedy elitist and business community to whom entirely the ealth and privileges and legal concessions of all the Governments have been showered upon. other liberation war is necessary to liberate real peoples and ensure their development. 2. points were fundamental can of ensuring all right, entitlement & amp Justice to peoples of a promised Sonar Bangla. On that alike footing we have to restructure & crystalize our executive & Judicial make fors with utmost autonomy & force-out to local government leaving only much(prenominal) functions as theme security, Foreign affairs, Currency, leave bank & federal monetary affairs, Planning upport and coordination, One incorporate content Industrial corporation for development of base & large Industries, One co-ordinated R & D council for development of Science and technology, with major emphasis on empirical research.One National Multimode integrated Transport Network System, One National IT Centre for networking all ministerial & local government functions, archiving and retrieving data and cultivation etc. 3. Democracy, Socialism, non-alignment and secularism were the basis of our constitution which was case-hardened and tailored many times by all Governments to suit certain special objective of some leaders and their society.The primary principles of a constitution should be crocked for any amendment except through referendum only. The initiatory constitution of Bangladesh had some clauses with embedded disclosey interest such as encumbrance detention under oblige 33, nonsensitive tenure for PMs maculation article 57, Local Govt. structure and power as in article 59 & 60, blind following of party identify as in article 70 and many others. Though all parties derive certain benefits from these, th ey must be recast to reflect public pennant on them. . The chapters and clauses on part VI Judiciary contains no structural, Judicial and procedural reforms to ensure dispensing timely Justice inside affordable cost. The system has become bingle biggest obstacle towards prevention of vices and chapters and clauses on part IX Services of Bangladesh contains no structural and procedural reforms to convert the servants of the colonial get the hang to respectable employees of the Peoples democracy of Bangladesh.Myopic planning, redtapism and fund crumpling are common causes of all or most befuddle failures in Bangladesh. PSC failure to recruit proper forcefulness on the basis of personnel integrity, meritocracy, accountability and preference to generalist in place of function based specialist are major causes for rise of a elitist, high living and corrupt bureaucrats who pick up every thread of power over political government and who will neer allow local government function to be within control of pick out local government as the same will hamper their financial interest. . shake-up of Statutory bodies state owned enterprise, public undertakings including banking, securities, and non banking inancial enterprises in Bangladesh is essential as they have substantial bearing on our preservation caused due to drainage of gravid through loans given to be subsequently classified. cast off failure and loss of employment, flight of capital and money laundering, low FDI, management failure, untrained labor, lack of accountability and transferency etc. 7. wangle a total guide line proposal for long, medium and short endpoint development plan for developing Bangladesh with a vision to raise it to a new state with an egalitarian society by dismantling the existing horrible wealth gap between rich and poor.

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The Benefits of British Rule

Brett palm World History II office 003 Professor Haug India was a British colonisation in the 18th century minglight-emitting diode with 1858 and 1947, the Indian solders assisted the British to chastise India, and they were howalways mistreated at the give of their colonizers and denied higher positions which they were qualified for. This was a scheme used by the colonizers to ensure that they mention control and power everywhere the primordials. unless(prenominal) Indians were traded as slaves to former(a) British colonies where they provided f only by the wayside labor which enhanced the growth of the Britain economy.In the touch of exploiting India, the British amend the bewitch frame through construction of roads and lines to quietus the transportation of manu pointured goods such as textiles and machines. The mendd transport system travel the escapement of goods and pile and better. People were sufficient to access the market easily and it led to the spre ad of trade. The judicial system was remediated through establishment of law courts where disputes and cases could be settled amicably.In order to incorporate democracy, schools and universities were established, since the homegrown only spoke in their spawn tongue, they had to be taught English for easier conference. Christianity was also introduced by the missionaries, who also did some commentary of the countersign to the native Arabic languages. British hulk in India had both benefits and detriments to the citizens. To start with the benefits experience includedThe Indians had a practice of hide their widows alongside their husbands corpse.They could be tied to a pile to foresee them from running away, a practice termed concremation, the British outlawed the practice and introduced a receive where the Hindu widows could be remarried. Schools and universities were introduced this assisted the natives to encounter an education which would play a character reference of helping them increase their cogniseledge and thence led to better equipped individuals who were to improve their countries economy.The improved civilization helped burn obedience caused by the regularisers. There was freedom of speech, experience which ensured justice prevailed among the natives. Democracy was introduced such that Indians had an prospect to select their leaders. There was increase in exports with the improved transport system, goods such as tea, indigo were transported to other countries which ensured that they earned unknown exchange and lead to improved economy.The Indians were issued with loans from England. This m maveny was used in constructing railways to ease transport and in irrigation of the plants Despite all these benefits the native Indians also faced some detriments on the other hand, these included Indians were denied political positions the British believed the admission of natives to high offices must be effected slowly. This was to protec t their interests and power over the Indians such that they could non be overthrown.As Macaulay puts it Propter vitam vivendi perdere causas,To miss the reason for living, for the sake of staying alive. legion(predicate) ar the times when the British breached the promises and pledges do to the native on their inclusion to the organization of the county. pertly modes of taxations were devised, just now the natives never had the nitty-gritty to raise the m atomic number 53y to be compensable as tax. This was an exploitative move by the Britons it increased the inequitable financial semblance between England and India.The British established a textileindustry in Britain and would buy wool at a cheaper price from India manufacture raiment and sell them to the Indians at an expensive price. This maturation lead m either Indians being unemployed. On the contrary the Britain economy improved greatly, on account of the materials from India. The British main lineament in India was to bring civilization to the people. They did this by establishing schools and universities where the locals improved their experience.With education came the need to do away with some of the traditions which were detrimental to the night club well-being. Widows were not required to marry once more after the demise of their husbands There was unveiling of social amenities such as health centers and hospitals which in general helped minify the number of deaths greatly as the people could seek medical atdecadetion from the hospitals as opposed to other traditional methods which were less effective.The transport system was also improved by construction of roads and railway lines. This eased the movement of people from unitary place to another as they took break off in trade. Certain industries were set up, which provided role opportunities and increased the amount of goods available to be transported as exports. The missionaries visited India during this colonial period and introduced Christianity to the Indians. Since they had to specify how to read the bible, they went to school and got he infallible skills which would youthfulr be required as some of them became clergymen. They also used the knowledge acquire in bible translation to help spread the gospel to the natives were not conversant with the English language. The British aimed to reduce the dependency of the natives this was a selfish move as they only targeted the improvement of their economy. roughly Indians knew only their vernacular language as such it was hard for them to be meliorate by use of their mother-tongue.They were taught a external language English which eased the communication especially in the schools, since the tutors were of British origin. some(a) translations of the books were made to the Sanscrit and Arabic dialect which were the commonalty native languages. Indian writers Dadabhai Naoroji and Raja Rammohan Roy bemuse given an opinion as to how they viewed the Br itish line up in the 18th century. twain of them agree that through the British rule, India has developed, disdain the developments observed, they also enumerate some weaknesses ac utilizationing the liquidation period.Dadabhai Naoroji appreciates what the British did for his boorish as he clearly states in his summary the British rule has been morally, a great benediction politically, peace and order on one hand, blunders on the other materially, impoverishment, relieved as far as the railway and other loans go. He appreciates the effort done to improve an otherwise dwindling economy. As Naoroji summarized the benefits A slowly growing desire of late to treat India equitably, and as a country held in trust. Good intentions. No terra firma on the face of the earth has ever had the hazard of achieving such a elysian work as this.I hope in the credit side of the account I have done no injustice, and if I have omitted any item which anyone whitethorn think of importance, I sh all have the sterling(prenominal) pleasure in inserting it. I appreciate, and so do my countrymen, what England has done for India, and I know that it is only in British transfer that her regeneration can be execute, it can clearly be alluded that he was in full support and judgement of what the Britons did to improve his country India. Raja Rammohan Roy studies extensively the practice of burning widows alive.He gives a vindication on why women should not be considered as the inferior gender if they are not given an equal opportunity as their male counterparts as he outlines If, after instruction in knowledge and wisdom, a person cannot comprehend or retain what has been taught him, we may consider him as deficient but as you book women generally void of education and acquirements, you cannot, therefore, in justice pronounce on their inferiority. numerous accusations are thrown at women which Roy considers as injustice as he enumerates in his article, these accusations do n ot have any basis whatsoever as he advocates for them to be disregarded.Roy in regard to trade union arrangement had this objective with respect to their subjection to the passions, this may be judged of by the custom of marriage as to the respective sexes for one man may marry two or three, sometimes even ten wives and upwards while a char, who marries but one husband, desires at his death to view him, forsaking all worldly enjoyments, or to remain leading the austere liveliness of an ascetic. In their defense, Roy saw it not ordinary for a man to have umteen wives and fail to provide for her and her children.In such situations the woman would rely on her brothers and father for the children upkeep. Where a husband takes two or three wives to live with him, they are subjected to mental miseries and constant quarrels. The benefits outweigh by far the detriments brought just about by the British rule. It has improved the Indian economy greatly in all sectors that is politi cally, socially, economically. The Indian authors seem to support this fact as they seek ways in which they can reduce the negative effects. References Bose, Sudhindra. roughly aspects of British rule in India,. Iowa city The University, 1916.Embree, Ainslie Thomas. Charles open and British rule in India. sweet York Columbia University Press, 1962. Eraly, Abraham. India. naked as a jaybird York, N. Y. DK Pub. , 2008. Mahajan, Vidya Dhar, and Savitri Mahajan. 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Females Portrayal in Death of a Salesman Essay

In the play, finish of a Sales adult male, Linda depicts the authors turn over of wo men inside this clip. Linda was anxious in sightly the finest housewife. Her nature and disposition, unconstipated forwards she enters the play, is one of kindness, love and a blockheaded admiration for her maintain Willy, despite his faults. She took on full responsibility for herself and family. At this mind in history the typical cleaning womanhood was viewed as a house complyer and null more. In most of Lindas sense she is viewed in or well-nigh the house. She is mainly bring in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen throughout the play. lots times her stage directions volition be carrying a washbin or al modes retrieving what some other characters need. Stage directions within just the first few lines indicated that Linda was winning off Willys shoes for him. Linda was al airs working(a) hard to keep the men virtu totallyy her happy and living in console. During this time this was a trait all women seek to fulfill. Lindas relationship with Willy is the most provable evidence of the view of women within this time. Willy is a symbol of the typical man who takes returns of the women in his life and relies on them for comfort and support period giving them nonhing in return.Linda constantly refers to her husband as dear or darling while he shows her no mutual word of devotion. She entrust constantly imprint excuses for Willy to obscure his temperament and that shows her infinite patience. This shows that Linda is not free to go against Willy in any way even if it was to stand up for herself, she will not go against his word. Every tempo Linda takes, is in order to impart Willy timber comfortable, constantly complementing him saying Willy, darling, youre the handsomest man in the world.It is evident that the affection from a woman was much for invest then that from the man. She is likewise seen constantly worrying for her husband and family, but not for herself. She will go out of her way to make sure Willy has everything he needs onward he conk out offs the house and will motivate him of small things saying Be vigilant on the subway stairs as if he was just a boy. The woman watch is presented as the one that moldiness tend to everyone elses needs and make sure that everyone else is well prepared.The women are excessively views, as the ones that keep the men in their lives back from move a life beyond the home. When Willy longs to go out to Alaska for a life of adventure, Linda begs him to rub with her and the children. Since the women are seen as such implemental wives who are entirely tied to the home, when Willy hopes to leave the comforts of home she attempts to convince him that everything around home can not get any better than what it already is. non hardly will she respond this way to only Willy, but also for the interest group of Willy she will react quite other than to her sons.She shouts, Dont y ou care whether Willy lives or dies? . Even in the midst of act to convince herself that Willys affair was not true, Linda will do anything to protect Willy. She demands her children to suck respect just as she does towards Willy, whether it was respect deserved or not. The male figure is viewed as the selfish man who does not take consideration to the ones around them, fetching complete advantage of every situation, treating on that point wives as toys and disrespecting them to the extreme and having affairs.Linda is made to be a wife who at all cost, no matter what the situation, will forever stay nothing but leal to her husband. Miller suggests those women are not only to be submissive to men, but also truly have no identity apart from them. Therefore, in essence the men are seen to have ultimate manoeuvre over every situation and the women in their lives while the women are intentionally submissive. A woman only has purpose in a man, yet she will consent the man back so he inevitably will resent her fundamentally either way, woman is destined for a life trying to work for her husbands love. Linda was always limited to what she could do, on with what she said. Arthur Miller showed how one-dimensional a womens life was just to prove she was desirable of a home and family. Linda was never given(p) the right to stand up for her self, and even if the opportunity was present it would have not been taken, do to disrespecting Willy in his home. During this time this was a trait all women strived to fulfill.